XFL Team Name Predictions

xflblogThe new version of the XFL will attempt to field a league next spring.  The next big date on the calendar is expected soon  when the league will announce the team names.  Here are some of the favorites for team names along with my personal picks:


Dallas did not have a franchise in the old XFL so this will be first time a team has been fielded in Dallas.  What can they do to compete with the Cowboys?  Some of the team name ideas have been Outlaws, Desperados, Gunslingers, Wranglers and Marshals.  I think they will keep some sort of Texas-type name.

  • Fan Favorite:  Outlaws
  • My Pick:  Wranglers


Houston has had the Gamblers in the United States Football League (USFL) but nothing else since then.  Some fans want the old Oilers name back but I don’t think the XFL will go that way.  Some other favorites include:  Roughnecks, Outlaws, Gamblers, Hustlers and Wranglers.  I’ve always thought the name Armadillos would work but maybe not this time.

  • Fan Favorite:  Oilers
  • My Pick: Outlaws


Los Angeles had a franchise in the previous XFL named the Extreme and won the league championship but I don’t think that name will return for the newest edition.  With the Hollywood tourism in L.A.  I’m thinking more like the Stars.  Stars isn’t anything original and probably a worn-out semi-pro name but with an L.A. team, it would work.  Other favorites include:  Avengers, Extreme, Quakes, Assault and Archangels.

  • Fan Favorite:  Avengers
  • My Pick:  Stars


New York also had the Hitmen in the first XFL but I don’t think the league will repeat with the same names they had before.  New York is one of the more difficult cities to name since they have had so many professional sports franchises.  I’m going out on a limb and going with Heroes.  Other favorites are:  Hitmen, Empire, Knights, Nighthawks and Emperors.

  • Fan Favorite:  Hitmen
  • My Pick:  Heroes


St. Louis has not had a good experience with football.  First they had the Cardinals, then the Rams and now nothing until the XFL.  It’s time for St. Louis to have their own team and not something transplanted.  I’m going with the most popular fan favorite of Stallions but I also like the Steamers.  Other likely names are:  Archers, Spartans, Clydesdales, Sentinels and Spirits.

  • Fan Favorite:  Stallions
  • My Pick:  Stallions


The XFL has given us some clues as the secret got out this week that they have trademarked the names Wild, Force, Fury, Dragons and Surge.  I don’t like any of those but they are better than having a “Sea” (insert name here).  Other popular choices are:  Wolfpack, Sasquatches, Lumberjacks, Emeralds and Sea Monsters.

  • Fan Favorite:  Wolfpack
  • My Pick:  Surge


Having lived in Tampa a few years ago, I can tell you that it all about pirate crap there.  I think they will go with something like that this time although Tampa Bay did have the Bandits in the USFL.  I’m going with the singular name “Krewe”.  I normally detest singular team names but if you lived in Tampa, you would understand.  Other popular choices are:  Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Barracudas and Blaze.

  • Fan Favorite:  Sharks
  • My Pick:  Krewe


Washington had the Federals in the old USFL but the team was really bad and moved to Orlando.  With people hating the Redskins name of the NFL team, the XFL would score some big points with a less offensive name.  Top choices are:  Generals, Federals, Warlords, Sentinels and Warriors.

  • Fan Favorite:  Generals
  • My Pick:  Warriors

So here they are.  My team name predictions:

  • Dallas Wranglers
  • Houston Outlaws
  • Los Angeles Stars
  • New York Heroes
  • St. Louis Stallions
  • Seattle Surge
  • Tampa Bay Krewe
  • Washington Warriors

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