When Your Day Gets Screwed Up

Yesterday I discovered a screw in our tire. It changed my entire day. I had plans that were altered by a metal screw on the road.

I didn’t fuss at God about it but I was very frustrated and unhappy about the situation. I am human just like everyone else so I didn’t exactly sing a song.

I really didn’t have time to think, I went into action mode. I changed the tire to the temporary spare and took the tire to the nearest tire store. I had more bad news when I was told that the tire could not be repaired and my other three tires also needed to be replaced. I didn’t have $700 in the budget for new tires. It’s not something you enjoy spending money on. Unless you are a car person, buying tires doesn’t exactly spark joy.

In the hours I had to wait, I had a chance to wind down from action mode and settle my anxieties about the whole thing. I had a chance to be thankful even when it screwed up my day. At least the flat tire didn’t leave us stranded somewhere on the road or result in a dangerous blowout. I was thankful that it didn’t happen to my wife either. Although it screwed up my day, the timing worked out in spite of the inconvenience of it.

It is often difficult to deal with the unexpected things that happen to us. Some folks want to immediately get mad at God. God doesn’t do stuff to us. Sometimes we just simply drive over a screw in the road which was dropped by some construction worker. Stuff happens. I don’t think there is anything spiritual about that.

I’m definitely not the model example of how to handle a screwed up day. My mind is always planning so when something unplanned happens, it temporarily throws me until I can adjust to it. It’s not always easy and I wish I handled these times better.

The Bible tells us not to be anxious about things and let God’s peace rule our hearts and minds. Well, that’s a nice thought and so easy to say when you aren’t going through something. You feel a bit scrambled and unsettled. I don’t think I’m ever going to be the person that is so holy that I can keep a calm attitude with my hands in a praying position when crappy things happen. I do think that the peace eventually settles us down.

So maybe the day didn’t go as planned. Perhaps I can learn something from it. It is certain that I can do a better job tapping into that peace.

When your day gets screwed up, remember that God isn’t mad at you. Do what you can to adjust quickly to the change and realize that there are things which we can’t control. That’s just life. We have to remain grateful in the midst of strife and discontent. No, it isn’t easy but it is certain we will have opportunities that will test us.

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