The Savannah Braves played in Savannah, Georgia from 1971 to 1983 at Grayson Stadium.  They were affiliated with the Atlanta Braves in the Southern League (Class AA).  Their best season came in 1978.  Although they finished with an overall record of 72-72, they made the playoffs and a run to the league final before losing to the Knoxville Sox.  They were managed by Bobby Dews.  

Some of the most notable players during the years the Braves operated in Savannah were:

Jim Acker, Steve Bedrosian, Jim Bouton, Ken Dayley, Albert Hall, Glenn Hubbard, Brook Jacoby, Dale Murphy, Craig McMurtry, Larry Owen, Gerald Perry Rafael Ramirez, Milt Thompson.  

Dale Murphy is perhaps the most famous recognized name from that list – especially for Braves’ fans.  Murphy played for the Savannah Braves in 1976.

According to, Savannah Braves’ General Manager Miles Wolff had his first job as General Manager with the Savannah Braves in the early 70s.  He later purchased the Durham (NC) Bulls which became the subject of the movie Bull Durham in 1988. 

In 1984 the Braves moved the team to Greenville, South Carolina.   



Can’t We Just Pee In Peace?

  No.  Apparently we cannot. 

There is a huge debate being made by lawmakers and protesters regarding the issue of transgenders choosing which bathroom they want to use. 

I am not debating the issue of transgenders.  That’s between them and God.  

The public bathroom is where I want to spend the least amount of time as possible.  I don’t even want to be there with any people of any kind.  I want to just do my business and go.  If they are going to make a law, I wish they would make one against people trying to have a conversation with you while you are doing your business. 

Why do some people think they have to talk?

“What’s up?”

“Ummm. Nothing. I’m just trying to pee.”

I heard a songwriter tell a story of when he was in the bathroom and saw Keith Urban at a urinal.  He waited for him to finish and then talked to him about a song he had written.  

Not a story I would want to tell and I wish I hadn’t heard it. 

There should be no debate over transgenders using the bathroom.  If they pass a law against it, who will be tasked to enforce it?  Will there be a line at the bathroom for an “equipment check”.  Well please don’t put TSA in charge of it. 

There are more important issues to deal with.  Let’s just do our business, flush and move on.  

Chicago in Nashville

  On Friday night, Crystal and I went to see the Broadway show Chicago.  Well, almost.  When we first saw Chicago on the schedule we immediately went online to purchase tickets.  Later we learned that this was not the touring Broadway version but the local repertory production.  We were disappointed but decided to attend the show anyway.   The show was awesome and the production was worth the money we spent for the tickets.  The singing and the acting was first class.  It was in the smallest theatre at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) but it was a huge performance.  

How to redact a PDF document

redact pdfRedaction of documents in a litigation environment is crucial.   Whether it is protecting personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers or birthdates, it is often necessary to sanitize PDF documents of data which parties do not wish to be released or risk public disclosure.   Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most widely used standard format that – in my experience – is commonly exchanged between parties.  For the most part, gone are the days when you use a black marker on printed documents to perform redactions.   In today’s technically-savvy world, electronic documents are the “discovery” or legal documents.   To ensure redactions are done properly for PDF documents, Adobe Acrobat makes it very easy for the user.

There are two methods that you can use to properly redact a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat:

#1 – USE THE REDAX TOOL (if available)

  • Open the document in Adobe Acrobat
  • Click on REDAX
  • Select DRAW BOX
  • Draw boxes around all the information you want to redact
  • Click on REDAX
  • A new PDF document will be saved with an “r_” prefix.
  • Save the redacted PDF document.


  • Open the document in Adobe Acrobat
  • Click on TOOLS
  • Select all the information you want to redact
  • Click YES at the warning box.  Note that it states that “Once document is saved, this operation cannot be undone.”
  • If you want to remove ALL metadata from the entire document click YES
  • Save the PDF file.  It will be saved with “_redacted” in the suffix of the filename.

When you SAVE the redacted PDF document, it is secured.   There is no need for additional security.

If you want to check the redacted file:

  1. Open the redacted PDF document
  2. Search for the text that was redacted by clicking on EDIT > FIND > Enter your search term
  3. If the document is properly redacted, you should not be able to find the search terms in the redacted areas.

Best thing since sliced bread

clicklistI’m not a big fan of promoting any grocery store but I have to say that the new “Clicklist” service from Kroger has been pretty amazing.

Clicklist is the service where you can order your groceries on the Kroger website and pickup at a designated area at the store.  I have done this the past four times and it has been the most convenient service offered without costing any extra (which I suspect will change once customers are hooked).  But, I have enjoyed avoiding the dread of going into the store and fight with other shoppers to buy groceries.  Every two weeks it has been a sinking feeling when we knew we had to get groceries.

Some of the advantages of doing our grocery shopping using “Clicklist” are:

Our grocery bill is less.   This is largely due to the fact that we are not tempted to do any impulse buying of things that we see in the store that we didn’t have on the list to buy.  This results in buying only the items on our list.

No pushing the cart down the aisles.   The worst part of grocery shopping is dealing with others who think they are the only ones in the store.  Avoiding the “label readers” and “aisle blockers” have been a huge advantage to using this service.

Don’t have to get out of the car.   The groceries are brought out to you.  Loaded in your vehicle and pay the bill.   Easy.

Some of the disadvantages are:

Impulse buying of things.   Yes, sometimes this can be a disadvantage because you don’t always think of the things using your list.  Seeing it jogs our memories or thinking of other things we need.

Substitutions or out -of-stock items.   You are at the mercy of the employees for finding the items on your list and/or selecting the appropriate substitutions.  Sometimes you don’t get what you wanted or you get a different size.  I will have to say that – so far – they have done a pretty good job with this.

Yes, you still have to put on pants and actually DRIVE to the store to pick up the groceries.  I joked with my wife that it took a WHOLE 10 minutes to get the groceries.  I was kidding about the complaint.

I will keep using this service and going to Kroger as long as they don’t get crazy and charge a ridiculous surcharge for it.  I expect they will at some point but I’m willing to pay a little extra for this convenience.

So, the next time you need sliced bread (and other groceries) try out this “Clicklist” service at your local participating Kroger store.

The Doctor is in…..early

Today I have experienced a very rare occurrence at the doctor’s office.

This morning I had my follow up appointment with my doctor regarding a herniated disc I have been dealing with for the past two months.  The problems with my disc started on January 30th when I woke up with an old familiar pain in my neck and arm.  It was something I had experienced before and I knew what I was in for.  My wife and I had moved since my last issuers with the disc and I had to find a doctor to treat the problem.  The earliest I could get an appointment with a doctor was on February 22nd.   So I spent about three weeks suffering through the pain until I could get to my appointment.  When the day arrived, I was happy that I would finally get some relief.  I did not prepare myself for the wait ahead.

My appointment was 8:30 a.m.   I arrived early and stood in a long line to check in.  I was in a LOT of pain and could not sit in the waiting room chairs in any normal fashion.  I was constantly groaning and sighing heavily with every name that was called which was not my name.  Finally THREE hours later I was able to see the doctor.  His initial comment was “Wow, you look like you’re in a lot of pain!”   I was thinking “How brilliant.  Did they teach you that in med school?”

Today I returned for my follow up appointment.  Again I arrived early.  There wasn’t much of a line today and just as I sat down, my name was called.  I was escorted into the exam room.  Although I was no longer in the waiting room, I knew that moving to the examination room usually didn’t mean the doctor would be in any sooner.  Much to my surprise he entered and review my charts and current condition.  We were finished in less than five minutes.  My appointment was over BEFORE my scheduled appointment time. says that the average wait time in 2015 was a little over 19 minutes.  I can tell you that before today, I have never been among those people in the 19-minute group.

Perhaps the main thing in my favor today was that I was the doctor’s second patient of the day.  It is probably a good idea to get the earliest appointment so that other patients’ issues won’t create a domino effect on the schedule.

For once, I have had a positive experience with a doctor.  My pain level was 0 and my frustration level was also a 0.

Half Off Day At The GW

I’m sitting here after looking through clothes, books and other items at Goodwill.  We often come here because you can actually find something good. On the first Saturday of each month it is half off day.  These stores are crowded.  Even now I can see the line which is easily 30 people long.  No doubt it is a popular day to shop.

I find no shame in shopping at Goodwill.  If it fits and in good condition, no one is going to tell the difference.   A designer shirt for 99 cents will be just as good as fifty bucks at the store.   No problem in that at all.

When you look at the store, you see that people get rid of a lot of stuff.   There never seems to be a shortage.  The only problem is finding something that is in style this decade.   That’s where the hunt comes in.  Sorting through endless clothes sorted by sizes and colors.  You have to be patient and in shape to push hundreds of hangers past.

Today I’m just not into it mentally or physically.  That’s why I am writing this blog entry.   I have never written at Goodwill.