When It’s More Than A Game

This week players from the National Basketball Association (NBA) walked out of their postseason Disney tournament in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Honestly, my first reaction was: “Oh, is the NBA still playing?”

Yes, the NBA is still trying to finish their season which was delayed by the shutdown from the pandemic (which, incidentally, is still going on).

So these millionaire professional athletes decide they aren’t going to show up for “work” in protest of the shooting. While I fully support protests, I honestly don’t know what good it does for professional athletes to refuse to go to work. To bring attention to the issue? Well, I kinda think it has already gotten lots of attention.

So what happens to the normal people like you and I if we called our places of employment and tell them we aren’t going to show up for work to protest the shooting of Jacob Black in Wisconsin? Do I really need to answer that? We would be lucky that we had a job to go back to. And in the end, would our walk out really do any good? Does it really do any good that the NBA walked out?


I can tell you that politicians aren’t going to give a darn if any of us walks out on our jobs to protest anything.

The NBA or any other leagues not playing isn’t going to hurt anybody. Sorry, but that’s just the reality. Nobody cares that a millionaire athlete refuses to play a game or practice with their team. Sure, it’s a good emotional gesture at the moment but it’s soon forgotten as the media moves on to the next sound byte.

So, go ahead and walk out. Kneel or lay down during the playing of the national anthem. It’s going to take more than that.

Hey, I love sports and I write a lot about it but in the end it is still a game. It’s hard to take someone serious who walks out on playing a game.

The 13 teams still playing in the NBA Disney tournament resumed practice on Friday and will start playing their games again on Saturday.

So what was accomplished?

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