What Will You Do With Today?

Today is all that we have
The present is now
The past is past
The future is not promised
Do what you should do today
Say what you should say today
You have the power to change someone’s day
Make it brighter for someone
Love the people you love
Remove the drama
It’s a waste of your day
Encourage someone
Lift them up
It’s not the job of angels
It’s your purpose, your destiny
Don’t expect religion to be the answer
You are the answer
There is nothing you can take with you
Only the effect you have on others you can leave behind
Don’t read the Bible
BE the Bible
Don’t GO to a church
BE the church
Don’t condemn people to hell
Tell them the good news
Stop with the politics
Love knows no party
Love isn’t blinded by color
Love covers it all
Don’t let the day end
Make someone’s day
What if it were their last?


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