Would Jesus Wear A Jesus Tie?

Ever been around someone who is extreme or gung ho about Jesus? Yep, I can see your eyerolling right now.

I have recently been around someone like this and it’s annoying.

I have no problem with someone being excited about their relationship with Jesus but some folks take it a bit too far. Believe me, I have been around people who were the extreme before and would take any conversation and direct it back to talking about the Bible or Jesus. It’s just too much. I have also seen people who get wound up about their Jesus experience and later when they had a situation where God wasn’t as good to them all the time that they flamed out.

There needs to be a proper balance in one’s relationship with Christ. Let’s don’t embarrass Him and make His work even more difficult than it already is. I can tell you that it does more harm than good to be all gung-ho about your Jesus experience.

I worked with a lady once who wore an assortment of Jesus pins, played an audio Bible or preaching in her office all the time and was just all out there about her religion. People would go out of their way to avoid her. She also had a rotten attitude. She was difficult to deal with. Now what good did all those Jesus pins and preaching do?

I was in a meeting recently when I looked across the room to see someone wearing a tie with John 3:16 all over it. Is that really necessary? How is that “witnessing”? It is unbelievable how these folks are clueless as to the effect they are having on others. In their minds, they think it is a “tool” for witnessing to others. They think if they show Jesus or advertise Him in some way that they will come to Him. I hate to tell you but it repels people and having the opposite effect.

The thing that speaks to people isn’t that you wearing Jesus pins or ties. It is how you live. People look at your life, not your Jesus billboards. Let’s just stop this nonsense and just be a good person. Be a person with integrity. Do the right thing and treat others fairly.

I can tell you that I have never been the kind of person that puts Jesus up in people’s face. If you ask me I will tell you but I am not going to slap you in the face with my John 3:16 tie. Jesus doesn’t expect that from us. Yes, He did say to go into all the world and preach the gospel but He never meant for the gospel to be a sideshow. The world needs more people who are decent and have integrity in how they live. They don’t need another Jesus freak.

Many years ago when I was in the Air Force and serving in a remote location we had this guy that was the extreme. If you asked him about the weather he would turn that conversation into something about God. He was quite difficult to be around. You couldn’t carry on a normal conversation with him ever. He also thought it was his job to knock on my door every Sunday to remind me to go to the chapel. One morning I had enough, I answered the door and told him – in a nice way – that I had grown up in church all my life and really didn’t need him reminding me about going to the chapel. I asked him to live in the real world with the rest of us. He stopped knocking on my door but he continued to live life in the heavenly realm. He was the classic example of people who are “too heavenly minded but no Earthly good.”

We are not clones of Jesus walking around here. We are humans and real people with real problems. We need to relate to people, not scare them off. If you are going to wear your Jesus flair, you’d better live the example of what you are advertising.

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