Nashville XSQL Team Name Announced

bootscooters_logo2In October, the public address announcer will introduce the Nashville Bootscooters as the city’s newest sports team joining the Predators, Titans and Sounds.

Fans picked the name “Bootscooters” in a landslide name-the-team voting.  The Bootscooters took 94 percent of the votes.  No other name came close.

“I think the bootscooters name just made since for a Nashville team,” said Roscoe Daniels, who voted in the contest.  “It will give Nashville a unique name that only Nashville could be identified with.”

The Nashville Bootscooters will join seven other teams in a unique name that combines the latest electric scooter craze along with Harry Potter’s fictional Quidditch game in the new X-treme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL).   In the fictional game, players fly on broomsticks.  The XSQL will substitute the flying broomsticks with electric scooters.  Players will be expected to be advanced users of electric scooters.

The XSQL also named Ryan Cooper as the team manager for the Nashville franchise.  Cooper previously worked in the public relations office for the Nashville Predators.

“I think this is a interesting sports venture and I wanted to be a part of it,” Cooper said at the team name release.  “Nashville is a great sports city and I think this newly formed sport will be exciting to develop here.”

Two other franchises, St. Louis and Orlando also announced their team names today.  St. Louis will be known as the Sorcerers while the Orlando team will be the Wizards.

Cooper also announced that the first XSQL open tryouts will be held on May 15th at the Sportatorium in Franklin.


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