Boot Scooters To Play At Greer Stadium Site


Greer Stadium Site to be home to Boot Scooters

It’s not what they wanted but with time ticking, the Nashville Boot Scooters have agreed to play their inaugural season of the Xtreme Scooter Quidditch League (XSQL) at the former home of the Nashville Sounds.

“It’s not where we wanted but we had to make a decision so we could meet league deadlines for scheduling,” said Team Manager Ryan Cooper.

Cooper had hoped his team could play in the Gulch or a location closer to downtown where scooters are more prevalent.

“We will keep looking and hopefully have a better venue for next season.”

Greer Stadium has been vacant since the Sounds moved to First Tennessee Park in 2015.  The stadium has deteriorated over the years which leaves the Boot Scooters’ management a task to get ready for the first season in October.

“Right now our plan is to build the Sport Court and bleachers around the court on the baseball field and not use the existing bleachers,” Cooper said.  “Refurbishing the seats would cost too much.  We’ll just put our own stadium on the field.”

The Sport Court field will be a turf field which will be necessary for scooters to be used in the games.

The city reluctantly agreed to allowing the Boot Scooters to use the location.  Safety concerns where the chief concern but with the team using their own seating instead of the old Greer Stadium seating, the city agreed to let the team use the stadium this season with a one-year lease.

The XSQL will be releasing the 14-game regular season within the next two weeks.  The Boot Scooters will play their seven home games at Greer Stadium.



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