Dude’s Tech Review of Inateck’s Keyboard Case for iPad 2019

I really wanted to like this case. I had performed a thorough review and research on finding the perfect keyboard case for me with my new iPad. Sadly, this one isn’ t it.

In five minutes, I knew I would be returning this keyboard case. I will tell you why later.

First, the good stuff about this case.

Protection. It does a great job of fully protecting the iPad. The cover for the iPad is rubber and fits nicely with it and has the precise cutouts for the device. It is solid but still lightweight.

Kickstand. Loved it. This is probably the best part I liked about it. When configured as a laptop, you can adjust the angle from 30-160 degrees. When you want to use your Apple Pencil, you can adjust the kickstand for the perfect angle for using it. When detached, you can even adjust the stand so you can view your iPad in portrait mode. The kickstand was definitely the biggest plus for this case.

Place for the Apple Pencil. This a big thing for me and this case has a perfect place for it which protects the pencil when not in use. While some cases offer a slot outside of the case, the Inateck case is on the inside.

Now the bad.

Keyboard. It is awful and noisy. The moment I put my fingers on the keyboard I was deflated and knew I would be returning it. The keys are too close together and loud.

Detaching. This is quite puzzling and something I haven’t seen in other cases. Instead of being a magnetic connection to the iPad, the keyboard has a rubber attachment which slides into a slot on back of the iPad case. There are no instructions on how to connect this properly so you have to guess how it works. I don’t like it.

I loved the iPad case but hated the keyboard.

The keyboard case is designed for iPad 2019 10.2 (7th Generation), iPad Air 2019 (3rd Generation) and iPad Pro 10.5.

The photos show people using the case on their lap but I have to say that this failed my tests. It really doesn’t function too well on your lap. You will need a table or flat surface to comfortably use it.

This case runs about $30 on Amazon but I am not going to post a link because I really don’t think you will like it.

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