From Falcons to Titans: One Fan’s Transition

Falcons-TitansFor most of my life my favorite NFL team was the Atlanta Falcons.  I think you can clearly pick out the key word in that last sentence.

Since moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014, I have slowly transitioned to having my allegiance changed to the Tennessee Titans.  My allegiance was confirmed yesterday while I was watching the Titans-Falcons game yesterday.  I could sense I was pulling for the Titans.

The Falcons have been a disappointment.  I think the final straw was the historic collapse in Super Bowl LI when the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead to lose to the New England Patriots.  I sensed my loyalties making the shift after that game.

There were some good moments – but there were many disappointments.  Before the stunning failure in the Super Bowl, the lingering pain was from the 1980 NFC Divisional Playoff game when the Falcons folded against the Dallas Cowboys.  Unlike SOME fans, I was never a “fair weather” fan.  With the Falcons you couldn’t be one of those because there wasn’t much “fair weather” to enjoy anyway.  There were many lean years but I hung in there with them.

There were a few happy moments such as the 1998 NFC Championship Game when the Falcons stunned the heavily-favored Minnesota Vikings for their first trip to the Super Bowl.  I watched the game from the conference room at the office where I worked because my former in-laws were visiting that weekend and they did not want to watch a football game so I decided that I needed to “work” that day.   When Morten Anderson kicked a 39-yard field goal in overtime to win the game, I was laid out in the floor overcome with emotions.

Another highlight that stands out in my memory was in a game between the Falcons and New Orleans Saints.  It was in 1978 and the Falcons were down 17-13 with 19 seconds left in the game.  Falcons’ quarterback Steve Bartkowski aired what they call a “Hail Mary pass” down to the end zone.  The ball was tipped by Falcons receiver Wallace Francis into the hands of his teammate Alfred Jackson to give the Falcons a 20-17 victory.  That win propelled the Falcons to their first playoff appearance.

I even wrote to the Falcons years ago asking them to please change their logo from that of the Falcon with its wings in a down swing motion.  I thought that image set the tone for negativity.  They eventually did alter the logo slightly a few years ago but I’m sure it had nothing to do with my suggestion.

So, now I have transitioned to the Tennessee Titans.  Some would say it’s not much better.  Probably not.  The Titans have not been the model of consistency in recent years.  They have a record of 34-50 since I have lived here and one playoff win.  I needed a change.

I do still cheer for the Falcons when they are playing anyone else but it is no longer a dilemma when they play the Titans.

Yeah, I could probably do like most do and cheer for the Cowboys or Patriots.  It’s always funny to see the Cowboy “fans” come out when the team is playing well as if they had always been a fan of the team.  It’s easy to be a fan when a team is winning.  It’s even tolerable when they have bad seasons but it’s agonizing when they are losers more than they are winners.

It’s a game.  That’s all it is anyway.  It isn’t going to matter which team I support.





The Rivalry

wr-nsWhen I arrived to Warner Robins, Georgia in 1984 I had heard everyone talk about the annual Warner Robins-Northside game and how big it was.  Some called it the biggest rivalry in the state.  I had my doubts.  I had missed the 1984 game by a couple of weeks but heard it was a classic.  When the 1985 season arrived, I started attending football games and on November 8, 1985 my first experience of the big game had arrived.  At the advice of others, I bought my ticket in advance and arrived early.  I was amazed at the crowd that was already there when I had arrived.  At kickoff I looked around in awe at the enormous crowd.  At that time it was easily the biggest crowd I had seen at high school football game.  The game was also the first one in the series that needed overtime to be settled.  Warner Robins prevailed that night 21-14 and went on to lose in the state championship game to Clarke Central.

There have been many classic games played between the two teams over the years I was living in Warner Robins and attended the game.  Another memorable one was in 1989.  Warner Robins entered the game as the #1 team in the nation according to USA Today.  Northside wasn’t given much a chance but when the Demons missed an extra point late in the game, the Eagles pulled out a shocking 7-6 upset.  People still talk about that game.  No one really cares that Warner Robins won the rematch two weeks later in the region championship 20-6.

I attended my last game in 2009 in a game where Warner Robins trailed 20-0 going into the fourth quarter. Jonathan Jackson caught a 47-yard touchdown heave from quarterback Maurice Dudley on fourth down, and Kyle Floyd kicked a 35-yard extra point as Warner Robins rallied for a stunning 21-20 win.

The Demons scored 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to beat Northside for the first time since 2004.

Warner Robins leads the all-time series with 36 wins and 25 losses but Northside has won 16 of the last 23 games.

How good are these two teams?  The both played in the state championship game in their classifications last season.  They also have seven state titles between the two schools.  Warner Robins has four (1976, 1981, 1988 and 2004) and Northside has three (2006, 2007, 2014)

They used to call the game the “city championship” until Houston County opened in 1991.

For most of the years I attended, the games were scheduled as the final regular season game.  As the schools changed in size and moved to different classifications, the game was moved as a non-region game played earlier in the schedule.

Since moving from Warner Robins I have always kept an eye on the scoreboard or listened to the game online but it’s never the same as attending the game in person.  I’m sure there are biggest rivalries but this one has been special over the years.



Changes To The Knight Writer

changesYou’re looking at one of the biggest changes to my blog.  I have customized a new template to give this blog a magazine-ish look.  It wasn’t exactly what I had in my head but I am going to try it out for a while and see how it works.  There were thousands of templates to choose from so it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  I have also considered the thought of writing about one subject but I can’t seem to figure out which ONE subject I should write about.  Looking back at my blog posts, the most popular one by far is “Finer Then Frog Hair (and other strange sayings)”.  There is no way I would have ever thought that would be the most popular post.  The least hits have been on my sports fiction installments on the X-treme Scooter Quidditch League and my Good News Wednesday segments so I’m going to end those series.  It’s strange that most people fuss about the bad news yet they don’t want to read good news either.

If you would like to advertise on my blog, please contact me.  I would love to place your ad somewhere on this page.

Change may be good.  I will have to see how this goes.  Sometimes people are resistant to change.  I know I have had my experience with people like that over the years.  Once upon a time when I was the A/V person at church I would play the latest in Christian music.  One Sunday a lady marched back to my booth and fussed me out for playing “worldly” music.  I blew her off and continued to play the music.  I figured if they wanted to replace me then they would have.  Sometimes you need to shake things up and get people refreshed.  I tend to do that to myself and others sometimes.

Over the next few days (or whenever you come to my blog) you might notice a few quirky things about the page but I hope to work out those quirks as I get more familiar with this new template.


Rambo Leads Whipsnakes to Lacrosse Title


Matt Rambo scores goal in overtime to give Whipsnakes PLL title

Yep, you read that right.  It’s not another new Rambo movie but another man named Rambo who was the hero on the lacrosse field on Sunday in the Premier Lacrosse League’s championship game.

Never heard of the Premier Lacrosse League?  Not many people have outside of the lacrosse community.  It was just barely on my radar.

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is a professional lacrosse league with a goal of going big to make lacrosse a major league sport by providing lacrosse players with salaries, health care and league stability.  The PLL played its first season with six teams (Archers, Atlas, Chaos, Chrome, Redwoods and Whipsnakes) which played on a tour in 12 different cities.  The league is direct competition to Major League Lacrosse (MLL) which has had difficulty in growing the sport.  The PLL also had a television agreement with NBC.

In the PLL’s championship game televised on NBC from Philadelphia, the Whipsnakes’ Matt Rambo scored the tying goal to force overtime with 21 seconds remaining in regulation, then buried a championship-clinching shot 28 seconds into the extra frame to claim the Premier Lacrosse League’s first championship, a 12-11 triumph over Redwoods.

Rambo, who notched three goals and three assists, earned championship game MVP honors two days after winning the league’s regular-season MVP award.

The late rally saved the Whips from a potential collapse. Jim Stagnitta’s crew was up 9-2 with four minutes remaining in the third quarter, but Redwoods turned things around quickly with a late spurt in the third frame. Jack Near, Ryder Garnsey and Sergio Perkovic scored in the final three minutes, with Perkovic’s goal coming from 2-point range, to cut the deficit to 9-6 going into the fourth quarter.

That was the start of a 9-1 run for Redwoods, capped off by goal by Joe Walters with 1:36 remaining to give the team its first lead of the game since going up 1-0.

That set up the first of Rambo’s heroic actions which came out of a Whipsnakes timeout with 30 seconds remaining. He took a pass from Drew Snider and found space right down the middle to run in and equalize.

Watch the highlights by clicking here.


Which Way Is The Slant?

When I was growing up in the church I would always hear my dad as well as other preachers in our church talk about “rightly dividing the Word of God”. This always meant understanding what the Bible said about a specific subject and not only take just one Bible verse to base an opinion on.

In later years I learned that we weren’t exactly “rightly dividing” anything but more like slanting it in the direction of how we felt about something. One example was our church teaching on wearing jewelry. Throughout most of my life we were taught that the Bible was against the wearing of any jewelry – even wedding rings. However, in the 1990s there was a change in that “understanding” about jewelry. When that happened the crap hit the fan and even caused a split in the organization over it. When the church changed its stance on the jewelry my local pastor at the time refused to accept it and was against it. So you had preachers who would slant the jewelry issue in the way that they felt about it personally – not rightly dividing the Word as they liked to say.

Over the years, I have seen how people will slant their interpretations about what the Bible says about various subjects. People will totally astound you with these opinions they have from divorce and remarriage to the Sabbath. It gets a little crazy. I have known preachers who have been rigid against divorce and condemning people to hell over it but when their child got a divorce they changed their slant and were more “enlightened” about the subject. So does God change? Does the Bible change?

That’s why it is so important that we don’t simply accept every word a preacher or teacher at church tells us without studying it for ourselves. Anyone will slant a subject according to their belief but the only true way to rightly divide the Word is to keep an open – not an empty – mind and balance everything out. God doesn’t expect us not to use our brains. That’s what He gave us to use.

I’ve had people who didn’t agree with me to say that I was being deceived. People who don’t agree with you and will say all kinds of junk to sway you to agree with them. You have to be disciplined and level-headed about knowing what God’s Word is saying to you.

People always use 2 Timothy 2:15 that says “Study to show yourself approved” but they always stop there. It continues by telling us to be approved by God. Not a church or preacher. God is the ultimate approval we seek not the personal slant of others.

You can never just take one Bible verse and make a doctrine or religious rule about it. You have to read all the verses before it and verses after it as well as how it was interpreted from its original language. The customs of the times and the people of the time it was written.

It always amazes me about people who will quote the Bible yet they don’t read the Bible or have any understanding of it. You can’t be an expert about God if you don’t know Him or know what He has written in His book.

We all have our unique experiences, frames of reference and education. We have to be careful how we represent what God has said in His Word. We must work out our own salvation (Philippians 2:12) seriously so use caution about so-called experts about the Bible.

Ephesians 4:14 warns us about the slant. We shouldn’t be babies about God’s Word and not be swayed by every teaching or how people can scheme us with their craftiness and deceit in their scheming. No, not everyone is trying to scam us but always consider the source of the teaching. There are some smart and educated people out there teaching God’s Word but having degrees in Theology doesn’t make someone an expert if they don’t have a relationship with God themselves.

Watch out for the slant.

Success of Women’s Pro Hockey Needs NHL

I read an article last week where National Hockey League (NHL) Commissioner Gary Bettman said that his league isn’t interested in the women’s game if a viable professional league exists.

I think Bettman and the NHL are passing up on a golden opportunity to build the foundation of a women’s league.

Yes, women do have a league with the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) but it isn’t a solid league. The league has lasted for the past five seasons. The NWHL currently has five teams:  Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts, Connecticut Whale, Metropolitan Riveters and Minnesota Whitecaps.

In October 2017, the New Jersey Devils partnered with the Riveter to become the first NHL team to partner with an NWHL team. The three-year partnership provides facilities for Riveters games and practices, and assists with sponsorships, marketing, and tickets. The team changed its name to the Metropolitan Riveters and adopted the colors of the Devils. Some Riveters games are broadcast on The One Jersey Network, the Devils’ digital radio station as well. As part of the new affiliation, the Riveters and Devils held a doubleheader at the Prudential Center for the Riveters’ 2017–18 season opener against the Boston Pride followed by the Devils’ game against the Arizona Coyotes.  On May 17, 2019, it was reported that the New Jersey Devils were ending their partnership with the Riveters. With the partnerships dissolved, both teams changed their home venues.

On December 21, 2017, the Buffalo Beauts were acquired by Pegula Sports and Entertainment, owners of the Buffalo Sabres, Rochester Americans, and the Beauts’ arena HarborCenter. The Beauts were the second team to become affiliated with an NHL franchise, following the Metropolitan Riveters and the New Jersey Devils partnership in October, the first NWHL franchise to not be owned by the league and the first team in professional women’s hockey to be owned by an NHL owner. On May 8, 2019, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, the owners of the Buffalo Beauts, relinquished ownership and operations of the team back to the NWHL, but continued to claim rights to the Beauts name as part of the turnover.

These partnerships are crucial to the development of a women’s professional league.  The NWHL is now facing a crisis as over 200 players announced their intent to not participate in any North American professional league due to the lack of health insurance or livable salaries.   These are things that the NHL could step in and subsidize to support the women players.

When the Canadian Women’s Hockey League discontinued operations in May,  the NWHL announced plans for two expansion franchises in Montreal and Toronto and official support from the National Hockey League that makes it one of the NWHL’s biggest financial sponsors. The league was in conversations with all of the current stakeholders and partners within Toronto and Montreal including Les Canadiennes and the Toronto Furies. However, in response to the folding of the CWHL, players from both leagues were dissatisfied in the operation of both the NWHL and CWHL in that neither league provided health insurance or a livable salary. Due to these conditions, over 200 players released a joint statement announcing their intent to not participate in any North American professional league for the 2019–20 season. The NWHL responded with that they are pursuing many more sponsors then in previous years and hoped to increase player salaries and agreed to give players a 50 percent split of revenue on league sponsorship and media deals. On May 20, 2019, the players formed a worker’s union called the Professional Women’s Hockey Player Association (PWHPA) to further push for their stated goals of a league that provides financial and infrastructure resources to players, health insurance, and support to training programs for young female players.

In a league update on May 30, 2019, the NWHL announced that due to no additional investors, the league would not be able to increase to full-time salaries or provide players with health insurance outside of the typical worker’s compensation for injuries, but had come to an agreement to a 50 percent revenue split on all league-wide sponsorship and media deals. In addition, the league also stated they would not be able to add Montreal and Toronto for the 2019–20 season. The league announced a longer 2019–20 season for the teams, going from 16 to 24 games.

The NWHL won’t survive unless the NHL invests in it. After the thrilling Gold Medal win for the USA hockey team in last year’s Olympics, the NHL had perfect timing to skate into support of a women’s pro league.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has subsidized the women’s game in basketball with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) which is finishing their (number) season. Although it has lasted, it hasn’t been ideal and a lot of it has to do with the season being played in the summer. It is hard to maintain interest in a sport which is played outside of its normal season. The NHL should work with the NWHL and develop the league. The women’s game is fast and exciting just like the men’s game without the fighting.

A women’s league backed by the NHL should start out with teams in the NHL’s eight strongest cities. They could play some double-headers with the men’s teams. I would also keep the same team name’s as their male counterparts.   Both men and women grow up being a Bruins or Rangers fan.  They could play a 30-36 game schedule and postseason about a month before the men’s playoffs begin.

Now is the time for the NHL to step in during this crucial stage of professional women’s hockey.  If they ice the puck on the women’s game, the future of a women’s professional league could melt.

You Are Not A Nobody

It’s easy to get lost in a world of billions of people.

One person.That’s all you and I can be.

There are celebrities and professional athletes that standout in the crowd in our world. Most of us don’t. We are the ones who seem invisible to the world around us. We work our jobs and live our lives hoping we have enough paycheck to pay our bills. It’s a routine that I often get tired of doing.

You and I may have times that we feel that we are nobodies. We aren’t rich and we aren’t famous for anything. Honestly I wonder sometimes how some celebrities became famous.

The good news is that our creator says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) That sounds pretty awesome but what does that mean to us? It means that God knows us intimately and personally. There is nothing about us that He doesn’t know. He even knows how many hairs we have on our head. (Luke 12:7) That can sound pretty unsettling that someone can know us that well.

it’s nice to know weren’t aren’t a nobody. He’s even interested in us talking to Him too. I know there are times when my voice either isn’t heard, not important or drowned out by others but God hears us and He’s interested in the details of our lives.

If you aren’t into God or the Bible, you still aren’t a nobody. Who you are is important. We all have the ability to make the world around us a better place. You don’t have to be the worlds’ definition of being a somebody. We can all make or break someone’s day. Being nice isn’t that difficult but it seems to be in short supply.

We may feel lost at times but we can find our direction. Sometimes we have to find our purpose. We all have a purpose for being here. We don’t have to be a nobody. We can be somebody with a purpose.

Don’t know what your purpose is? There is no need to stress out about it. It will find you. Don’t force it or allow someone to tell you what you should do. I was a bit anxious when I was growing up that I had to be a preacher since my father and grandfather were both preachers in the family. I was even named after my grandfather. I tried it but it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t me. Then I realized that the calling to be a preacher wasn’t something that was hereditary. Believe me – it takes a special type of personality to be a preacher. I realized that I did not possess that personality and did not have that calling. I had to be me. I couldn’t be another Milton Sweat or Billy Hooper.

Don’t let people make you feel like a nobody. People are quick to judge and classify you based on outward things such as your job, money, looks, etc. People can only make you feel like a nobody if you let them. Don’t give them the power to do that. You know you. If they really care about you, they would treat you right. Always remember that people’s opinion of you doesn’t mean they are right.

Let people think what they want. Let them underestimate you. Just be you. You can’t be anybody else. Something you say or do can change make an impact on someone’s life. Look for opportunities to do that today.

Good News Wednesday (9/11/19)

9/11 isn’t always a reminder of bad news.  Here are a few stories that will warm your heart…


Anonymous Man Spends Almost $50,000 On Generators And Food For Hurricane Victims In Bahamas (from


Country band Florida Georgia Line donates new K-9 to Indianapolis police (from


Local man saves 5-year-old boy who nearly drowned in Corpus Christi (from


New Jersey automotive service center donates car to woman in need (from


Pay it Forward recognizes Maquoketa man bringing the community together (from


South Carolina Boy Saving up for Disney World Trip Donates Money to Hurricane Dorian Evacuees Instead (from


They’re alive! Rescuers free all 4 crew members from capsized cargo ship off Georgia (from



I’m Not A Christian…I’m A Believer

believerYes, there is a difference.

I was raised in a church/religious home and was told that we were “Christians”.  Tell someone you are a christian and see what kind of reaction you get.  It isn’t a positive response, especially today.

Many years ago when I went with a fanatical group on an Israel tour of the Holyland, our guide told us that people who believe in Jesus over there don’t referred to themselves as “christians” but “believers” because there is a history of bad things with Christians such as the crusades.   He said they were called believers.  I liked that and I have adopted that change in terminology since then.

Honestly Christians have really given God a serious public relations headache.  My wife and I passed a guy recently who was preaching and condemning anyone who walked by.  Yeah, that’s really getting the job done.  I’m really sick of Christian people embarrassing God and making things more difficult for the rest of us who aren’t the weird, radical fringe.

It’s not about a church either.  Been there done that and had the church flag to prove it.

It’s about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  That’s it.  Either you believe in Him or you don’t.  I’m not going to get in your face and yell at you.  I’m not even going to debate you.  If your mind is set against it then what words could I possibly use to convince you?  Really, unless you have a relationship with Christ, how can you possibly know?  This is something you have to experience.  I can’t open my Bible app and read you the thees and thous and hope that some spooky magical spiritual spell will cause you to turn from your heathen ways.

I was in the weirdness of a church for way too many years.  It wasn’t until I left that I was able to remove all the clutter that separated me from a true personal relationship with God.  It wasn’t in the yelling, tongue-speaking or Bible quoting but in the stillness of God’s presence.  It isn’t some Eastern meditation crap either.  It’s discipline to sit still and actually listen to God.  It’s not about asking a bunch of stuff for Him to do either.  I had to unlearn a lot of things I was taught and a lot of things I thought I knew about God to finally find who He is to me.

I’m a believer.  Pure and simple.  If you don’t like it I’m not going to hate you for it.  This is me and who I am.

Church.  I don’t need it.  Shocking I know.  I spent many years doing the church thing and feeling worse when I left then when I walked in.  I’m done with that feeling and not going back to that.  I’m not saying church isn’t important.  Some people need it.  Whatever folks need to survive I am not going to judge.  Some people need a preacher to stand up behind a pulpit to give their interpretation of the Bible.  I have learned that people will slant it the way they want.  That’s human nature.

I believe that God loved this world so much that He sent His son to die for my sins.  Now I can’t explain everything about God.  How can God have a “son” and how the Holy Ghost is a part of this trinity?  Sometimes you just can’t explain everything.  I save the theological debates for people who are into that kind of thing.   I don’t have a doctorate degree in theology.  My only experience is my own and real life.

You can think what you will about all of this but you haven’t walked in my shoes.  No, I’m not perfect and I have sinned.  We all have.  I have done the stone casting before the stones fell back on me.  Christians have a difficult time admitting that they are wrong.

Maybe I’m splitting hairs here with the definitions of Christian and Believer.  To me there is a difference.   When I Google “Christian vs. Believers” there are a lot of folks out there who score the term “Christians” higher on God’s food chain than “Believers”.  I know the difference.  I have lived it.  I want no part of Christian.

Sorry if I rocked your boat about this.  That’s okay, I believe that Jesus can walk on water to pull you back into the boat.


What The Hell Is That Smell?

smellMy mother’s ultra-sensitivity to smells drove me batty growing up.  If I had the wrong hint of cologne on me she could whiff it out and suddenly it would trigger a migraine  – or so she would claim.  Yeah, she was never a fan of my English Leather.

Karma has hit me as today I am pretty sensitive to smells.   I am a bit different though.  It seems that overpowering smells find a way to my nostrils.  Perfumes, colognes, cigarette or just plain stink will seek me out.  I was reminded of that today during my lunch break.

Today I decided to venture away from the office building for lunch outside.  First, it was the “homeless” guy who brings his kid around asking for money.   I put homeless in quotes because this guy has done the same thing for the past two years and even changes out kids.  He preys upon unsuspecting tourists.  Well, he has the stink smell going for him.  I got a whiff of him long before he approached me.

Then I’m walking the sidewalk downwind from the “aqua velva man”.  You know the one.  He’s the guy that bathes himself in his aftershave lotion before he goes out into the world.

I had to literally hold my nose.

I got my lunch and enjoyed the outdoor air – until – some guy comes outside and lights up his cigarette.  Yes, you guess it, the smoke found the exact wind currents to my nose.  Outdoor time is over.  I exchanged a quick, “thank you for ending my outdoor time” glance with him before giving up and returning to the office building.

I wasn’t safe from the scent assault.  I got on the elevator and the woman that enters with me is totally engulfed in perfume that aggravates every nasal cell in my nostrils.  I had to forcefully breathe through my mouth.

Thanks mom.

Now I have you recognizing the smells around you the rest of the day.

If you miss it I suggest you go to the movies.  There is a good chance someone will forget they are going in public and overdo it with their perfume or cologne.

You know, soap and water do a great job.  More people should focus on that part.

I have come to the conclusion that people choose to be oblivious to how their smell might impact others.  I know cigarette smokers do that – and don’t get me started on nasty cigars.  I won’t lump you all into the same category but I have seen that most do not care who is around.

Fortunately these smells have not triggered a migraine headache for me – yet.  I swear i need to wear one of those masks when I got out in public – or maybe I should never venture out in public.

What smells good to you might stink to someone else.  Does your scent enter the room before you do?

A recent study found that 31% of the general population is irritated by the scented products that other people wear and 19% experience negative health effects from air fresheners.

What are the most common irritants?

  • Perfume or cologne
  • hairspray
  • body odor
  • cigarette smoke

Humans (that’s most of you reading this blog) can detect an estimated 1 trillion odors.  Many odors are detected through nerve endings that are associated with pain and temperature sensation rather than smell.

I don’t know about all that but I know that my sensitivity to smells has gotten worse as I get older.  Lucky me.  They say that our sense of smell changes throughout life.

I guess it could be worse.  I should be thankful I don’t clean out sewers or work in health care.  I don’t know how those folks deal with the smells.  I goggled the top worst smells and they were things like:  decomposing bodies, vomit, raw sewage, skunks and rotten eggs.  Yeah, I guess I need to stay inside in my conditioned air.

On a positive note, they say that smells help us remember things better.  Immediately I can remember carnivals and fairs.  There is no mistake to those smells.  High school football games.  Freshly cut grass.  Perfumes (yes, there are some that aren’t bad).  Puppies.

So, do you get a headache from the smells around you?  You’re not alone.

It’s time to make the world a better smelling place.  Go light on the perfume/cologne and be mindful of wind direction when you go outside for a smoke.  Can we all smell along?

Hopefully this blog doesn’t stink.