Waterfly Bag Review

61HlJ5k4MVL__SY355_On our recent trip to Europe I decided to use the Waterfly Underarm bag as my day bag for our trips as we toured each city, museums and other tourist locations.  I opted not to carry a traditional  small backpack or sling bag for security and to keep from having to check the bag at certain museums.  So, after spending three weeks, every day with the Waterfly bag, I will say that is was functional but I hated it.  Sorry, but I’m being honest about this product.  It was a burden having to be strapped to this bag everyday.  I even started referring to it as my “purse” at the end of the trip.  Not that there’s anything wrong with a man carrying a purse but it was just not the ideal choice for me.

The Good

Okay, let me start with the positive things about this bag.  As I said, the bag was “functional” for the trip as it allowed me to carry the following:

  • Wallet
  • Portable charger w/cable
  • Coin change
  • Passports
  • Maps

Although there is a dedicated cell phone pocket, it was better for me to keep my wallet in that pocket instead of my phone.  They also advertise that you can keep a small tablet in the main pocket.  Sorry, but I didn’t have any room (or need) for that.

The bag was very lightweight and adjustable.  It also felt very secure with items being closer than a backpack.

bagThe Bad

It is a purse.  Sorry but that’s how it felt and it isn’t as cool looking as the photos or videos which promote the bag.

Coin change was very difficult to dig out of the zippered compartment.  This is not easy when you aren’t familiar with the local currency.

When it was hot wearing this bag made it even hotter because you can’t really take it off and carry it by a handle like you could a backpack.

The Ugly

Sweat.  Yes, with an “underarm” bag, you don’t have to use your imagination to know what happens when you wear this bag all day after sweating and your deodorant wears out.  I was constantly self-conscious of this.  While the bag is supposedly waterproof, it isn’t “stink” proof.


If I ever do this again, I will choose to use either a small sling bag or backpack.  The museums and tourist attractions weren’t as strict on small bags.  It would also be useful to have a bag with water bottle pockets.  We spent a lot of time carrying water bottles.  Yes, it got the job done but it was pretty restricting and uncomfortable at times.

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