The Government Ain’t Gonna Take My 3-D Printer By Gosh!

You’ve heard that thing people say about guns:  “Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.”

Well, now you can add:  “People with 3-D printers who print guns kill people”.

This is crazy.  People now have the ability to PRINT a gun and use it?

Yesterday a federal judge blocked the online publication of 3D printed gun blueprints that lawmakers around the country feared would lead to easily produced, untraceable firearms.  Well, not to be negative here but that’s not going to stop people from doing it.

I did some research on this and surprisingly, it is not illegal to make your own gun.  Gun enthusiasts have been legally making their own pistols, handguns, rifles and other firearms for centuries and there’s not even a requirement to register them as long as they don’t sell, share, trade or distribute their homemade firearms.

So the issue isn’t that people CAN make their own guns, it’s over the technology which can make it even easier to do it – especially to the outlaws who aren’t supposed to have guns.

Not to get all religious on you here but when I saw this story about 3-D printers making guns, I immediately thought of the verse in the Bible that tells us:  “….inventors of evil things…” (Romans 1:30)    People are continuing to think of new ways to do evil and this 3-D printing of guns is just another invention that will fall into the hands of evil people.

It doesn’t matter which side of the gun debate you stand on, this is something that affects everyone.  Even those of you who are law-abiding citizen and using your firearms for what they are meant for should condemn this new method of making firearms.

So what is a 3-D gun?

3D guns are firearms assembled from ABS plastic parts – the same material found in Legos — that can be made with a 3D printer.  3D printing uses computer-created digital models to create real-world objects, from simple chess pieces to more complex objects such as functioning clocks.  The printers follow the shape of the model by stacking layer upon layer of plastic or other material to make the objects.

The next obvious question most people have is:  “Does this 3D gun have the same force as a traditional handgun?”

Most of the sources I have found answer this question with an emphatic “no” and that most models have been found to have very little effectiveness and most fall apart when used.

In 2013, police in New South Wales, Australia, manufactured copies of Wilson’s original 3D gun, known as the Liberator, using a $1,700 desktop printer. They then placed it in a vise and fired it multiple times, using a wire to pull the trigger. Each time, the gun blew up as the bullet left the chamber.

So as it stands now, the one firing a 3D gun is more likely to be injured than their targets.

Okay, so we have a momentary sigh of relief here BUT there are two concerns here:

First, the very use of a 3D weapon by an “outlaw” on innocent people who are unaware of the ineffectiveness of the homemade firearms could still be a threat.  Just having one of these pointed in your face is enough to instill fear.

Second, I’m sure that those who intend to use this to do harm will continue to develop this technology so it will become more effective.  There are some evil geniuses out there so don’t be surprised if this technology gets better (or worse depending on how you look at it).

So how does this fit into the second amendment where people have the right to bear Arms?  Who knows?  I guess if the day comes when the Government is coming down the road to take over our lives that if they take all of our guns then we can still PRINT out some to defend ourselves right?

The courts will reconvene on this issue on August 10th and expect there to be more debate on this issue.  I’m sure there will be that same argument for the pro-3D gun printing side which will say “if you outlaw 3D printers then only outlaws will have 3D printers”.

My friends this is just another example of people thinking of new ways to do evil.





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