5 Years In Nashville

nashville1This summer marks our 5th year of living in Nashville. It has been okay.  The pros and cons pretty much even out.  Without a doubt, it was definitely a good move to transition here from Tampa in 2014. Today I am reflecting on the past five years with the 5 things that are good and bad about Nashville:

The 5 bad things about living in Nashville are:


I could write a few lengthy blogs about this one. Traffic is awful. Without a true bypass around Nashville, all forms of traffic funnels through Nashville. Drivers do whatever they want to do without regard to traffic laws, signs, etc. They are also very impatient. If you don’t cuss you will when you drive here.

xCountry Music Is Everywhere

Okay, don’t tell anyone but I am not a fan of country music. Shocking I know but we knew that before we moved it.  It’s everywhere. Well, duh. This IS the country music capital of the world. You will hear country music whether you want to or not. If you love country music, you will love it here. If you don’t you just accept it and enjoy other genres of music here. It’s not all country music.

xLower Broadway

Not the classy part of Nashville but those who want to party keep it hopping. It has become the most popular destination for bachelorette parties.  Lucky us.  Most people want to see it so we will at least drive through Lower Broadway to show visitors but it’s not a place we hang out. Last time we took someone down there it wasn’t even 5 PM and there was a woman throwing up in a trash can.  Yeah, you only want to see Broadway once in a lifetime and then wish you hadn’t.


It is very expensive to live here and it’s not getting any better. Thinking of living downtown? You’d better have a six-figure income. Oh you can find cheap housing but you will also have to sleep with one eye open.


I can’t tell you details about my job but I can say I didn’t get a good first impression from day one and it has been that way since then. I had the expectation that it would be a southern country friendly place. It is not.

The 5 good things about living in Nashville are:

checkNashville Predators

I had watched a lot of minor league hockey games before moving here but nothing compares to watching the NHL’s Predators. I never had a favorite hockey team until now. My wife never watched hockey but now she’s a huge Predators fan.

checkHometown feel

Nashville is a big city but it doesn’t feel like it. It is growing but it still has that hometown feel. It’s not like any other big city.


Since moving here most of our close family has moved here including the grandkids. That’s a huge plus.


If you love nature, Nashville has done a good job preserving areas where you can enjoy the outdoors. They have several miles of connected greenways and parks scattered around the area. My favorite is the fall. I just wish the fall season lasted longer.

checkFree music

Okay, if you don’t like country music you can still survive with other genres of music and there’s a lot of free music in the city that is appropriately nicknamed “Music City”.

Nashville isn’t the worst place I’ve lived and we have made it work for us. I can honestly say that I never thought I would end up living in Nashville. I don’t know if this is the final stop but I’m not hating it.  (Technically, we live in Murfreesboro now which is a suburb of Nashville 30 miles south of the city.)  It’s okay if it’s the Country Music Capital of the World. It’s still a cool place to live.

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