Where Is God When We’re Hurting?

I don’t like pain. Pain hurts.

If you are a believer, you have faith that God can heal. We read the passages in the Bible where Jesus healed. Nothing was impossible for Him. We read these and even hear modern day stories of healing and believe them.

Then we find ourselves hurting and in pain. We pray and have faith that God can heal us.

But then He doesn’t. What do we do now? How good is our faith then?

I recently found myself writhing in pain after a fall. It was bad. I didn’t have time to formulate a proper prayer. All I could say was “Oh God! Oh God!” That was the only plea I could utter. I hoped that God would take away my pain. He didn’t.

It is a difficult place to be in when you need healing but don’t receive it. It’s a lot easier to believe in healing and have faith until you need it. When you pray and believe and it doesn’t happen. All you are left with after you pray is the pain.

Hello God? Are you there?

The Bible tells us that He never leaves or forsakes us but it sure seems like He does that sometimes. It can definitely shake your faith if you let it. The pain is the only thing you can see. Getting relief is what you seek. At that moment nothing is more important. It is difficult when it seems God is absent.

God doesn’t leave us in the time of our pain. It may seem like it but He’s there and He never leaves our side. I can’t tell you it’s easy because it’s not. It takes even more faith to believe He’s there even when everything suggests that He isn’t.

It is important during these times that we thank Him. We can thank Him that the situation wasn’t any worse than it is and ask Him for strength to get through our pain. At some point we know that there must be a reason that God didn’t heal us when we asked. There is obviously a higher purpose that He didn’t respond when we needed healing.

Trust me, it is harder than it sounds. Pain has a way of humbling us. We are strong and confident until we are hurting and suffering with intense pain. God still loves us even if He still allows us to suffer pain. It is tempting to question His very existence while we are looking at our own blood leaking from our bodies. This is when faith finds its biggest test. Faith is the strongest when we are our weakest.

Unfortunately pain is a part of life. As long as we are in this fallen world, we will face pain at some point in the course of our lives. Our full physical healing awaits us in heaven where we are told we will experience no pain, sickness, disease, suffering or death. (Revelation 2:1) This means that God won’t always heal us. Even when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus still had to die again. Now, that stinks doesn’t it? Although we fear death, death is the door to our final healing. That’s what Jesus did when He suffered and died for our sins.

When we are hurting, let faith go through the test with us. Faith doesn’t mean our prayers are always answered. I love to listen to good praise and worship songs or encouraging Christian music songs but when the ear buds are in our ears and we are hurting, that’s when it really tests our faith. Are we going to remain strong during the test or will we let our pain cause us to give in?

Christ knows something about suffering. He knows what it feels like when you pray for the suffering to pass and your prayer isn’t answered. He went through that so He knows how we feel when we ask and relief to our pain doesn’t come. It isn’t always neat and easy to explain when God doesn’t respond to our plea to be healed. I can’t say that it makes sense.

Psalm 34:18 assures us that He is there and with us when we are broken whether we feel like He is or not. His love for us isn’t determined by our pain.

1 thought on “Where Is God When We’re Hurting?

  1. If you have to ask this question, then God has already failed you by not showing up to meet your needs. This was the pivotal issue for me going from believing in a personal God to finally saying, ‘enough rationalization – either God answers prayers in a timely manner, or He doesn’t. No more excuses for God by making stuff up along the lines of ‘God is testing you, God is building your character, etc…ad nauseum.’ Bottom line is that all those ideas are imaginary, having no factual foundation as to what ‘God’ is doing or the supposed motivations for His non-actions. I also take issue with folks who pull verses out of the Old Testament completely out of their historical context and try to force them into a ‘promise’ to us. Sadly, I’m done with ‘God’ – he/she/it has treated me like Lucy treated Charlie Brown always promising to hold the football for him, building him up only to yank it away for some obscure reason.

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