High School Football Matchups I’d Like To See

If you have followed my blog, you know that I have always been a fan of Georgia High School football. I played in high school at Villa Rica High School – although I use the term very loosely since I was barely on the team. Then from 1984-2009 I lived in Warner Robins, Georgia and followed Warner Robins football. During this time, I have wanted to see some dream match-ups over the years. Here are some games I would love to see:

Warner Robins vs. Northside in the state championship game. These two teams play every year for bragging rights. Since my very first game in 1985, I have not seen a bigger high school game than this one. I would love to see these two battle it out in the state championship. With Georgia’s current high school playoff bracket system, it is possible. The only time it was close to happening was in 2011 when both teams lost in the state semifinals. If these two teams played, I think I would make the trip from my home in Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia to watch the game.

Warner Robins vs Villa Rica. I would like to see this one which would be a matchup between one of my favorite teams and the high school where I played football. Villa Rica hasn’t exactly been a football powerhouse over the years although they did win a state championship in 1986. The closest that this matchup has come to happening was in 2016. Villa Rica lost to Arabia Mountain and Warner Robins lost to Griffin in their first round games.

Game I would like to see: Warner Robins (GA) vs. Oakland (TN)

Warner Robins vs Oakland or Blackman (TN). Since I now live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I don’t have the opportunity to attend any Georgia High School football games. I would love to see Warner Robins come up here and play Oakland High School which just won the Tennessee state title or Blackman, which is just a mile away from where I live. I don’t think Warner Robins has ever played a team in Tennessee. It would be pretty cool.

Valdosta vs Lowndes in the state championship game. These teams play the “Winnersville Classic” every year and this is perhaps THE biggest rivalry game in the state. It would be awesome to watch these two teams play in the state championship game. The closest these two teams came to making in happen was in 1996 but Lowndes lost to Brookwood in the semifinals. Valdosta won their semifinal game but lost to Brookwood in the state final.

Every football fan has their dream matchups they would like to see. These are my personal choices. It has become increasingly more difficult for any of these matchups to be possible with constantly changing region re-classifications but you never know.