Books by Milton Hooper

Here are some of the books I have published. Click on the book to purchase or download the book.

Paranormal Romance

Lover’s Dead Mother

Garrett Fisher is an overworked paralegal for a prestigious law firm in Nashville, Tennessee and he has issues with relationships. Serious issues. The problem is his mother. His mother is clingy, needy and sabotages any relationship he has with a woman. The biggest problem? His mother is dead.Garrett’s dead mother succeeded in ruining his last relationship. Garrett dated Sheldon Lewis, a rising Country Music artist. Garrett loved Sheldon and was her #1 fan. When they broke up, Sheldon wrote a song about it which becomes her first hit song.With yet another relationship destroyed, Garrett tries to free himself of his mother. He seeks advice from local ghost busting experts but the more he tries to rid himself of her, the more havoc she brings into his life. His mother’s meddling leads to legal trouble for Garrett. In the midst of his mother’s destruction, Garrett finds comfort in his feelings for another woman – Alexandra Carrington – the ghost of Carrington Mansion.There is a war brewing in the spirit realm. Will Garrett survive?

Christian Sports Fiction

Passing Toward The Prize

Coach Turner leaned forward and looked directly at Colton. “Look here Preston. You have to decide if you are going to be a leader or a quitter. A leader FINDS a way to lead. A quitter doesn’t bother to try. It’s easy to quit. Don’t pick the easy way.” Life isn’t turning out the way Colton had hoped it would and now his high school football days may be over. He’s in the Class of ’82. His father has accepted appointment at a church in Savannah, Georgia. Colton is in a different school and on a football team, which clearly does not want him there. He is hundreds of miles away from the friendly small-town Tompkinsville where his friends and his girlfriend, Belle, reside. Change is difficult. Starting over and dealing with these changes is a challenge for any age but for a 15-year-old preacher’s kid, it only makes his life more complex. His father may be a preacher but that does not make him immune to the consequences of sin and the need for forgiveness. Colton will have to learn to trust God that all things will work together for good. If you loved the stories of “Facing the Giants” and “Remember the Titans” you will enjoy rooting for Colton Preston.

Medieval Romance

Knight of Redemption

A princess needs to be rescued.A knight needs to have his confidence restored.A kingdom to be united.The harmony of the three kingdoms of Alphania, Memphilla and Winthrop are threatened by the evil Aldair who is driven by his lust for power and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.The land needs a hero.A mysterious dragon holds the key that will dramatically change life for everyone.Knight of Redemption is a medieval, action romance that will take you through the adventures of Cashton and Crystaline. Cashton, a former knight from Alphania, fled when Aldair seized power of the kingdom. Cashton is pressed into action when Crystaline is captured. He must choose to be the hero he was destined to be and rescue Crystaline from Aldair as well as confront a mysterious dragon. Will his confidence be shattered or will love restore him to the man he always wanted to be?

Christian Fiction

A Prodigal Christmas

Austin Shelton is a successful sports writer for the Atlanta News Press. His father is the Reverend Bobby Joe Shelton who is a TV minister. They haven’t spoken since his mother’s passing. Austin receives a letter from his father which seems to end all hope at any reconciliation. Just when Austin gives up hope, he finds an old family Christmas portrait. Is it possible that this portrait could be the key which unlocks a Christmas miracle?

Christian Fiction

Gideon Force

Gideon Force is an elite tactical unit led by Commander Gabriel Morrison called to help missionaries around the world by rescuing them from persecution they face from radical groups and governments. The unit is equipped with a futuristic military-style armada to assist them in their mission. Members of the Force are hand-picked by God to serve their fellow man in protecting those who are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.