How To Compare Videos In PowerPoint


This week I was presented with an issue were my attorney wanted to compare versions of the same video.  He wanted to see if there were any differences.  You know, most of us do not have a Hollywood movie studio to use for these situations.  I pondered on this task and considered using TrialDirector first.  While you can play videos in different zones in TrialDirector’s Presentation mode, there is no way I could find to play them in synch at the same time.  I also tried a couple of video editors (Corel VideoStudio Pro and Camtasia) which I normally use to make clips.  Finally, I wondered about doing them in PowerPoint and discovered this was my answer for this project.  Here’s how I did it:

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Click on New Slide > Two Content
  3. In the left frame, insert your first video.
  4. In the right frame, insert your second video.
  5. Select each video and go to the Video Tools ribbon > Playback > change to start Automatically.
  6. Click on Animations > click on Play > select “With Previous” for Start for each video
  7. Test it by starting your slide show.  (Slide Show > From current slide)

To my surprise it worked and we were able to compare videos to find the inconsistencies.


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