Not a Fan of Administrative Professionals Day

confused-workerToday is Administrative Professionals Day (once upon a time known as Secretaries Day). I am not a fan of these Hallmark-induced days.

Wait. Let me explain.

I think bosses and employees should be appreciated EVERY day. There shouldn’t be a day where we get a free lunch, a card or flowers for appreciation for doing our JOBS.

Speaking of flowers, let me tell you about my flowers incident….This is probably why I dislike this day. On my first job, I was an administrative specialist in the U.S. Air Force. The NCOs in my unit thought it would be hilarious to get me flowers for secretaries day. When I reported to work I found roses on my desk with a card saying “Happy Secretaries Day”.  I promptly through them in the trash can while they all got a good chuckle over it.

I don’t need one single day to boost my self-worth about my job. I rather have a good place to work with people who have some integrity. Just be a good employee and a good boss every day.  Don’t wait for one day to do something.  I have actually heard a co-worker say “If they don’t do anything for us for secretaries day then I’m gonna be pissed.”   Seriously?  Now we are obligated to do something to maintain these diva expectations?   What about the day you are 15 minutes late due to traffic and the boss didn’t count it against you?  How about those long lunches you take sometimes or the times you bring you child to work because of childcare issues?

All I want is a workplace with people who have integrity and consistent.  I want a boss who will deal with the bad employees instead of just enjoying the paycheck and position while allowing the bad apple to spoil the morale of the entire bunch.  Someone who is not afraid to deal with the slacker who adds the workload burden on the good employees.  Be an employee with integrity.  Do a good job and don’t be a constant source of drama.  I would rather my employer do things such as pay for my parking.  (I have always thought it was ridiculous to make employees pay to park where they work)   Recognize employees for doing a good job or coming up with ideas that benefit the entire company.  Those things mean a lot more than a free lunch on Administrative Professionals Day.

There are a lot of professions that have thankless jobs.  There aren’t enough days in the year to go around.  Just do your job every day.  This is work.  If we didn’t need to work to get a paycheck to pay our bills we probably wouldn’t be there.

These special days aren’t necessary.  There is no need to patronize anyone with a special day.  Just give everyone year-round professional respect.  We should be thankful to get a paycheck.  If you have a good boss or a good employee you can depend on, those are the things that are important.   Flowers, cards, free meals once a year a no substitute for a bad workplace environment.



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