The No-Turkey Thanksgiving

turkeyPeople go crazy over turkey for their main course as part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Even before I became a vegetarian, I was never a fan of turkey.  I don’t care how you cooked it, it was gonna be dry and had to be soaked in something.  Growing up, I would fix my own mixture of ketchup and mustard for my sauce.  I never understood the craving for carving the turkey.  When I was eating meat, Honeybaked ham was my meat of choice.  Honestly, I have always been more of a fan of the sides than the meat anyway.  Who isn’t?  I always loved the stuffing/cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, etc.

When I met my wife, she introduced me to hashbrown casserole and now it is our traditional item for the holidays.  Now that she has become a vegan, we are going to “veganize” the ingredients for it.  The main challenge in the receipe is substituting the cream of mushroom soup but my wife has a plan.

Now if you are really into thinking outside of the box, they do have “tofurky” which is tofu but I’m not quite that far with it yet.  I know of one person who can truly fix tofu that I actually like but other than him, I am not going the tofu route.

If you are going to the grocery store today – good luck with that.  You’d better wear a helmet.  I have done that way too many times before and I always say I will never do it again but somehow there always seems to be that ONE item that is missing.  Most of the time it has been the pie shells for fudge pie and I have had to scramble because all the traditional items go quicker than bread and milk when there is a forecast of snow.  If you can avoid the grocery store I would recommend you to do that.  You won’t get the warm fuzzy of the holidays as they portray on the movies.

Speaking of movies….the Christmas movies have been playing non-stop BEFORE Halloween.  Can you believe it?  Even Halloween can’t contain the Christmas season now.  One of the radio stations I listen to started playing Christmas music this week.  No one waits until after Thanksgiving anymore.  Also, I see stores already having Black Friday sales before Black Friday.  Craziness out there!

I have been working on our outdoor Christmas lights for the past three weeks.  I haven’t turned them on yet until I have everything ready and my power grid figured out.  We are living in a new house this year so I am learning how to configure everything for this house while trying to restrain myself from putting on the production I am tempted to do.

I’m also hoping that I can do most of my Christmas shopping online this year.  I’m going to try my best but I know there are some items that I just have to venture into the stores to get.

There are also lots of events I want to do and lights that we will need to see but there is never enough time to do them all.  With Thanksgiving running late this year, there are less days to get it all in.  So many events are scheduled for next weekend already.  I don’t know what we can get done.

Yes, the season is upon us.  Enjoy your turkey, ham, chicken, tofu or whatever and buckle your seat belt (after you’ve unbuckled your belt after the tomorrow) and get ready for the Christmas holiday season to shift into high gear.


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