Relativity: How to create a saved search


Let’s be honest – Relativity can be a bear sometimes.  User friendly?  Not so much.  Useful to manage large amounts of data?  Absolutely.

One of the things I have learned about Relativity that is helpful is how to create saved searches.  Saved searches are very useful when you run a search and don’t want to have to run it again each time you need it.  It is also helpful if you have other users also reviewing the database.


When you open your workspace to the database, click on the main documents folder:


Next, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom to create a new search:


Click on new search:


Name the search:


Go to Conditions and select the ISSUES field:


Next, for operator, use any of these:


Click on the ellipses button …


Select the issue such as “Hot Docs”


Click ADD button


Your issue “Hot Docs” will move to Selected Items.  Select it.


Click on SET button


If you need to share with other in your review group, change the owner at the top to Public


Click on Save and Search


Relativity will now conduct your search and save it under the name you selected.

Since saved searches are executed in real-time, you save the search definition but not the results.  Relativity executes the search each time you click on it in the Saved Searches browser and when you return to it after performing other tasks in the workspace.  This ensures that only data meeting the search criteria is returned in the search results.





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