The World Has Gone Viral

This is a strange time we are living in. With the rampant spread of the COVID19 (Coronavirus), events and activities are shutting down at a rapid pace in order to stop the spread of this potentially deadly virus. As of this morning, there are 1,215 reported cases in the United States and 36 deaths. I put the emphasis on “reported” cases because the numbers are probably higher than that.

The National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB) have suspended their seasons while the NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments have been cancelled due to this virus “March Madness”.

Most of us have not seen anything like this before. It is very bizarre.

No sports.

Some would say it is an overreaction but I think it is a good idea that sports have decided to take a break and take a cautious approach during this time.

So what’s going to happen with sports? I’m not sure anyone knows for sure. If it is a short break, like two weeks, the leagues will probably either pick up where they left off and make up the games later or end the season as it stands and start with the postseason.

Some companies are preparing to have their employees telework from their homes. I think that’s a good idea because many times colds and viruses are spread at the office. People will force themselves to go to work when they are sick. This is not a good time to even get the sniffles because people will automatically assume that you have the coronavirus. Of course, with the lack of testing how would we know for sure?

Even the Disney parks are closing. Now, you know it’s serious if they are closing.

It’s a crazy time right now.

I heard someone say today “It’s just a dang flu”. That’s the reaction from people who have not been affected. I’m sure if they or their family member had it they would have a different attitude. Hey, even the flu isn’t something to be taken lightly either. None of us really knows how this dangerous virus will affect us until we actually get it.

I am tired of people making this a political issue. It’s not a Republican or Democrat virus. Let’s just stop this nonsense please.

Are we overreacting? Wouldn’t it be better to overreact than wish we had done something?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there have now been 125,048 confirmed cases with 4,613 deaths. In the past 24 hours, French Polynesia, Turkey and Honduras have reported their first cases of the virus.

Nobody takes it serious until they are affected by it.

We should take every precaution we can to protect ourselves. This isn’t funny and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I know people are buying up all the hand sanitizers and toilet paper which seems a bit extreme but the important thing is to avoid large crowds and wash our hands properly.

Good luck and stay healthy.


I Need A Nap

Today is National Napping Day which seems fitting since most of us lost an hour of sleep this weekend due to the start of Daylight Saving Time (DST). As I was browsing through my news feeds this morning, I saw the story that someone, somewhere has designated today as an unofficial recognized day to take a nap.

William Anthony, Ph.D., a Boston University Professor and his wife, Camille Anthony, created National Napping Day in 1999 as an effort to spotlight the health benefits to catching up on quality sleep.

I like naps. I wasn’t too fond of them when I was a toddler but as I grew older I have developed a more positive attitude about taking an occasional nap.

Here are some interesting facts about naps:

  1. There are three types of nappers: habitual, planner and emergency. Habitual nappers follow the same pattern every day. Planners are those who plan to nap before they feel tired. Emergency people who do it immediately when they are tired.
  2. Naps are good for stress relief. It gives your brain a short timeout from activity.
  3. You don’t have to actually sleep to have a good nap. Just lying still with your eyes closed for 20 minutes provides you with some needed rest.
  4. There is an ideal nap time. The best nap time is in the middle of your wake cycle.

Did you know that there is even a National Siesta Championship in Madrid, Spain? Contestants compete to fall asleep as fast as possible in order to win a cash prize. Contestants are judged based on their ability to sleep as close to 20 minutes as possible and also the speed required for you to doze off, your snore and sleeping posture. It’s also held in the middle of a busy shopping mall so it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

National Siesta Championship in Madrid, Spain

Naps should be kept between 20-30 minutes. Any longer can disrupt your sleep cycle and could make you pretty grumpy.

Most Europeans, except the Germans, usually snooze or relax in the middle of the day. China, India, and parts of the Middle East are also big napping territories.

Humans are the only mammals who willingly delay sleep and plan naps.

A NASA study on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.

While napping at work isn’t acceptable in the U.S., in Japan, dozing off in most jobs is acceptable, including in parliament and in businesses. Naps at work are called inemur, which means, “to be asleep while present.” Inemur is viewed as exhaustion from working hard and sacrificing sleep for the job. Many people even fake napping to look committed to their job.

Google headquarters has “nap pods” that block out both light and sound.

I would like to observe National Napping Day in some way today. The switch to Daylight Saving Time always gets me out-of-synch so any advantage – or excuse – to nap seems like a good idea. The challenge is finding a place to do it.

Do They Still Play Indoor Football?

With the demise of the Arena Football League (AFL) in the off-season, indoor football leagues are still surviving but some just barely above semi-pro football.

Here’s a look at the indoor leagues that I have found which are scheduled to play this season:

Indoor Football League (IFL) is starting their 11th season with 13 teams. The IFL is currently the oldest arena/indoor football league. The Sioux Falls Storm won last year’s championship which was their seventh title.

Current teams are: Arizona Rattlers, Bismarck Bucks, Cedar Rapids River Kings, Duke City Gladiators, Frisco Fighters, Green Bay Blizzard, Iowa Barnstormers, Oakland Panthers, Quad City Steamwheelers, San Diego Strike Force, Sioux Falls Storm, Spokane Shock and Tucson Sugar Skulls.

On August 20, 2019, the Duke City Gladiators joined the IFL after winning back-to-back CIF championships. On September 10, the Oakland Panthers, co-owned by former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, joined the IFL for the 2020 season. On November 1, the league added the Spokane Shock after it was resurrected by former NFL player Sam Adams, with the Spokane team reacquiring the Shock brand following the Empire’s folding in 2017. The Bosselman family were looking to sell the Nebraska Danger, but no owner was found before the deadline for participating in the 2020 season. On November 24, 2019, the IFL added a thirteenth team in Frisco, Texas, owned by the Germain family called the Frisco Fighters. The Germain family also purchased the sponsorship rights for the IFL, the management rights of the league’s communications and marketing department, as well as a second expansion for the 2021 season in Columbus, Ohio.

The season begins March 7th. For more information on this league, go to

The Champions Indoor Football (CIF) league currently has seven teams and will be kicking off their fifth season. The Duke City Gladiators won their second league championship last season.

Current teams are: Omaha Beef, Salina Liberty, Sioux City Bandits, Wichita Force, Amarillo Venom, Oklahoma Flying Aces and West Texas Warbirds.

During the offseason, the CIF lost the Bismarck Bucks and Quad City Steamwheelers to the IFL. When the 2019 schedule was released, both the West Michigan Ironmen and the Kansas City Phantoms had been removed as members. On May 9, the Texas Revolution folded during the season. At the end of the season, the Duke City Gladiators won their second consecutive championship and then withdrew from the league, eventually joining the IFL. Following the season, the league announced it had partnered with the National Arena League (NAL) to create a new league for the 2020 season under a new identity with two conferences: the CIF and NAL. However, it was announced on October 10 that the deal had been postponed, with both leagues playing their own individual schedules in 2020.

The CIF season will start on March 8th. For more information about this league, go to

The National Arena League (NAL) will start their third season with seven teams. The Jacksonville Sharks won their second title last season.

Current teams are: Carolina Cobras, Columbus Lions, Jacksonville Sharks, Jersey Flight, Massachusetts Pirates, Orlando Predators and West Virginia Roughriders.

Following the season, the NAL announced it had partnered with Champions Indoor Football (CIF) to create a new league for the 2020 season under a new identity with two conferences: the CIF and NAL. The Massachusetts Pirates chose to not join the merged league and the New York Streets were not mentioned as an included team. However, it was announced on October 10 that the deal had been postponed, with both leagues playing their own individual schedules in 2020. The Pirates rejoined the NAL and the league then added two teams that had originally been given conditional approval to join in the 2018 season, the Jersey Flight and the West Virginia Roughriders (then known as the Richmond Roughriders), from the American Arena League.

The NAL season kicks off on April 4th. For more information about this league, go to

The American Arena League (AAL) enters their second season with 10 teams. The West Virginia Roughriders were crowned league champions last season.

Current teams are: Carolina Cowboyz, Carolina Predators, Charlotte Thunder, Indianapolis Enforcers, Louisville Xtreme, Music City Fire, Pennsylvania Union, South Florida Thunder, Tampa Bay Tornadoes and West Michigan Ironmen.

I can’t tell you when the new season starts because their website is currently down.

The newest league is the American West Football Conference (AWFC) which enters their second season with three teams. The Idaho Horsemen won the league’s first title in 2019.

Current teams are: Idaho Horsemen, Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks and Yakima Canines.

For the 2020 season, the league announced expansion teams in Yakima, Washington, and the San Francisco Bay Area, although the Bay Area team never launched. In February 2020, the Reno Express was removed from the schedule and the Tri-Cities Fire folded, which led to the Idaho Horsemen and Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks both announce they would play independent schedules. The league then announced it would be playing the 2020 season with three teams — Idaho, Wenatchee, and Yakima — while looking for non-league teams to fill in the lost games including the minor outdoor team, Tri-City Rage, filling in for the Fire’s six scheduled away games.

The AWFC’s second season starts March 17th. For more information about this league, go to

There is also another indoor league named Arena Pro Football (APF) however, it is difficult to find any information about this league and functions more as a semi-pro league.


These five indoor football leagues are what’s left of the sport. Except for the IFL, the state of indoor football doesn’t seem to be very stable. The Arena Football League mentioned they might come back in some kind of format but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening.

What I would like to see for these leagues to merge into one nationwide league divided into geographic regions. Develop some regional rivalries and created some stability. I think that having two or three levels would help to grow the sport better. I just think these leagues would do well working together than as separate entities.

I still think there is a place for arena/indoor football. It is still an exciting variation of the outdoor version. No, it’s not the same but it’s still a lot of fun to watch. These five leagues are trying to keep it alive.

Sports Thoughts

Nashville’s third major league sports team kicked off over the weekend as Nashville SC made their debut in Major League Soccer (MLS) in front of over 59,000 fans at Nissan Stadium. The local news folks said this was the largest crowd to watch a professional soccer game in state history. That’s a pretty good start. The team was pretty competitive too with a narrow 2-1 loss to Atlanta United. As the season goes on, it will be interesting to see how strong the support will be for the remaining 16 home games. One expert said that if Nashville can average 20,000 that it would be a good level to maintain. I’m thinking they should be able to do it since they will fill the void between the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans seasons.

Ratings for the new XFL spring football league have been steadily dropping since their opening weekend. I watched some of the game yesterday between the DC Defenders and Tampa Bay Vipers. There were a LOT of empty seats in the stadium. Tampa is a difficult market anyway and it doesn’t help that the Vipers were 0-3 going into the game. The XFL is nearing the midway part of the season. It will be interesting to see how strong they finish or if they will give it up like the Alliance of American Football (AAF) did a year ago. The XFL will now have competition from Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Soccer (MLS).

As I was channel surfing, I landed on one of the ESPN channels showing a cornhole tournament. Seriously? This backyard/tailgate game has become serious competition. They even have their own professional organization called the American Cornhole League (ACL). And people think bowling is boring….

For the first spring since 1987, there will no Arena Football League (AFL). The league died over the winter after drowning in debt and lawsuits. That’s a shame. The AFL was actually a good version of football played during the spring. The league had lots of high scoring and action. Their best season was probably in 2008 when they had 17 teams and averaged almost 13,000 fans per game. There are other indoor leagues but none of them have been the same caliber as the AFL.

Former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, signed a sweet $17 million deal to continue with CBS as an broadcaster of NFL games. That’s a lot of money. Romo is good for sure but $17 million?

I am tired of hearing all the speculation of where Tom Brady will end up. I really don’t care. He’s at the end of his career and may have one more season left so what does it matter? I guess folks are thinking that team will win the Super Bowl if they have Brady. The latest rumors have been the Raiders or Titans. I just wish he would sign with someone already. Be done with it.

Four Central Kentucky newspapers laid off their sports reports last week. The sports departments at the the Advocate-Messenger, Jessamine Journal, Interior Journal and Winchester Sun were eliminated. All are owned by the same company, Boone Newspapers, Inc. Most were blindsided by the news. Now that’s pretty cold-hearted.

Seattle’s new National Hockey League (NHL) expansion franchise still does not have a name. They are scheduled to start playing next season. I’m not sure what the delay is. The most popular vote is for “Sockeyes”. I think that’s some kind of fish in the region. Seems fitting for a hockey name.

I have not been following college basketball but a glance at the latest rankings have Kansas (26-3) leading the men and South Carolina (29-1) leading the women. It’s about time for March Madness. Get those brackets ready.

Is God For Reals?

I have this thing lately that I do with my grandson when he excitedly tells me something. I say “Are you for reals?” He thinks it’s funny and is convincing me in his own way that he believes what he’s telling me.

There are many beliefs out there in the world. Today, people are less likely to believe that God is “for reals” and it’s hard to convince them otherwise. It simply comes down to whether you believe or not.

When I was growing up, a lot more people believed in God. Today, there are either people who don’t believe or they have other gods they place their beliefs in.

I have seen that there are basically three types of people who don’t believe in God:

First, there is the person that just never believed in God or was never taught anything about God to begin with.

Second, there is the person who bases their beliefs on scientific proof rather than God.

Third, there is the person who once believed in God but at a crucial time in their life they were either hurt by God not answering their prayers or hurt by other believers.

If you are reading this blog expecting me to offer you conclusive evidence that God exists then you will be disappointed. I will not be able to convince you – especially if you are someone described in one of the above categories. I have never seen God nor has He ever spoken to me in an audible voice. I wish He would but He hasn’t it and, if I’m being honest with you, I don’t understand why.

I was raised in the church so my belief in God was formed at an early age. As I got older, I evolved into my own relationship with God based upon my personal experiences and studies. I did go through a period of my life when I was intent on getting God to speak to me. I prayed, pleaded and fasted to induce God to speak to me. I read books and listened to tapes about ways that God speaks to people. Some people I knew personally even claimed that God had spoken to them through other people or mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit. I even bought their tapes and listened to them repeatedly expecting God to do the same for me.

Well, you guessed it, He didn’t and never has. While it still puzzles me. I continue to believe. Without solid and undeniable proof? Yes. Can I explain why I do? No. That’s just who I am. I continue to believe regardless. I often explained to God how difficult it is for us to relate to Him when He doesn’t communicate to us like we do other people in our lives. We read in the Bible how He spoke to those people and did miracles that, if done today, would prove solidify to people that there is a God. Sometimes it really gives God some bad public relations when He doesn’t. I have even caught myself telling God that He missed a golden opportunity to show people that He is God. I’m sure He is amused by my commentary on His lack of activity.

The bottom line is that God is not a genie that we can summon whenever we want Him to appear and grant our wishes. He’s God and we’re not and that isn’t going to change. Sometimes I wonder about these people who claim God spoke to them or this who speaking in tongues thing that some religious folks do to show how spiritual they are.

Speaking of speaking in tongues, let me tell you some of my experience with this alleged method of communicating with God.

I grew up in a Pentecostal church which believed in this thing called speaking in tongues. In many services, people who speak some kind of gibberish language and then someone would “interpret” in English – usually the King James Version of English – to tell everyone else what the Holy Spirit said. Sadly, I would say I saw more of this method as a way of manipulation than it was actually something that came from God. In all of my years in the church I never understood this act of speaking in tongues. I studied it and I tried it but it just didn’t work for me. I knew many people who could speak in tongues instantly but they were difficult people otherwise. I even have known people who could fluently speak in tongues but would cuss you out the next day. I even had a former pastor who would even tell racist jokes. I guess they were out of the spirit huh? I’m still very skeptical of the practice of speaking in tongues. I won’t say it isn’t legitimate in some situations but I can tell you from first-hand experience that it was often not legitimate. I know of a couple in a church where my dad was the pastor who used this practice to tell Him he was wrong in what He was preaching and tried to manipulate the rest of the church into thinking their way about him while advocating how spiritual they were. So, no, I do not have good examples of this speaking in tongues thing.

So, let’s get back to the question….is God for reals? How is it that I can still believe when I have no proof?

I could list a bunch of Bible verses here in this blog but that’s not going to convince you or anybody else. There are people who don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God so if you try to use that as “proof” then that defeats the purpose. People don’t want to hear you use the Bible since it was written by man. I get that. That’s a difficult argument to overcome. They always say “inspired” men wrote the Bible which has been handed down and translated many time over the generations. Even Christians are quickly to hit you with a Bible verse to support their politic view while ignoring other parts which speak to them and their own sins.

So what’s so wrong believing in a God that I can’t prove to you that exists? How terrible is it that I do my best to live up to the principles of the Bible? The Ten Commandments? Jesus Christ? Is that so terrible? Believing in God doesn’t mean you have to be a freak about it and preaching on a street corner somewhere. It doesn’t mean you have to be an activist and preach hate on people who don’t believe.

There will always be skeptics who have their own ideas concerning God and will point to their own evidence and, for some, there will be no amount of proof that will convince them otherwise. That doesn’t mean they’re right.

Even if I told you God has spoken to me in an audible voice or done some sort of miracle in my life, that still wouldn’t prove anything to you since it didn’t happen to your personally. This is why the belief in God is a “personal” relationship. A church and a preacher can’t do it for you, you have to do it yourself. I have heard people say that I would rather believe in God and be wrong than not believe as if they have some sort of “insurance policy” when they die. That’s a pretty weak belief. You either believe or you don’t.

So, I choose to believe. Agree with me or not. That’s your decision. If you don’t believe I can’t debate you into changing your opinion. My only hope is that God will reveal Himself to you in your own life.

Confessions of an Apple Watch Convert

I finally gave in. I have an Apple Watch.

Yes, I know how geeky that sounds. If you know me, you know that I love gadgets and techie stuff.

So why am I so late in jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon?

Two reasons: Cost and how geeky they have looked wearing them.

When the Apple Watch first came out one of my co-workers got one and it made him look like a total geek with the enormous watch face and white watch band. Along with costs that exceeded what I thought was necessary, I refused to join the club.

This past Christmas, I decided that I wanted to get a replacement for my Fitbit. I was still resistant to the Apple Watch. I had looked at the new version of the Fitbit as well as other smart watches. I finally asked Santa Claus for a smart watch from Fossil. It looked the most like a normal watch. When I got it, it looked great but it was a hassle to keep it connected to my iPhone. When my wife got the new, cheaper version of the Apple Watch 3 series, I was convinced and decided to give in.

I have been very happy with it.

One of the main arguments I would tell myself as a reason not to get an Apple Watch was that I still needed to have my iPhone. I have learned that this isn’t a big deal. It’s actually nice to simply look at the watch than pull out my phone. With my old fitbit, I could receive text notifications but couldn’t respond, now with my Apple Watch I can respond with either a preset response or use the microphone to transcribe my response. (Yes, it makes you look like a secret agent talking to the phone.) I can also check the weather or my steps for the day. No need to pull out the phone.

The Apple Watch doesn’t look as geeky now and you can get a non-nerd watch band to go with them. I like that.

And the obvious question some ask is: Does it tell time? Yes, it does and in any format you choose.

What’s my favorite feature of the Apple Watch? Text notifications and being able to respond without using my phone.

I have been using my Apple Watch for two months now and glad I made the conversion to it. I have to admit that I was hesitant to get rid of my Fitbit but I’m okay with it now. I can still track my steps as I did before and have a lot more cool features than ever.

So if you are debating about buying an Apple Watch, don’t sweat it. Just do it. Especially if you have an iPhone. If you have an iPhone, don’t waste your time with any other brand of smart watch. Trust me. You will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

For more information about the Apple Watch Series 3, click here.

Where Is God When We’re Hurting?

I don’t like pain. Pain hurts.

If you are a believer, you have faith that God can heal. We read the passages in the Bible where Jesus healed. Nothing was impossible for Him. We read these and even hear modern day stories of healing and believe them.

Then we find ourselves hurting and in pain. We pray and have faith that God can heal us.

But then He doesn’t. What do we do now? How good is our faith then?

I recently found myself writhing in pain after a fall. It was bad. I didn’t have time to formulate a proper prayer. All I could say was “Oh God! Oh God!” That was the only plea I could utter. I hoped that God would take away my pain. He didn’t.

It is a difficult place to be in when you need healing but don’t receive it. It’s a lot easier to believe in healing and have faith until you need it. When you pray and believe and it doesn’t happen. All you are left with after you pray is the pain.

Hello God? Are you there?

The Bible tells us that He never leaves or forsakes us but it sure seems like He does that sometimes. It can definitely shake your faith if you let it. The pain is the only thing you can see. Getting relief is what you seek. At that moment nothing is more important. It is difficult when it seems God is absent.

God doesn’t leave us in the time of our pain. It may seem like it but He’s there and He never leaves our side. I can’t tell you it’s easy because it’s not. It takes even more faith to believe He’s there even when everything suggests that He isn’t.

It is important during these times that we thank Him. We can thank Him that the situation wasn’t any worse than it is and ask Him for strength to get through our pain. At some point we know that there must be a reason that God didn’t heal us when we asked. There is obviously a higher purpose that He didn’t respond when we needed healing.

Trust me, it is harder than it sounds. Pain has a way of humbling us. We are strong and confident until we are hurting and suffering with intense pain. God still loves us even if He still allows us to suffer pain. It is tempting to question His very existence while we are looking at our own blood leaking from our bodies. This is when faith finds its biggest test. Faith is the strongest when we are our weakest.

Unfortunately pain is a part of life. As long as we are in this fallen world, we will face pain at some point in the course of our lives. Our full physical healing awaits us in heaven where we are told we will experience no pain, sickness, disease, suffering or death. (Revelation 2:1) This means that God won’t always heal us. Even when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus still had to die again. Now, that stinks doesn’t it? Although we fear death, death is the door to our final healing. That’s what Jesus did when He suffered and died for our sins.

When we are hurting, let faith go through the test with us. Faith doesn’t mean our prayers are always answered. I love to listen to good praise and worship songs or encouraging Christian music songs but when the ear buds are in our ears and we are hurting, that’s when it really tests our faith. Are we going to remain strong during the test or will we let our pain cause us to give in?

Christ knows something about suffering. He knows what it feels like when you pray for the suffering to pass and your prayer isn’t answered. He went through that so He knows how we feel when we ask and relief to our pain doesn’t come. It isn’t always neat and easy to explain when God doesn’t respond to our plea to be healed. I can’t say that it makes sense.

Psalm 34:18 assures us that He is there and with us when we are broken whether we feel like He is or not. His love for us isn’t determined by our pain.

Welcome to the Freak (Accident) Show

Carrie Underwood tripped over her dog’s leashes and needed 40-50 stitches to her face and broke her wrist.

Jimmy Fallon tripped on a rug in his kitchen and got his wedding ring caught on the counter almost losing his finger.

TODAY SHOW anchor Savannah Guthrie suffered a serious eye injury when her 2-year-old son threw a toy train at her. The accident caused her retina to be detached and some vision loss.

Freak accidents. They are accidents that you wouldn’t expect to happen which occur under highly unusual and unlikely circumstances.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are approximately 29 million visits to the Emergency Room each year due to freak accidents.

Anyone can be victim to a freak accident. One missed step can cause weeks of pain. It is definitely not something you plan and nothing can prepare you for it.

Here are some things that you experience when you have a freak accident:

Your work doesn’t give a damn. They are only concerned about getting the work done. Sorry to break that to you but none of us are that important to our work. Let it go because YOU are more important than the job.

Healing takes time (and patience) – This is hard to see in the beginning but it does take time. The length of time varies depending on the injury but it does take time. It can’t be rushed. Resist the pressure of resuming normal activities until you are truly ready.

Fight the depression – Being hurt stinks. You feel hopeless and frustrated. It is easy to fall into despair that you can’t function normally. You have to fight it and take one step at a time.

Mental healing is important too – When you have experienced a freak accident, you constantly relive the events. It takes time to feel confident again. Most freak accidents are things that could not have been prevented or to prevent it happening again. Sometimes the mental healing is harder than the physical healing.

People who really care about you really care about you – You will find out who really cares about you when you are hurt and need assistance recovering. The important people in your life will rise to the occasion.

Let people help you – It’s challenging for people who are independent to admit they need help. When you simply can’t do it yourself, let people help you.

Being injured sucks. None of us likes being taken down physically but when we are it is important to let the body rest. Unless you are a professional athlete there is no need to “push through the pain” and get back into your daily routine. Rest is the most underrated – and berated – part of recovery. Rest means putting down the smartphone and stop answering work emails. Rest means “time out” from activity. Do not underestimate the importance of rest in your recovery process.

Freak accidents happen. Cut yourself some slack when it happens.

Carrie Underwood told Ellen DeGeneres that the moment when she tripped over her dogs’ leashes was just as intense as it sounds—and she had no idea what the damage would be. “I feel like any time anything happens, it’s adrenaline or something, you don’t really know until you take a second to assess… It was one of those random things in life,” she said.

XFL Expansion To Nashville?

After a successful first weekend of the XFL, there is premature speculation on what cities the league might expand to next. Personally, I think it’s way too soon to assume that the XFL will add more cities yet. This version of the league has been operating in a slow and methodical method so I don’t see expansion in the near future. But, if they had a successful season and started looking at other cities, would Nashville be in the running?

The XFL is not afraid of putting teams in cities with National Football League (NFL) franchises. They already put teams in New York, Dallas, Houston, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington D.C. so there is no reason they couldn’t consider Nashville.

Unfortunately, I think there are other cities more suited for the XFL than Nashville. I think San Diego and San Antonio would be at the top of the XFL’s expansion list. The XFL would be remiss if they passed up on San Diego which was abandoned by the Chargers. Along with San Antonio, I also think Columbus (OH), Louisville (KY) and Orlando (FL) could be ahead of any possibility of a Nashville XFL thought.

Nashville would have some things on the con list to consider. First, they would not have a dedicated stadium since Nashville’s Major League Soccer (MLS) would also share Nissan Stadium until their stadium is built (if ever). The next big issue is the weather. The weather is so unpredictable in Middle Tennessee in February and March. It can be in the 70s one day and snow the next few days as well as rainy/stormy times that are frequent during this time of the year.

COULD Nashville support an XFL team? Yes, they absolutely could. This area could support it but there are other cities that would be a better fit for the league.

It’s simply too early to speculate on the future of the XFL after just one week. Past leagues have failed so the emphasis should be for stability and filling a niche during football’s off-season.

Let’s just see how it goes in 2020 and see if the XFL even makes it through the season.

Second Coming Of The XFL

This weekend, the return of the XFL kicked off in Dallas, New York, Houston and Washington D.C.

I liked it and have a good feeling about this league.

Early reviews and ratings are already better than last year’s failure of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) which failed to finish the season.

I watched the highlights of all four games from the first weekend and I think they have a quality product on the field. It’s also a kinder, gentler version of the original XFL that Vince McMahn put in our faces in 2001.

I also love the rule changes with the kickoff and extra point rules where they have eliminated kicking the point after touchdown for letting teams go for 1,2 or 3 points. I think that’s a great idea.

The league had an average attendance of 17,000 in Dallas, DC, New York and Houston which isn’t too bad. The XFL generated more ticket sales revenue prior to kickoff than last year’s AAF generated during its entire season. TV ratings where respectable with over 3.3 million viewers.

So can the XFL make it where so many others have failed? It depends on one very important thing – money. If they play within their means and don’t try to compete with the National Football League (NFL) they could last a bit longer than other leagues that have failed in the past. I also think that scheduling might help. I’m not sure that starting the season the week after the Super Bowl is a good plan. I might have waited until the first weekend in March.

The XFL has a great opportunity to be a developmental league for the NFL. The XFL isn’t trying to do that yet but if they can be a stable league, the NFL might see the advantage of a working relationship. I would like to see that happen. I have always thought that a spring football league could work with the right financing and management.

I was glad to see that the new XFL dropped the gimmicky WWE hype from the first version. Maybe they got it right this time. It’s hard to predict their future after the first week but they are certainly off to a good start.

Scores from the first week:

DC Defenders 31, Seattle Dragons 19

Houston Roughnecks 37, Los Angeles Wildcats 17

New York Guardians 23, Tampa Bay Vipers 3

St. Louis Battlehawks 15, Dallas Renegades 9