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Dude Reviews Zagg’s Slim Book Go

When I upgraded recently to my iPAD 10.2, the search was on for a new keyboard case. Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am about finding the right keyboard for my devices. For three months, I tried (and returned) many keyboards. Some came close but none checked off all the boxes of what I wanted.

Here are some of the MUST haves that were on my list:

  • Detachable keyboard
  • Backlit keys
  • Slot for Apple Pencil
  • Easy kickstand

After months of searching for the right keyboard case to fit my specifications, I found it. From the moment I opened the box, inserted my iPAD and started typing, I knew this was going to be a keeper. The Zagg Slim Book Go is THE keyboard case.

Here are some of the PROS and CONS about this keyboard case:


  • Lightweight – The case is very lightweight. It won’t weigh down your backpack or if you want to carry it with you to lunch. The iPad is completely protected inside the case but it isn’t bulky.
  • Easy typing – I am a very fast typist so they keys have to be constructed for my style. At first, I was a little skeptical of the rounded keys but they have actually not hindered my typing at all.
  • Sturdy but not stiff keyboard – The keyboard is light but sturdy. I can use it in my lap without any problems although it does take up my entire lap.
  • Backlit keys – Very useful for low light conditions. There are seven different color combinations for your preference.
  • Easy detachable – There is absolutely no struggle with detaching the iPAD from the keyboard. Nothing complicated about it at all.
  • Holder for Apple Pencil – There is a slot for the Apple Pencil on both the iPAD case when you want to remove the iPAD or on the keyboard. Unlike other cases which attach a holder on the outside, this is safely stored on the inside when the case is closed.
  • Multi-device pairing – Although not a feature I was looking for, it is a nice thing to have when you are switching between your iPAD and iPhone.
  • Kickstand – This opens differently than most other cases with kickstands. Opening the stand from the top down makes it a lot easier to use on your lap.


  • Magnet could be stronger – I like it that the keyboard easily detachs from the case but it probably could be a bit stronger. It is barely magnetic. The Apple Pencil isn’t as secure either with the magnetic holder. This is weakest part of the product.
  • Not completely perfect for lap use – While you CAN use the keyboard case in your lap, it isn’t exactly the same as a laptop. The good news is that since you can detach the keyboard, you can prop up the iPAD close by and use the keyboard in your lap.
  • A bit pricey – At almost $100 it is fairly expensive but it is worth the price. A lot better than blowing your money on Apple’s keyboard cover. I think they could come down on the price a bit. It took me a few paychecks to have the funds to purchase this one.

Let me tell you from someone that gets obsessed with keyboards, you need to try this one! If you are looking all the options I required, I am pretty sure you will be satisfied with it as well and your search will be over. It is a very versatile keyboard case. I didn’t want to limit my case to only be limited to a laptop-only configuration. I wanted to be able to use my iPad as a tablet when I wanted to read or play games then configure it for when I want to type a document.

I can honestly tell you that I have had no thoughts of returning this keyboard case. No doubts about it and I am no longer doing any exhaustive searches for other keyboard cases. For me, this is the right case.

For more information about Zagg’s Slim Book Go: https://www.zagg.com/en_us/slim-book-go-apple-ipad-10-2

Don’t Fall When Ministers Fall

People fail. It happens.

When a minister that you listen to falls into sin, it is disappointing. A punch in the spiritual gut. If you aren’t careful, it can shake your faith too.

A few days ago I learned that a popular minister confessed to acting inappropriately to his female employees. I was shocked. I still am. I enjoyed listening to his teaching – not so much his preaching – and I even went on a tour of Israel with him (along with 349 other people). I have to admit that the report of his fall threw me a bit.

I should know better. I have been disappointed by many ministers in my lifetime.

It’s a miracle that I have continued to be a believer at all. From having a father that was a minister who once told me his members were more important than me to my last pastor who kept looking at his watch when I needed someone to talk to. This latest disappointment reinforces my feelings about church and the ministry. I don’t foresee that I will even return to a church.

Again I have to remind myself that it is more important to follow God than to follow men. These ministers are not substitutes for a personal relationship with God. They aren’t God. They are human and humans fail. It’s just that we hold ministers at a higher level of expectations.

So what is a believer supposed to do when a minister falls? For me, I am removing this minister from my lists of podcasts and I won’t listen to their teachings in the future. It is important to keep focused and maintain my own relationship with God. I know what I am supposed to do and I need to continue to do it.

Yes, I know we are supposed to forgive and we know that God does forgive but we have to be honest that things won’t ever be the same. This minister is now on a “sabbatical” which means he will return when all of this dies down. He will ask a tearful forgiveness and continue his multi-million dollar business in ministry.

When a minister falls into sin and disappoints us, we don’t need to go down with them. What it should do is remind us to keep the faith and work on our own weaknesses. We all have something that wants to bring us down. I have been disappointed by ministers and the church way too many times to let this bring me down.

If I could tell you anything about this it would be that if you like a minister, you need to be very cautious and tie your faith into that preacher or church. It’s okay to like preachers and have your favorites but you’d better be vigilant. Put your faith in God, not man.

Fallen ministers usually trip up in one of three ways: sexual temptation, greed or pride. These things aren’t just limited to ministers but we all must be conscious of them as well but when these things trip up spiritual leaders, it really takes the wind out of us.

Don’t focus on the preacher or the church! It’s about God. Talk to Him for yourself. Just because a minister has a ministry on YouTube or Television doesn’t mean they are right. Just because they promise “blessings” if you will “sow a seed” into their ministry doesn’t mean it will happen. Don’t fall for it.

If you ever listen to someone, make sure you have your brain turned on and alert for those keys words “I believe” and “sowing a seed”. If you are not strong in your faith, you could fall for whatever version of Jesus they are selling.

Many years ago, I drove over a hundred miles a few times to attend a dynamic church in Atlanta, Georgia. The preacher had a TV ministry and it was an amazing experience. Years later it came out that he was having inappropriate relationships with women in the church and a DNA test revealed that his nephew was – in fact – his biological son. When all this came out I wondered if all of what I had seen and heard had been a lie. A show. Playing church.

If there’s one thing about this that I have seen is that if a minister is sinning in secret that God will eventually reveal it. He’s not going to put up with that crap.

Keep the faith. Don’t follow your faith in someone else.

Dude Talks About The Florence Y’alls

Anyone who lives in the South knows that y’all is a term we use when people from other parts of the country would say “you all”. You wouldn’t think this would be the nickname of a sports team – until now.

The Florence Y’alls.

Yep, you read that right.

This is a legit name for a minor league baseball team in Florence, Kentucky. If you have ever driven past Florence on the I-71/I-75 Interstate Highway into Cincinnati, Ohio, there is a water tower that reads “Florence Y’all”. It is said that once you cross the Ohio River into Cincinnati that you are no longer in the South. The Florence water tower originally was painted in the 1970s with the words “Florence Mall.” The use of the word “Mall” was deemed illegal because corporate sponsorships were not allowed on a city water tower. The city’s mayor ordered the “M” repainted into a “Y.” The new nickname resulted from a contest seeking ideas from fans after new ownership took over the club last fall.

The team was formerly known as the Florence Freedom from 2003-2019. When new owners took over the team after the 2019 season, they rebranded the team and named the team the Florence Y’alls.

The Florence Y’alls are members of the 14-team professional Independent Frontier League, playing out of UC Health Stadium off of Interstate 71/75. They were supposed to take the field as the new team this summer but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is not playing a regular schedule in the Frontier League.

For more information about the Y’alls, you can visit their website here.

Is Jesus Really Coming Soon?

I have heard all of my life that Jesus was coming soon. He was coming back in the 70s, 80s, 90s and every other decade. The most recent date he was supposed to return was on May 21, 2011 when a group led by the late Harold Camping made the bold prediction. This prediction was made in spite of the fact that the Bible says that no man knows the day or the hour (Matthew 24:36).

So what does it mean when people say that Jesus is coming back?

For Christians, it means that this is a dramatic return of Jesus Christ. When Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection, he told the disciples he was going to return in the same way. (Acts 1:11) At the time, most of the disciples thought that “soon” would be in their lifetime but, he we are over 2,000 years later still waiting for Jesus to return soon.

So what exactly is supposed to happen when Jesus comes back? According to most Bible prophecy experts, the next event on the prophetic calendar is what is called the rapture. This is when Jesus is supposed to return to the Earth to gather his believers in the sky. The dead believers are supposed to rise first then those who are alive at them time are to join them. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Even Christians can’t agree with the rapture or what will happen when Jesus returns. In fact, the word “rapture” isn’t even in the Bible although the description of it is there. (Matthew 24:40) There are a wide range of assumptions about how and when the rapture will happen. It will be interesting how the media will explain whatever event does happen when Jesus returns. Will it be so dramatic that there won’t be any doubt what is happening? Jesus said He would return but He didn’t say what the reaction would be here from the world.

Back to the present and we are STILL waiting for Jesus to return soon. Is Jesus coming back soon – or at all. It makes you wonder a bit sometimes. The return of Christ has been the next event on the calendar for a very long time.

I know many do not believe. This is nothing more than a fairytale to most but ultimately, everyone has to make that decision for themselves. You either believe He is coming or you don’t. There’s nothing I can say here that is going to convince you. As for me, I do still believe. I don’t know how soon “soon” will be. I think there are many times in history where the time looked pretty ripe for Jesus to return and once again it seems the stage is set for Jesus’ return. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world. Many had thought that the United States was invincible but I think we have all see how a virus could take us out even with all the military power we have.

Certainly this period of time looks ripe for Jesus to return. Sometimes it’s hard to keep waiting but there isn’t much anyone can do about it. You can rush God and his timetable. He will choose when the time will be. Soon could be today.

Dude Wants To Play Human Foosball

I love foosball. I learned to play the game when I was stationed at Thule Air Base in Greenland in the early 80s. Since then, when a foosball table was spotted, I usually ended up there playing anyone that would challenge me. My reflexes aren’t as good now and a bulged disc in my neck has virtually ended my playing days.

I still love foosball and stories about the game. So, it got my attention to see some guys in Argentina come up with a version of human foosball during the pandemic. I have seen versions of human foosball before but they have been nothing more than cheesy ripoffs of the sport but these guys came up with a way to play their game of soccer (futbol) that made sense.

You can read the story and watch a video clip here.

It is a clever way to play soccer without physical contact and risk spreading COVID-19. Could this possibly be a new normal in sports? Contactless sports?

This human foosball game features a field with zones for each player to avoid physical contact. The game, known locally as “metegol humano” divides the field into rectangular zones with while lines limiting where a player can move – helping to enforce social distancing, though limiting slide tackles or pitch-length dribbles with the ball.

This a creative version of human foosball. Other versions have players attached to poles which is a bit much and has been nothing more than an office team building event.

Human Foosball rules are very similar to the game of Foosball and do not have much in common with the soccer game. As mentioned the players are connected to rods so they can only move in one direction, instead of anywhere they like as in real soccer. The ball is served between the two teams in the middle of the pitch.

The players must then try to pass the ball to their teammates and try to score goals. The match is either played up to a certain number of goals, usually 5 or 10. Otherwise, the game can be played for a fixed amount of time, for example, 10 minutes. The team with the most goal is declared the winning team.

I think the Argentine’s have come up with a legit version of human foosball. I like it. If I were younger, I would want to play. Since there is no contact, maybe I could.

There are no plans at this time to form any professional leagues but if the pandemic lingers, there could be more of an opening for this type of sport.

Why Isn’t There A Professional Indoor Volleyball League?

We’ve all played some form of volleyball either at the beach or in our backyards during the summer. So why isn’t there an indoor professional league? It seems it would be fitting to have one playing during the hot summer months wouldn’t it?

It’s an exciting game and one of the top women’s sports in high school and college. It just seems that the sport has never gained any momentum with a professional sports league. It came close with the International Volleyball Association which played from 1975-1979 and was innovative as a co-ed league. Even with former basketball great Wilt Chamberlain playing with the Seattle Smashers team in 1978, the league could not survive.

There have been other attempts at professional volleyball:

So are there any current or planned leagues for professional volleyball? Here is what I found:

National Volleyball Association

The NVA is a men’s professional indoor volleyball league in the US, founded in 2018, that currently has eight teams. The NVA was scheduled to kick off its first regular season games this summer in Las Vegas, NV. The remainder of the regular season games will be played in Southern California. The 2020 season has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volleyball League of America

There are currently five teams in the league located in Phoenix (AZ), Chicago (IL), New York (NY), Indianapolis (IN) and Anaheim (CA). The league recently had the VLA Kickoff Classic tournament July 3-5 in Angola, Indiana.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball

In partnership with USA Volleyball, Athletes Unlimited is proud to launch the first pro indoor women’s league in the U.S. in February 2021. The superstar roster consists of American Olympic teammates Jordan Larson and Molly McCage. The founding members will recruit fellow pros, create league rules, and retain equity in the league. The season will be shortened to six weeks of intense game play in one city. On the court, the top four players become new captains each week and draft their teams from scratch for next week’s games. In our new radical scoring system, every player can lose or win points during every game. Athletes score points as individuals and as a team to win MVP titles and cash bonuses.

So can these leagues make it? Honestly, probably not. Without major money and fan support it is unfortunate that we may never see a professional volleyball league to the level of major league sports. The only attention for volleyball seems to be on Olympic and Beach Volleyball. Professional leagues overseas have much more success than in the United States. What are they doing differently?

The reason the pro leagues overseas are functional and sustainable is because they are built from the bottom up. That means creating leagues and teams to develop quality players. Countries like France and Germany have at least nine divisions! This is a huge and stable foundation for the pro league to be built upon.

There is always hope for a professional league to take hold and be successful. For many years no one thought soccer would do it until Major League Soccer (MLS) got it done. So there’s always a chance for volleyball.

Dude’s Thoughts About Team Name Changes

Now that folks are on the cause of changing the name of the Washington Redskins of the National Football League (NFL), other teams with Native American mascots are also under scrutiny for changing their names. I thought it would be fun to explore alternative names these teams could be called.


First, we will start with the obvious one – the Washington Redskins. The franchise has been known as the Redskins since they changed their name from the Boston Braves in 1933. The have already been some suggestions for changing the NFL’s Washington D.C. franchise to one of the following:

  • Washington Warriors – If you remove references to Native Americans and replace it with our nation’s veterans, this would work.
  • Washington Football Club – Not a bad suggestion. Not sure what logo you would have with this one but you could keep the colors.
  • Washington Renegades – You could still keep the “R” from Redskins with this one.
  • Washington Americans – Kinda fitting and patriotic but you couldn’t keep the colors.
  • Washington Pigskins – This is a creative one since the offensive line is often referred to as the hogs.
  • Washington Redtails – You could keep the “Red” part of the name as well as the colors. Name refers to an airplane or bird.
  • Washington Redhawks – Many college teams have changed their “Redskins” name to this one.
  • Washington Griffins – Refers to a mythical creature but I’m not sure it fits.
  • Washington Federals – Comes from the former United States Football League (USFL) from the 80s. Could be a possiblity.
  • Washington Generals – This is my preference and would be fitting for a team from the nation’s capital.


Another NFL team in line for a name change would be the Kansas City Chiefs. It is said that the name came from former Kansas City mayor Harold Roe Bartle, a white man who founded a “fake Indian Boy Scout tribe” and adopted the nickname “Chief” as his own when the team moved from Dallas to Kansas City in 1963. Here are some name change suggestions:

  • Kansas City Stallions – This one rolls off the tongue pretty well but in a league with Colts and Broncos, I don’t think it would be a possibility.
  • Kansas City Mustangs – Another good one but a top choice.
  • Kansas City Renegades – Remove the reference to Native Americans and this one might work.
  • Kansas City Wranglers – I like this one. I think you could maybe keep the helmet logo with the arrowhead and the team colors.


Major League Baseball (MLB) has a few teams that might need a change starting with the Cleveland Indians.  The nickname “Indians” that was applied to the Cleveland Spiders baseball club during the time when Louis Sockalexis, a Native American, played in Cleveland (1897–99). Here are some alternate names:

  • Cleveland Spiders – This was the name of the team previously but I don’t see any Cleveland fans embracing it.
  • Cleveland Cobras – The name flows but it is a long way from the current name.
  • Cleveland Buckeyes – This is a popular suggestion but I don’t see it happening since you have Ohio State using the same name.


Dare we say that the Atlanta Braves are in this line for a name change? A “Brave” is a Native American Warrior so it would seem so. James Gaffney bought the team in 1912, and adopted the nickname Braves for his new team after the Native American symbol used for his Tammany Hall political group Gaffney was associated with. The organization relocated to Milwaukee in 1953, and finally to Atlanta in 1966 but always retained the Braves name. Here are some ideas:

  • Atlanta Tomahawks – This would work but might still be a bit too close to a Native American reference.
  • Atlanta Thrashers – I really like this name for the team revived from the former National Hockey League’s franchise that played in Atlanta. It is the state bird and would fit along with other bird names in baseball.
  • Atlanta Firebirds – I kinda like this one but I’m not sure it would stick.


The National Hockey League’s (NHL) Chicago Blackhawks. They say they were named in honor of the U.S. 86th Infantry Division, which was nicknamed the Blackhawk Division” after Black Hawk, a Native American chief; the team’s founder, Frederic McLaughlin, having served in that division. Some ideas here:

  • Chicago Black Hawks – I would simply focus on the bird more than a Native American logo or reference.
  • Chicago Bruisers – This actually isn’t bad and really sounds like a hockey name.

Will these names be changed? I doubt it. These teams have been branded and there is a lot of money to be lost in merchandising. Every time this name issue comes up, it becomes an issue and eventually goes away until the next time it gets stirred up. They should still change these names but it would take some major pressure to get them done.

Dude’s Update On Pro Sports Return

Okay so are the professional sports league going to finish their seasons or not? Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused professional sports leagues to stop playing, the speculation has been when and if the leagues were going to play again. Now that we are nearing July 4th, we wonder when they will start.

If I have to be honest with you, at this point and with the COVID-19 numbers spiking once again, I would rather that leagues not try to finish their seasons and just wait until next year. Regardless, here are the latest updates:

Major League Baseball (MLB) is finally set to begin a 60-game schedule to start the end of July. The schedule will feature 40 games within the division and 20 inter league games against teams in corresponding regional divisions. The league has given each club the permission to decide how they will manage fans to coincide with local restrictions. The restart of “spring training” has already begun. It was also announced this week that MLB cancelled all minor league seasons in 2020. The league also ruled that spitting will not be allowed.

National Hockey League (NHL) is set to open training camps on July 10th. The league is planning to restart with a 24-team tournament to be played in two “hub cities”. The latest word was that Toronto and Edmonton were being considered as the hub cities.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is planning to revive their season with 22 teams playing in Walt Disney World with no fans in attendance. The spike in COVID cases in Florida has raised some concern but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is still comfortable with the league’s plan to restart the season. There have been reports that NBA players will wear smart rings which will monitor their temperatures and other vital signs to ensure safety of their players.

Major League Soccer (MLS) is set to start playing again with what they call “The MLS is Back” tournament beginning July 8th in Orlando, Florida. Just this week, six players from FC Dallas have tested positive for the coronavirus. Teams will participate in group play much like they do in the World Cup.

The pandemic is already impacting the start of the National Football League (NFL). The league cancelled the Hall of Fame Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers which was scheduled for August. The league also cut down the preseason schedule from four to two games. There are still talks of shortening the regular season.

College football has been weighing their options but nothing has been decided. Players from Alabama, Clemson, Tennessee and other major colleges have tested positive. Coaches are navigating these issues while trying to prepare for the upcoming season. The season is still scheduled to begin on August 29th. There has been some talk of pushing the start of the season to February of 2021. I’m not sure about that one.

While we have been deprived of our professional sports teams, sports is really not the most important thing right now as the nation finds itself fighting the rise in coronavirus infections. Leagues shouldn’t return to playing just to play but do the smart thing even if it means they might not play at all. The end of the official seasons for the NBA, NHL or MLS shouldn’t be cheapened by some thrown-together tournament. Whoever wins the championship will be tagged with an asterisk anyway. As much as I love sports, let’s just hit the restart button when a full season can be played.

Dude’s Tech Review of Inateck’s Keyboard Case for iPad 2019

I really wanted to like this case. I had performed a thorough review and research on finding the perfect keyboard case for me with my new iPad. Sadly, this one isn’ t it.

In five minutes, I knew I would be returning this keyboard case. I will tell you why later.

First, the good stuff about this case.

Protection. It does a great job of fully protecting the iPad. The cover for the iPad is rubber and fits nicely with it and has the precise cutouts for the device. It is solid but still lightweight.

Kickstand. Loved it. This is probably the best part I liked about it. When configured as a laptop, you can adjust the angle from 30-160 degrees. When you want to use your Apple Pencil, you can adjust the kickstand for the perfect angle for using it. When detached, you can even adjust the stand so you can view your iPad in portrait mode. The kickstand was definitely the biggest plus for this case.

Place for the Apple Pencil. This a big thing for me and this case has a perfect place for it which protects the pencil when not in use. While some cases offer a slot outside of the case, the Inateck case is on the inside.

Now the bad.

Keyboard. It is awful and noisy. The moment I put my fingers on the keyboard I was deflated and knew I would be returning it. The keys are too close together and loud.

Detaching. This is quite puzzling and something I haven’t seen in other cases. Instead of being a magnetic connection to the iPad, the keyboard has a rubber attachment which slides into a slot on back of the iPad case. There are no instructions on how to connect this properly so you have to guess how it works. I don’t like it.

I loved the iPad case but hated the keyboard.

The keyboard case is designed for iPad 2019 10.2 (7th Generation), iPad Air 2019 (3rd Generation) and iPad Pro 10.5.

The photos show people using the case on their lap but I have to say that this failed my tests. It really doesn’t function too well on your lap. You will need a table or flat surface to comfortably use it.

This case runs about $30 on Amazon but I am not going to post a link because I really don’t think you will like it.

Dude’s Thoughts On Offensive Sports Team Names

I read yesterday where people are changing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s because these symbols are offensive. There has also been widespread calls to remove Confederate symbols from public display. I totally agree with these efforts to put these symbols in museums instead of public displays of honor. This started me thinking about some offensive team nicknames that should be changed.

Which brings me to the Washington Redskins.

Why in the hell do we still have a sports team called the Redskins? Is this not beyond offensive? Why has this not been changed yet? Just imagine what it would be like if the team were another color skin name? Not much difference yet Washington’s National Football League (NFL) franchise continues to go with it.

Over the years there have been several colleges which have changed their offensive nicknames. I’m still not sure about using nicknames such as Indians, Braves or Seminoles. While some say that these nicknames aren’t as offensive as Redskins what if we had teams named “Mexicans” or “Asians”? Hmmm, that gives it a different spin doesn’t it? So why is it okay for Native American names and not other ethnic groups?

Back to the Redskins….what’s stopping them from changing it? I guess it’s money and merchandising. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to name a football team in the NATION’S capital “Redskins” anyway? There have been many suggestions to change the name and logo to Warriors, Heroes, Redhawks, Griffins, Generals or Federals. They only need to look at their National Basketball Association (NBA) brothers – the Washington Wizards – who were known as the Washington Bullets until they changed their name in 1997 because the owner didn’t want the team’s name to be associated with any violent references.

I think it’s time to change it.

There have been similar protests against the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs but I guess these are considered tame compared to a team named for a SKIN color. Seriously?

Colleges which changed their offensive nicknames:

  • Arkansas State – from Indians to Red Wolves
  • Belmont – from Rebels to Bruins
  • Miami (Ohio) – from Redskins to RedHawks
  • North Dakota – from Fighting Sioux to Fighting Hawks
  • St. Johns – from Redmen to Red Storm
  • Southeast Missouri State – from Indians to Redhawks
  • Sycracuse – from Orangemen to Orange

While we’re at it, I’m in favor of eliminating nicknames Rebels, Demons and Devils. Rebels are mostly reference to the Civil War and as for Demons and Devils – do we really need these too? The Wake Forest “Demon Deacons”??? Well, I have known some church deacons sooooo….

For years I have supported my position for Demons in that I was supporting the players and not the mascot of the team. Now it seems a little hypocritical for me to be offended when someone supports something with a demonic theme when I am saying “Go Demons” at a football game. I am going to end that practice.

I’m also wondering about the Chicago Blackhawks name of the National Hockey League (NHL). It’s the name of a Native American tribe but does it need to be a team’s name?

Let’s get this right and fix these nicknames. Yes, I know people get easily offended regardless what you do but let’s start with teams named “Redskins” and go from there.

Check out some of these books about the origins of sports team nicknames: