What If God Sent You A Friend Request?

I don’t normally watch prime time television shows but sometimes one captures my attention. Most recently I have liked the new CBS series “God Friended Me”.

This show is a mix of “Touched By An Angel”, “Highway To Heaven” and “Lost”. Okay, maybe a hint of “Lost” but still another show that makes you think after each episode yet without an island or the “others”.

The show features Brandon Michael Hall as Miles Finer.  Miles is an atheist who shares his views on his podcast.  His life changes when he receives a mysterious “friend request” from God.  Intrigued, he seeks to prove that the God account is a hoax but along the way he helps others through it.  One of his first friend suggestions by God is Cara Bloom (Violett Beane) who is a reporter.  They team up to find clues to the person behind it and find themselves investigating God’s friend suggestions and helping people in need.

The show is very well written and the intersecting storylines have left me saying “wow” a couple of times which is good because I am rarely surprised and usually see what’s coming.  In fact, we are told about why Miles became an atheist when, as a teenager, his mother had cancer.  He prayed for her and she went into remission and was declared cancer-free; however, on the trip from the doctor she was killed in an automobile accident.  Yeah, I did NOT see that coming.  It is no wonder that he turned to atheism.

Before you get turned off about “God” being in the title, I assure you that it is not a Christian show. Far from it. You won’t have a sermon or sneaky attempts to convert you. In fact, some religious folks will have a difficult time with the Miles’ sister who lives with her lesbian partner while Miles continues to proclaim his atheist views. Another twist is that their father is a preacher. So you can imagine the twists and turns this relationship dynamic creates.

The only issue I see that could be the show’s weakness is the elusive romantic relationship between Miles and Cara. This back-and-forth thing has been overdone before in countless other series and will tire viewers the longer this goes on.  It really isn’t necessary to keep viewers hooked.

“God Friended Me” is currently at a 1.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 10.4 million viewers in a pretty difficult time slot on Sunday nights following “60 Minutes”.   CBS had liked it well enough to order more episodes through the first season.

It is a good show worth watching if you don’t want to see murders, stupid comedy or weird things.  It is a wholesome show at a time when most TV dramas are dark.   It is amusing to think that God is on Facebook and his profile picture is a cloud and his only like is nature.

Miles Finer is definitely a likable character and someone that will think or do things you might if you found yourself in his situation.