XFL Releases Names/Logos For Teams….and I Like Them

Okay, I have had a lot of hits on my blog with my XFL team name predictions and….I missed them all.

Let’s take a look at what the XFL decided:

Dallas Renegades

I’m okay with this one and it fits what a Dallas team should be called. The United States Football League (USFL) had a team called the Orlando Renegades.

D.C. Defenders

Another good choice. I didn’t think of them using D.C. instead of Washington but I like it. Defenders is a good unique name. Folks at the Pentagon will embrace the name.

Houston Roughnecks

This is probably as close as they could get to an Oilers name. Very clever.

Los Angeles Wildcats

Okay I have no idea behind the thinking on this name for an L.A. team. It’s really a high school name for a team. This one puzzles me.

New York Guardians

Not bad. There is a lot you can do with this name. I had suggested Heroes so this is pretty close.

St. Louis BattleHawks

I have no idea what a Battlehawk is. It sounds too close to Blackhawks. It is definitely unique and good that football fans in St. Louis finally has their own identity.

Seattle Dragons

I like it. I was hoping they would pick a good one and not something beginning with “sea” something.

Tampa Bay Vipers

Another head scratcher. I’m not sure where this one came from when you others more relatable to the area.

Overall I think the XFL did a good job with the names/logos. I think this is much better than the team names from the first XFL with Rage, Maniax, Hitmen, Enforcers, Demons, Extreme, Thunderbolts and Outlaws.

The new version of the XFL kicks off in February 2020.

Now the teams will need to fill their rosters with quality players who will be representing these teams and wearing these names/logos.

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