Thoughts And Prayers

After yet another mass shooting, I once again read where our political leaders say that the families of the victims are in their “thoughts and prayers”.

I am fed up with that.

Enough of the thoughts and prayers. It’s time to do something.

It’s like when I hear Christians say that we need to put prayer back in schools. Really? What’s that going to do?

It’s these lame Christian sentiments that is an embarrassment to God. Most of these folks aren’t praying about anything because if they were, they would obey God and take action and do something about it.

I am absolutely supportive of prayer. I’m not hating on people who genuinely do it when they aren’t in a position to do anything else. We certainly need prayer but we also need to hear from God. God isn’t impressed with our eloquent wording in our prayers, He is moved by the sincerity of our hearts.

In these times of senseless violent acts, there is a powerful evil in the hearts of men today. The undercurrent of anger and hate fuel these horrific acts. Praying helps but praying and doing works much more. Just having the families of victims in our thoughts does little to console them.

It is sad that the only time people seem to be kind is when there is a tragedy. Why can’t we be kind when there aren’t any? Why can’t we be kind to others every day? That should be the norm.

Stop saying “thoughts and prayers”. We’ve been saying this since the first mass shooting and it still hasn’t done anything.

One thing I can offer that would help is for assault rifles to be banned. Period. Why does the average person need this weapon? What war are they preparing for? I know I have heard that people want to be ready in case the Government attacks them but do we really think a person’s private arsenal would stop them? Let’s stop the silliness. I mean it’s even called an ASSAULT rifle. Good grief use some common sense.

How many more mass shootings is it going to take to do something? How many more “thoughts and prayers” do we need?

If your loved one had been a victim, you’d want more than someone’s thoughts and prayers.

It’s time to fight back against evil. People with evil hearts do not have to win.

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