I Had A Milt-down

Yep, today was it. The last straw. The button was pushed.

I had a meltdown. Don’t worry, it wasn’t an epic meltdown but I had reached my limit.

Work will do it to you, especially a week when you faced emergencies and resolving time critical issues. The problem in these situations were usually the lack of preparation on someone else’s part which then became my problem.

In the end, I didn’t hold my tongue and I said exactly what I was thinking. I didn’t attack anyone personally but I was certainly unfiltered in addressing the situation.

Sometimes you just have to speak up. I did and I don’t feel bad about it. I think people expect too much without considering what they are asking and their responsibility in preparation.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Yeah that’s a nice cutesy quote but people rarely adhere to it. If there’s one thing I truly hate is when people fail to plan something and then dump it in someone’s lap to execute. That’s pretty crappy.

I have always been able to perform under pressure in the hot seat but I also like being prepared. Unforeseen things happen and I understand that but I also think you can prepare for your expectations. Do what you can do. I like to plan and carry out that plan.

Sometimes you just have to let people know about it. Don’t say “it’s okay” when it’s not okay. Don’t say “no problem” when it is indeed a problem. I have learned that if you never speak up that you will enable people to continue the same behavior in what they are doing thinking it is okay.

Yes, I spoke up today and I vented my unhappiness with the situation. You can still get angry without attacking or go on a profanity-filled rant. Sometimes people need to be told.

I reached my limit this week so I am mentally regrouping in my safe place. My wife is my safe place. She gets me. She would fight for me. When you have a meltdown, you have to regain your perspective about what truly is important. This gives us a chance to take a breath and refocus.

My Milt-down has calmed now.

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