How Do You Pray For A Healing?

One of the most difficult things in life is when someone we love needs a miracle of healing. When they receive a bad report from the doctor it hits us in the gut and we feel helpless.

Our prayers go to another level.

Right now as I type this post I am sitting by my dad’s bedside watching him struggle with breathing and hearing the negative reports with each doctor that comes in the room to check on him. It doesn’t look good.

Praying for a healing is one of the most difficult prayers to pray because we want our loved one to be healed and recover. That’s natural we want that. We don’t want to see someone in pain or suffering.

I have seen preachers on television who claim that if you have enough faith that people would be healed. They almost guarantee it. Of course your chances improve if you “sow a seed” into their ministry. It also makes me furious to hear some preachers making claims of people who have been healed because they prayed for them. I tend to believe they embellish those claims for their own reasons.

Can I share something with you rather bluntly? It doesn’t matter how much faith you have. If God doesn’t want to heal for some reason, the person is going to die. There’s not a damn thing we can do about it either. (I warned you it was going to be blunt). I have seen people rally all of their Facebook friends to pray but the number of people praying doesn’t guarantee it either. God doesn’t heal someone based on popular votes.

So what does? Is there anything we can possibly do to convince God to heal someone?


I don’t have 7 easy steps or a magic prayer you can recite.

So is there a right way to pray for a healing?

Repent of sins

Yeah, I know we don’t like to hear that. It’s not a popular subject. We have become too prideful to admit it but we ALL sin sometimes. Yes, even the perfect ones out there. Prayers won’t get off the ground if we refuse to repent of our sins. Sin hinders our prayers. There is simply no way around this one. People might debate it but when you get to the desperate stage you will realize this step needs to be done.


Let it all out. Tell God how you feel. Don’t get hung up on trying to use the right words. There aren’t any magical words. Just speak from your heart. If you have no words or don’t know what to say just be quiet or cry. God understands the tears more than we realize. This isn’t the time to pray “standing in church” prayers with eloquent words.

Be Thankful

Thank God for prayers He has answered in the past. Remind God of what He has done. It’s not that HE forgets but we do it to remind ourselves. Too many times when God answers our prayer we are happy for a short time and then we move onto the next thing and the thrill of that answered prayer fades away.

God’s Will Be Done

I hate this one but it’s totally necessary because we have to admit that God is ultimately in control regardless of our faith or number of people praying. It is very difficult to resign to God’s will because we do badly want His will to be what we want. We don’t understand it.

As I sit here and watch my dad struggle, it’s hard to even pray about this. I have reminded God of all the sacrifices my dad has made in the ministry. The churches he has pastored and the sacrifices he has made. I guess I’m doing it as if Dad has some bank account stored which such be enough to convince God to heal.him. I resign to the fact that God doesn’t work that way. I’m sure dad’s sacrifices mean something but not any additional leverage for a healing.

Honestly sometimes I don’t even know how to pray. I feel weak and completely ineffective. When you are in a situation like this you just don’t know much of anything. This kind of thing humbles you because you realize you are helpless and have absolutely no control of it. That’s pretty scary and frustrating.

The Bible has many examples of healing and how we can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover but what happens if they don’t? What do we do with that? I am convinced that the reason God doesn’t heal is that people praying with take the credit for it. That misses the whole point as to why God heals people.

Do I believe God can heal? Yes, absolutely. Will He? I honestly don’t know. I will pray until something happens. That’s all I can do.

God can heal and I’m praying that He will but I have the courage to handle it if He doesn’t.

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