Overcoming The Vacation Blues

louvreMy wife and I have been back a week now since our amazing vacation in Europe and….I hate it.

I don’t like being “back to normal”.  Sorry, but I’m being honest.

I don’t want to be back to normal and back to the routine.  Yes, I know routine is good and security is important to our lives but that doesn’t mean I like it right now.

I still want to be in Europe traveling with my wife and exploring new places.  I miss our son and daughter-in-law showing us around Germany.  I guess that’s the price you pay when you have the best vacation you’ve ever had.

I Googled this issue and discovered that there is such a thing as the “vacation blues” and I have it.  I have it BAD.

As much as I hate to admit it, our vacation wasn’t real life for us.  Now I’m back to our reality.  We are back to our jobs and back to Nashville.  I can’t help but to say that I hated coming back to Nashville.  It’s no Paris, London, Rome or Lucerne.  Never will be.  But, I have family here and this is our home.  People actually take vacations to come HERE.

I also don’t want to let go of these feelings I had on vacation and I struggle to hold onto them because I know that as the days go by, those feelings will subside and I’ll be back into my life here.  Yes, I’m bummed about that.

I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me.  I’m just telling you like it is.  There is a mental hangover when you’ve had an awesome vacation.  Let me assure you that you’ll go through it too.

Back to real life.

As hard as it is to read that, it is true.  You can’t live in a vacation.  We all have to work and now we actually have to pay for the vacation.  Sure, I’m very thankful to have a job and have a place to live.  I’m sure that if I was actually living in Europe and working a job that it would be the same.  It’s like so many people who have this fantasy about the beach, it’s nice to go there on vacation but it’s another story when you live there.  Ask anyone who lives in a beach town or a tourist location.  When you aren’t the tourist, it really isn’t much fun.

Vacations are good for our mental and physical health.  It was nice taking a break from work and leaving my work phone behind.  I actually never gave it a thought until I got back home.   I was in denial that I would have to come back but now I’m here.  So how does one deal with these feelings?

Here are some of the suggestions I have found about overcoming the vacation blues:

  1. Plan your next trip.  This is funny because the day after we returned, I was already looking at YouTube videos of other places we would like to go.  It might also help to have smaller vacations or even daytrips instead of planning another Super Bowl of vacations.
  2. Re-create something from your trip.  Maybe it was a good meal or dining outside or just experiencing something similar.  I even discovered that in Paris, Tennessee they actually have a replica of the Eiffel Tower.
  3. Clean up your clutter.  I’m not sure where this suggestion fits but they say since you learned to live with less on your vacation that it should motivate you to clean up your clutter at home.  I’m not sure I’m up for this one.
  4. Frame your favorite memories.  We’re definitely going to do this.  We have thousands of photos and I’m sure we will find our favorites and frame them.  We also want to create a photo album with memories from our trip.
  5. Make time for relaxation.  The feeling of being “relaxed” on a vacation doesn’t have to end. With fall approaching, it will be relaxing to find a place to relax or go to a fall festival.

While none of these things can replace the vacation, it can certainly help ease back into the life we have here.  The blues will eventually fade away and I’ll be okay.  I am very lucky to have the experiences and been able to take a vacation.  I’m sure my attention will eventually turn to football, hockey, fall festivals and Christmas soon.

The vacation blues are normal and it’s okay for your heart and mind to still be on vacation even if your body is back in the office.  Okay, so my body is back even if my mind is still at the real Eiffel Tower.

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