Don’t Be A (Spiritual) Baby

Have you ever had the opportunity to take care of a newborn and a toddler? My wife and I are doing that right now. I can tell you that it is a whole new world. You get a different perspective on things from their point of view. You quickly learn what their ideas of an emergency are. If you can’t find the right cartoon or toy you’d better find it in a hurry. Believe me I have learned how to find it in a hurry.

I have been a believer all of my life so you might think I’m all grown up and mature spiritually when it comes to my relationship with God. I might as well be honest and tell you that I act like a spiritual toddler sometimes.

I’m sure God wants to tell me to stop acting like a baby because I act like one at times. If things don’t go my way I will sometimes have a temper tantrum and do you know it never works on God? He will just let me get the tantrum all done and let me see that it’s not going to work. It’s like the comedian who said his child was having a tantrum in a grocery store in the cereal aisle. He looked around and said “Where are your parents?”

I honestly try to be mature and learn from my mistakes but the child comes out of me. Some lessons I have to learn over and over again. One of those lessons that I constantly have to repeat is the importance of being patient. Sometimes I’m good at it but sometimes I can really throw a fit.

Although I have heard thousands of sermons, Bible studies and Sunday School lessons, there are still things I need to learn. Serving God is a lifetime classroom. I hope that I have graduated from pre-school. I’m really not sure what grade I would put on my current position.

I remember once I thought for certain that I was going to get a job in Pensacola, Florida. It all seemed to be falling into place and God was opening the doors for me to transfer there. I even knew someone on the interview panel so I was certain God was going to do it. I was shocked when someone else with less experience and no connections got the job over me. It was not what I was expecting or wanted. I took it very hard. I didn’t understand. I’m sure I whined and complained to God about it. Years later I was able to see how everything worked out. When I applied for the Pensacola job I was working with a co-worker who was very difficult. It turns out that he later moved to Tallahassee and would have become my supervisor. When I went a few years down the road, my eyes were opened and I had a lot of apologizing to do to God about it. He knew what was best for me. He wasn’t obligated to tell me why at the time. He was looking out for me.

So, yes, even with all of my experience, I still act like a child. I’m trying to do better about that.

If there is one childlike trait I have it is the childlike faith. A child believes in whatever their parent tells them. I believe God can do anything. Some have criticized me for that kind of faith – even Bible believing people. They say that God doesn’t work in ways I believe He can. I like the quote in the movie “Facing the Giants” when Coach Grant Taylor tells his team: “God can do whatever He wants to do, however He wants to it. And He chooses to work in our lives because He loves us.”

So let’s be spiritually mature adults while keeping some childlike attributes in trusting a God that loves us.

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