Welcome to the Freak (Accident) Show

Carrie Underwood tripped over her dog’s leashes and needed 40-50 stitches to her face and broke her wrist.

Jimmy Fallon tripped on a rug in his kitchen and got his wedding ring caught on the counter almost losing his finger.

TODAY SHOW anchor Savannah Guthrie suffered a serious eye injury when her 2-year-old son threw a toy train at her. The accident caused her retina to be detached and some vision loss.

Freak accidents. They are accidents that you wouldn’t expect to happen which occur under highly unusual and unlikely circumstances.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are approximately 29 million visits to the Emergency Room each year due to freak accidents.

Anyone can be victim to a freak accident. One missed step can cause weeks of pain. It is definitely not something you plan and nothing can prepare you for it.

Here are some things that you experience when you have a freak accident:

Your work doesn’t give a damn. They are only concerned about getting the work done. Sorry to break that to you but none of us are that important to our work. Let it go because YOU are more important than the job.

Healing takes time (and patience) – This is hard to see in the beginning but it does take time. The length of time varies depending on the injury but it does take time. It can’t be rushed. Resist the pressure of resuming normal activities until you are truly ready.

Fight the depression – Being hurt stinks. You feel hopeless and frustrated. It is easy to fall into despair that you can’t function normally. You have to fight it and take one step at a time.

Mental healing is important too – When you have experienced a freak accident, you constantly relive the events. It takes time to feel confident again. Most freak accidents are things that could not have been prevented or to prevent it happening again. Sometimes the mental healing is harder than the physical healing.

People who really care about you really care about you – You will find out who really cares about you when you are hurt and need assistance recovering. The important people in your life will rise to the occasion.

Let people help you – It’s challenging for people who are independent to admit they need help. When you simply can’t do it yourself, let people help you.

Being injured sucks. None of us likes being taken down physically but when we are it is important to let the body rest. Unless you are a professional athlete there is no need to “push through the pain” and get back into your daily routine. Rest is the most underrated – and berated – part of recovery. Rest means putting down the smartphone and stop answering work emails. Rest means “time out” from activity. Do not underestimate the importance of rest in your recovery process.

Freak accidents happen. Cut yourself some slack when it happens.

Carrie Underwood told Ellen DeGeneres that the moment when she tripped over her dogs’ leashes was just as intense as it sounds—and she had no idea what the damage would be. “I feel like any time anything happens, it’s adrenaline or something, you don’t really know until you take a second to assess… It was one of those random things in life,” she said.

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