Dude Reviews Zagg’s Slim Book Go

When I upgraded recently to my iPAD 10.2, the search was on for a new keyboard case. Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am about finding the right keyboard for my devices. For three months, I tried (and returned) many keyboards. Some came close but none checked off all the boxes of what I wanted.

Here are some of the MUST haves that were on my list:

  • Detachable keyboard
  • Backlit keys
  • Slot for Apple Pencil
  • Easy kickstand

After months of searching for the right keyboard case to fit my specifications, I found it. From the moment I opened the box, inserted my iPAD and started typing, I knew this was going to be a keeper. The Zagg Slim Book Go is THE keyboard case.

Here are some of the PROS and CONS about this keyboard case:


  • Lightweight – The case is very lightweight. It won’t weigh down your backpack or if you want to carry it with you to lunch. The iPad is completely protected inside the case but it isn’t bulky.
  • Easy typing – I am a very fast typist so they keys have to be constructed for my style. At first, I was a little skeptical of the rounded keys but they have actually not hindered my typing at all.
  • Sturdy but not stiff keyboard – The keyboard is light but sturdy. I can use it in my lap without any problems although it does take up my entire lap.
  • Backlit keys – Very useful for low light conditions. There are seven different color combinations for your preference.
  • Easy detachable – There is absolutely no struggle with detaching the iPAD from the keyboard. Nothing complicated about it at all.
  • Holder for Apple Pencil – There is a slot for the Apple Pencil on both the iPAD case when you want to remove the iPAD or on the keyboard. Unlike other cases which attach a holder on the outside, this is safely stored on the inside when the case is closed.
  • Multi-device pairing – Although not a feature I was looking for, it is a nice thing to have when you are switching between your iPAD and iPhone.
  • Kickstand – This opens differently than most other cases with kickstands. Opening the stand from the top down makes it a lot easier to use on your lap.


  • Magnet could be stronger – I like it that the keyboard easily detachs from the case but it probably could be a bit stronger. It is barely magnetic. The Apple Pencil isn’t as secure either with the magnetic holder. This is weakest part of the product.
  • Not completely perfect for lap use – While you CAN use the keyboard case in your lap, it isn’t exactly the same as a laptop. The good news is that since you can detach the keyboard, you can prop up the iPAD close by and use the keyboard in your lap.
  • A bit pricey – At almost $100 it is fairly expensive but it is worth the price. A lot better than blowing your money on Apple’s keyboard cover. I think they could come down on the price a bit. It took me a few paychecks to have the funds to purchase this one.

Let me tell you from someone that gets obsessed with keyboards, you need to try this one! If you are looking all the options I required, I am pretty sure you will be satisfied with it as well and your search will be over. It is a very versatile keyboard case. I didn’t want to limit my case to only be limited to a laptop-only configuration. I wanted to be able to use my iPad as a tablet when I wanted to read or play games then configure it for when I want to type a document.

I can honestly tell you that I have had no thoughts of returning this keyboard case. No doubts about it and I am no longer doing any exhaustive searches for other keyboard cases. For me, this is the right case.

For more information about Zagg’s Slim Book Go: https://www.zagg.com/en_us/slim-book-go-apple-ipad-10-2

Dude’s Tech Review of Inateck’s Keyboard Case for iPad 2019

I really wanted to like this case. I had performed a thorough review and research on finding the perfect keyboard case for me with my new iPad. Sadly, this one isn’ t it.

In five minutes, I knew I would be returning this keyboard case. I will tell you why later.

First, the good stuff about this case.

Protection. It does a great job of fully protecting the iPad. The cover for the iPad is rubber and fits nicely with it and has the precise cutouts for the device. It is solid but still lightweight.

Kickstand. Loved it. This is probably the best part I liked about it. When configured as a laptop, you can adjust the angle from 30-160 degrees. When you want to use your Apple Pencil, you can adjust the kickstand for the perfect angle for using it. When detached, you can even adjust the stand so you can view your iPad in portrait mode. The kickstand was definitely the biggest plus for this case.

Place for the Apple Pencil. This a big thing for me and this case has a perfect place for it which protects the pencil when not in use. While some cases offer a slot outside of the case, the Inateck case is on the inside.

Now the bad.

Keyboard. It is awful and noisy. The moment I put my fingers on the keyboard I was deflated and knew I would be returning it. The keys are too close together and loud.

Detaching. This is quite puzzling and something I haven’t seen in other cases. Instead of being a magnetic connection to the iPad, the keyboard has a rubber attachment which slides into a slot on back of the iPad case. There are no instructions on how to connect this properly so you have to guess how it works. I don’t like it.

I loved the iPad case but hated the keyboard.

The keyboard case is designed for iPad 2019 10.2 (7th Generation), iPad Air 2019 (3rd Generation) and iPad Pro 10.5.

The photos show people using the case on their lap but I have to say that this failed my tests. It really doesn’t function too well on your lap. You will need a table or flat surface to comfortably use it.

This case runs about $30 on Amazon but I am not going to post a link because I really don’t think you will like it.

Tech Dude’s Review of Zugu iPad Case

I just upgraded to the iPAD 7th Generation tablet. With the new device, I have been searching for a good case for it. I wanted something lightweight but provided good protection for my new iPad. I have tried a couple already but then I saw this one from Zugu pop up in my Facebook feed (how does Facebook know? Creepy.)

This case got some excellent reviews on Amazon and the videos made this look as if it would be the one for me.

The Zugu case features 8 magnetic angles so you can position your iPad at the perfect viewing angle for you whether you are using it on a flat surface or using it on your lap. If you are good with typing on the on-screen keyboard, you will find the perfect angle for that as well as if you use your Apple Pencil to draw or write on your iPAD.

It is very secure once connected. It is definitely not flimsy. The magnets are powerful enough that you can configure the case to stick to your refrigerator door if you want to refer to recipes or to watch a video.

The case is good for protecting your iPad but it is also very lightweight. The microfiber interior helps from scratching your iPad. It has a 5 foot drop-proof military protection which is pretty good if you tend to drop yours a lot.

The case is only compatible 2019 iPad (7th Gen) 10.2 IN (Model #’s A2197, A2200, A2198)

Okay, so I THOUGHT this was going to be a keeper for me but the only problem I had with it is the location of where you put your Apple Pencil. It has a nifty, stretchy slot but it is on the OUTSIDE of the case which keeps the case from laying flat unless you lay it on the other side which is a bit awkward when you want to open the case. This is the only reason I am returning my case. I’m sorry but I’m not going to risk storing my expensive Apple Pencil on the outside of a case. If you don’t use an Apple Pencil, then you will love this case.

If you want to try out this case, check on the Amazon listing for about $50 or visit https://www.zugucase.com.

Dude’s Review of Earto’s Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Today I am trying out a new keyboard case for my IPad. I recently purchased the iPad 7th Generation. Instead of plucking down $150 dollars for Apple’s Smart Keyboard, I decided to shop around and Earto’s keyboard was my first stop. I was not disappointed.

First, let me tell you some of the things that are “must-haves” for a keyboard case:

  1. The iPad needs to easily detach from the keyboard case so I can use it as a tablet when I need it.
  2. The keyboard should have backlit keys so I can type in low light conditions.
  3. It should function like a laptop and used in my lap.

Here’s what I found:

  • Pros:
    • Easily detachable case. I loved it. The case is magnetically attached and slotted to firmly hold the iPad but can be removed quickly. I like having this function so I can still use the iPad as a tablet when I don’t need the laptop configuration.
    • Backlit keys. This case has seven colors with three levels or brightness with over 300 color combinations. You can definitely give your keyboard some personality but honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary to have so many color options but it’s still nice to have..
    • Laptop for your lap. This case actually sits on your lap like a laptop instead of trying to find a tabletop or place to sit your iPad when you need to use it as a laptop.
    • Protective case. It is very sturdy and will fully protect your iPad when the case is closed. I didn’t actually test drop it or anything but the materials used for this case are solid and not some cheap plastic shell.
  • Cons:
    • Apple Pencil holder. It has one but I am not too confident that it will last. For me, this was the biggest negative about the case. The pencil holder is located on the outside of the case which will make it vulnerable to bumps and eventually wearing out. While it has done well keeping my Apple Pencil in place, I find myself constantly checking it to make sure it’s there.
    • Keys. I am a fast typist so it is probably unfair me to list this as a con but they were a little awkward for me. My hands weren’t cramped but the keys seemed somewhat low to the keyboard. I figured it was to cut down on key travel and clicking noises. It is still a good keyboard but, for me, a bit awkward.
    • Weight. There is also a trade off with having a solid keyboard case. It does add some weight to the iPad so you will have to decide if it’s something that will work for you. If you are a minimalist it might not be the thing for you but if you want a case that can sit in your laptop along with backlit keys, you will have to think about that.

The case also gives you the flexibility to adjust to different angles. The shaft bracket design allows the iPad to be tilted up to 135°to provide the most comfortable viewing position for typing, watching videos, playing games or reading.

You also have an auto sleep/wake function with this case which works seamlessly to extend your iPad’s battery life. It automatically wakes when open or goes to sleep when closed.

So will I keep it? Maybe. I’m a tough critic on keyboards but this one is going to be hard to beat. It’s still a better choice – at half the price – of Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try and order one from Amazon by clicking below. If you don’t have an iPAD 7th Generation, no worries, Earto also offers keyboard cases for other models. Go to their website at http://www.earto.net/ and take a look.

How To Set An Hourly/30 Minute/15 Minute Chime On Your Apple Watch

If you’re like me and you are working remotely, mostly likely you are required to keep track of your work. If so, you can easily set a chime on your Apple Watch to help you keep track of your day.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  3. Scroll and tap on CHIMES
  4. Activate Chimes by tapping on it.
  5. Tap on SCHEDULE to set the chime for hourly, 30 minutes or 15 minutes
  6. Tap on SOUNDS to set the sound to bells or birds
  7. If you don’t want the chime to make a sound you can swipe up on your watch face and tap the bell to silence sound. This will alert you with a vibrate for the chime.

If you would like discover more cool tips and tricks with your Apple Watch, try some of these books from Amazon:

Logitech’s Keys-to-Go Is Your Go-to Keyboard

I try out a lot of keyboards and have a very strict review of the keyboards that I test. When I first was introduced to the Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard, I wasn’t sure it would make the cut. I was wrong. This keyboard is amazing and definitely worth considering if you want to take a keyboard with you on-the-go. No, isn’t a full-size keyboard but I will tell you from my experience that once you start using this keyboard, you won’t really miss the size difference.

The keyboard is only 1/4 inch thick and 9 1/2 inches long which makes it the perfect choice if you want to throw it in your backpack or purse. I have even slipped it into a file folder – yes, it’s that thin. It’s also very durable with a covering that’s perfect for on-the-go travel. Its liquid-repellent secure seal protects the keyboard from spills, crumbs, and dirt. You can easily clean the keyboard.

Keys-To-Go connects easily to your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Android devices. You can type for up to three months without having to recharge the battery. A battery level indicator light tells you when it’s time to recharge and with the included USB charging cable, charging is easy.

I was impressed with the typing experience since I am a fast typist. It is also very quiet. No clicky keys to disturb people around you. Some days I leave the keyboard paired with my iphone so I can respond to text messages throughout the day without picking up my phone.

The only things that I would say negative about the keyboard that aren’t really deal breakers are that the keyboard can move around on slick surfaces and the keys aren’t backlit for using in low light conditions. Again, not really deal breakers but things you should know.

The keyboard comes with a stand that connects and holds your phone but the angle really doesn’t work plus if you have a case for your phone it won’t be very useful. If you are using this keyboard for your phone, I would recommend you have a phone case with a kickstand.

The cost for the keyboard averages between $40-$70 but I think it’s worth the money. If you are a minimalist and need a mobile solution for a quality keyboard, Keys-to-Go is the one you should purchase.

  • Pros
    • Very compact
    • Quiet keyboard
    • Long battery life
    • Spill-proof
  • Cons
    • Not stable on slick surfaces
    • No backlight
    • Included phone stand not really functional