Dude Talks About The Florence Y’alls

Anyone who lives in the South knows that y’all is a term we use when people from other parts of the country would say “you all”. You wouldn’t think this would be the nickname of a sports team – until now.

The Florence Y’alls.

Yep, you read that right.

This is a legit name for a minor league baseball team in Florence, Kentucky. If you have ever driven past Florence on the I-71/I-75 Interstate Highway into Cincinnati, Ohio, there is a water tower that reads “Florence Y’all”. It is said that once you cross the Ohio River into Cincinnati that you are no longer in the South. The Florence water tower originally was painted in the 1970s with the words “Florence Mall.” The use of the word “Mall” was deemed illegal because corporate sponsorships were not allowed on a city water tower. The city’s mayor ordered the “M” repainted into a “Y.” The new nickname resulted from a contest seeking ideas from fans after new ownership took over the club last fall.

The team was formerly known as the Florence Freedom from 2003-2019. When new owners took over the team after the 2019 season, they rebranded the team and named the team the Florence Y’alls.

The Florence Y’alls are members of the 14-team professional Independent Frontier League, playing out of UC Health Stadium off of Interstate 71/75. They were supposed to take the field as the new team this summer but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is not playing a regular schedule in the Frontier League.

For more information about the Y’alls, you can visit their website here.

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