Doing Anything Fun This Weekend?

I have one of those co-workers I try to avoid on Fridays.  I’m not being anti-social. I just want to avoid that annoying question. I’m not always successful in my escape and evasion tactics as he will find me and ask that dreaded question:

“Are you doing anything fun this weekend?”

I have the same escape plan on Monday mornings because then it is:

“Do you do anything fun this weekend?”

It’s too much pressure man.

Stressful.  Panic attack time.

I MUST have an answer for this guy!  I am under pressure to do something fun over the weekend.  I race through the events in my mind…went shopping, bought groceries, washed the car.   Oh no!  I didn’t do anything fun!

What’s up with this question anyway?  What are the expectations?

I have nothing.  No excitement here.  Move along.

So what exactly is this guy looking for?  I have two possible explanations for this:

#1 – He doesn’t know what else to say.  People who don’t know what else to say or feel awkward in starting a conversation might use this line as some type of icebreaker.  Perhaps they don’t know you that well or your interests and using it as a probing question so they can have a conversation with you.

#2 – It’s a setup question so they can tell YOU want THEY did.  They are very eager to talk about what they did and tell you about their lives.  They are excited to tell someone – anyone.  They want you to tell them what you did and then the end they think you will ask the same thing.  Then they can go with their tales of adventures.

Whichever one this applies to depends on the personality of the person asking the question.

This doesn’t remove the pressure of trying to come up with something exciting to report.  You don’t want to talk about any mundane tasks.  They want action and adventure.  Mowing the grass isn’t so riveting.  I spent three weeks in Europe and now I have to answer the weekend question.  Where were you when I got back from Europe?  I had enough tales to account for many weekends.

The most exciting thing about most weekends is that I didn’t have to be at work.


The anxiety about weekend plans can be a problem without the pressure of facing the co-worker’s inquisition. After working 40 or more hours during the week, you wouldn’t want to waste your time off. I know there are others out there that don’t work a 9-5, Monday-Friday job but that’s been mostly what I have done and when the weekend arrives, I want to make it count.

Unfortunately most household chores and tasks are necessary on the weekend because you can’t fit them into the week. Grocery shopping, yard work, house cleaning and other things need attention on the weekend. Unless you are tackling a major project, it is usually good not to allow those chores to take up the whole weekend. I always like to have some time to go on an adventure. Many times my wife and I will go someplace or have an initial event planned but then it leads to other adventures that we hadn’t planned. I really like those kind of days when it all flows like that without being all planned out.

I fiercely guard my weekends. I do my best not to allow my work to take any of my personal time. There are some who like to talk about working the weekend as if it is some badge of courage. It doesn’t impress me how much someone works over the weekend when they could have gotten their work done during normal work hours. Sometimes working the weekend is necessary but sometimes it is a result of someone’s poor planning.

Most of the time when the “weekend guy” asks what I did for fun, my response is that I wasn’t at work so that was fun for me. He laughs and moves on to the next person.

Of course, everyone has their own definition of “fun”.  When I was in the Air Force, most of the guys thought fun was having parties and getting drunk. No, not quite my idea of fun.  Some people think playing golf is fun.  Everybody has their own thing that is fun.  I think it’s fun to play with the grandkids.  I’m not so sure that the office “fun” guy would agree.  He’s probably expecting stories of hang gliding or swimming with the sharks.

I’m sorry, I can’t (and won’t) compete with the office “weekend fun” guy.

So what are you doing this weekend?

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