Tech Review: Yoozon Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

Yoozon_3Today I am reviewing the Yoozon Bluetooth keyboard and using it with the iPad Air. No, Yoozon isn’t exactly a household name like Logitech or Zagg but they have a pretty good product. I am all about having a Bluetooth keyboard that will easily connect to my iPad Air and not taking away from using my iPad as an iPad.

The Yoozon Bluetooth magnetic detachable keyboard is a pretty good and inexpensive ($31.99 on Amazon) option to most other keyboards out there. I was able to connect it and start typing right away with no issues pairing the keyboard to my iPad Air. The keys are spaced out pretty well on the keyboard so I didn’t feel too cramped typing on it. The keys are placed just as you would expect for a good typing experience. I tend to fly as a typist and this keyboard did not slow me down. The only downside is that the keys are a bit slick and tend to slip off. I am sure that might change over time and wear.

Another feature I like about keyboards is backlit keys. This one has the feature. There are two settings for brightness as well as seven colors to fit your comfort level. It isn’t overpowering but enough to get you through when typing in low-light conditions.

The iPad case can be removed easily from the keyboard. It is connected with magnets so there isn’t much effort in removing the iPad. You can also position the iPad at any angle. I like this feature since I often find myself in different situations when I want to use the keyboard. It is also good for your lap and not flimsy like some other Bluetooth options. I will tell you that the keyboard and case were a little more weighty than I prefer but it can still fit nicely into my backpack without adding too much weight to my load.

Is it a keeper? I’m really picky about keyboards and this one has been in my possession longer than most. I still don’t have a good feel with the keys but I’m going to try it a bit longer.

The keyboard is compatible with iPad 2018 (6th Generation), iPad 2017 (5th Generation) and iPad Air 1

What I liked about it:

  • Magnetic detachable keyboard
  • Backlit keys
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Protects iPad on all sides

What I didn’t like about it:

  • Keys are a bit slick to the touch
  • More weighty that I would prefer

Who would love this keyboard?
The person who wants a laptop but also an iPad without any obstacles removing or attaching the keyboard.

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