Titans Reveal New Uniforms and…

Under the category of “nothing to see here” the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL) had a big to-do about the “evolution” of their new uniforms. Aside from the clandestine-like leak of the information prior to the big reveal, it was basically insignificant changes.

Different font and some color changes with the biggest change from white helmets with the Titans logo to a dark helmet with the same logo.

I’m okay with it. Just not wowed by it.

Of course with all this hoopla about a uniform change I think back to a high school coach in Georgia who was once asked about his team wearing new pants color for an upcoming game. He said that he never saw a pair of pants make a play or tackle anyone. Same is true for these publicity stunts of uniform changes. I will have to give the Titans some credit for not doing something stupid like going to gold uniforms.

So will the Titans look pretty? Maybe. Will it affect the way they play on the field? Not at all. Those nice new uniforms will get dirty just like the old ones. No one will care if they changed to blue, black or periwinkle if they win a Super Bowl. No one will give credit to the new font or color variations.

I think back to some of the other NFL teams who had uniform changes;

Atlanta Falcons – I didn’t like the Jerry Granville era when the Falcons were all black. I did like it when they decided to alter the Falcon logo where the Falcons’ wings weren’t completely in a down flap.

Cleveland Browns – Yep, they made a change but no one noticed.

Denver Broncos – I loved the old look with the Bronco bursting through the D. I still have problems with the new look.

Miami Dolphins – Never likes the change and I don’t believe the team has been much of a winner since the change.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I go back and forth on this one. I liked the old Bruce the Buccaneer logo but not so much the orange.

Seattle Seahawks – Lime Green jersies. Need I say more?

So it remains to be seen how the Titans’ change will affect anything.

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