Tale of Four Football Cities

4citiesWith the abrupt demise of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) this week, four cities once again are dealt with yet another football team to add to their defunct graveyards.  The cities of Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee; Orlando, Florida and San Antonio, Texas have often been the victims of failed teams in just about every football league that attempts to offer their version of professional football.  Each one of these cities should get an honorary membership into the National Football League (NFL) for the pain they have endured over the years.

From the World Football League (WFL) to the Alliance of American Football (AAF), these cities have heard the promises of football only to see their teams disappear as quickly as they appeared.   Let’s take a look at each city, their teams and outdoor football leagues the have played in:


Memphis Tennessee3a

Orlando Florida3a

San Antonio Texas3

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