Grounding The Ball In Real Life

243In football when a team is out of timeouts, the quarterback will take the snap and throw the ball to the ground.  They call it “grounding the ball” and “killing the clock”.  It’s a method they use to conserve time late in the game.

It’s too bad this doesn’t work in real life.  I could have used it today.

This morning the clock was ticking.  I had to be some place at a precise time.  The clock on the GPS was not in my favor and the traffic was jamming at places it normally doesn’t jam as much.  I called an audible and took another route.  It was a gamble.  Did I know where I was going?  Sort of.  I wasn’t completely sure I would save time.  I knew I was going in the right direction and relied on the GPS hoping it wasn’t simply re-routing me back to the same way I came.  It worked but the clock was still ticking.  When that clock is ticking, every light and traffic moves ahead of you are stressful situations.

I needed to ground the ball.

“Why is this person going so slow?”

“Go!  The light has turned green one second ago!”

“I’m not going to make it!”

Anyone that knows me know I hate to be late for anything.  I would rather be early and wait.  I don’t like for people to have to wait on me.  That’s just how I am.  Days like today happen but I’m not very fond of them.

Did I make it?

The clock was ticking.  I needed to ground the ball.  With ten minutes left I could see my office building but there were still some tricky traffic maneuvers I had to make to get there.

There was dreaded light at Division Street where it has a green left turn arrow but if the cars ahead of you are going straight you have to wait.  Stupid design.  I missed the arrow and had to sit in the intersection to wait for an opening to turn.  I scanned the defense – I mean – the oncoming cars.   Suddenly a break.  Accelerate!  I made it.

Now rolling down a side street that is a shortcut to my office parking lot.  But wait…the car on another street is attempting a rolling stop to get in front of me.  Not today ma’am.  I speed up to cut them off and make them stop.  Don’t need anyone in front of me now!

Tick, tick, tick.

I roll into the parking lot.  Now I have to go to the stupid parking machine to pay for my spot.  Could this machine BE any slower?  What kind of printer do they have in these things?

I’m waiting for my parking ticket to print out.  I have no timeouts left and have no time for any delays now.

I rushed to the building.  Flash my card and the guard stops me.  He has to see my I.D.  Seriously?  Today?

Okay, there.  I come through this door EVERY day.  He verifies me once again.  I’m in the building.

Tick, tick, tick.

I walk double-time to catch the elevator and race to where I needed to be right on time!  Whew!  Made it.

I really need that “grounding” rule on days like today.



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