AUDL Update (4/27/18)

Jacob Fairfax (Raleigh) leads AUDL with 17 goals


In the battle for Texas, the Austin Sol started out strong in their game against the Dallas Roughnecks.  The Sol took an early lead and held it throughout the first half with an 11-9 lead.  The Roughnecks came out and went on a 4-0 run to take control and held on for a 23-21 win.  Carson Wilder was the leading player for the Roughnecks with four goals and five assists.


The women’s game had quite a show between the Raleigh Radiance and Nashville Nightshade.  The Radiance scored the game winning goal by Carmen Tormey in sudden death overtime for a 15-14 win.

In Detroit, the Riveters hosted the Indy Red.  Detroit fell behind 11-5 at halftime and could never catch up as Indy cruised to a 20-11 win.

League Leaders:

  • Goals:  17 – Jacob Fairfax (Raleigh)
  • Assists:  26 – Mark Burton (Seattle)
  • Blocks: 12 – Sean McDougall (Los Angeles)
  • Completions:  319 – Bobby Ley (Tampa Bay)

Last week’s scores:

  • Saturday, April 21
    • Madison Radicals 27, Detroit Mechanix 12
    • Minnesota Wind Chill 24, Chicago Wildfire 23
    • Atlanta Hustle 19, Tampa Bay Cannons 18
    • Philadelphia Phoenix 26, Montreal Royal 21
    • Toronto Rush 28, San Francisco FlameThrowers 18
    • Raleigh Flyers 31, Nashville Nightwatch 26
    • San Diego Growlers 26, Seattle Cascades 25
    • New York Empire 28, Ottawa Outlaws 16
    • Indianapolis Alleycats 27, Pittsburgh Thunderbirds 18
  • Sunday, April 22
    • Dallas Roughnecks 23, Austin Sol 21
    • DC Breeze 26, Ottawa Outlaws 21
    • Los Angeles Aviators 25, San Jose Spiders 16

AUDL Standings

  • Eastern Division
    • Toronto 3-0
    • Philadelphia 1-1
    • New York 1-1
    • Montreal 1-1
    • DC 1-1
    • Ottawa 0-2
  • Southern Division
    • Atlanta 3-0
    • Dallas 3-0
    • Raleigh 3-1
    • Austin 1-1
    • Nashville 0-2
    • Tampa Bay 0-4
  • Midwest Division
    • Madison 2-0
    • Indianapolis 2-1
    • Minnesota 1-1
    • Chicago 1-1
    • Pittsburgh 1-2
    • Detroit 0-3
  • Western Division
    • San Diego 2-1
    • Los Angeles 2-2
    • San Jose 1-2
    • San Francisco 1-2
    • Seattle 1-2

This week’s schedule:

  • Friday, April 27
    • Raleigh at Austin
    • San Diego at San Jose
  • Saturday, April 28
    • Montreal at Ottawa
    • Pittsburgh at Madison
    • DC at Philadelphia
    • San Diego at San Francisco
    • Raleigh at Dallas
    • Nashville at Tampa Bay
    • Indianapolis at Chicago

Professional Disc League Opens 6th Season

Raleigh Opens With Win Over Tampa Bay


The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) had the opening pull of their sixth season this weekend with two games on the schedule.

Indianapolis AlleyCats 24, Detroit Mechanix 12

The AlleyCats (1-0) are coming off an 8-6 record from last season and got off to a good start with a convincing win over the Mechanix (0-1).  Detroit is hoping to improve of last seasons’ 4-10 record.

Raleigh Flyers 27, Tampa Bay Cannons 22

The Cannons (0-1) challenged the Flyers (1-0) for the first three quarters before the home team Flyers pulled away at the end to win 27-22 in their opening night matchup. The Flyers have won five straight against their divisional rivals dating back to 2016.  Jacob Fairfax had eight goals in the game for the Flyers which was the second highest single-game total of his career.

The league begins the 2018 season with 23 teams divided into four geographic regions (East, Midwest, South and West).  The league lost the Charlotte Express and Cincinnati Revolution, the Jacksonville Cannons initially moved to Orlando and then landed in Tampa.  The Vancouver Riptide moved to Portland and will play in 2019.   The Nashville Nightwatch are under new ownership.

According to the AUDL website’s “Tuesday Toss”, here are the top five places to watch an AUDL game:

Long considered a great ultimate town, the Sol have quickly built up a loyal following of fans, making their home atmosphere among the best in the league. Plus, the Sol’d Out crew has officially become the greatest unofficial media outlet in AUDL history.

Washington DC
The Breeze have a new home in 2018, moving about four miles north from Gallaudet University to Catholic University. It’s reasonable to expect the fans to follow, considering that DC has steadily supported its team over the past couple seasons, in which the team has gone 20-8. Pregame concerts and lucrative halftime promotions have become commonplace for the Breeze, who count DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as a fan.

Los Angeles
Three words: Ace the Aviator. Without question, LA has the league’s best mascot. Ace is the perfect mix of entertainment and engagement, without overshadowing the game. Aviators ownership deserves a lot of credit for building a brand in a town that is overflowing with activity.

Speaking of building a brand, no team in the league has done so like the Radicals. Often, they are featured on local news alongside the Wisconsin Badgers or Green Bay Packers. As a result, Radicals players now get recognized more and more frequently around town. With a great home stadium, excellent concessions, passionate fans, and a fun and convenient postgame hangout destination, it makes all the sense in the world for Championship Weekend to return to Madison for the second time in three years.

Last year’s Final Four destination is certainly worthy of hosting another Championship Weekend down the road. Since the team’s inception in 2014, the Royal have delivered an exemplary gameday product, attracting fans and building a grand ultimate atmosphere. Their loyal followers are devoted to the home team, but appreciate of brilliant ultimate from either side. And their fans’ love can be attracted via great marketing, like when the Toronto Rush took the field wearing old-school Expos t-shirts last August.

This weekend’s games:

  • Saturday, April 7
    • Minnesota at Seattle
    • San Diego at Los Angeles
    • Detroit at Pittsburgh
    • Montreal at DC
    • San Jose at San Francisco
    • Atlanta at Tampa Bay
    • Dallas at Raleigh
    • Madison at Indianapolis
  • Sunday, April 8
    • Montreal at Philadelphia

Playoffs Set In AUDL


The 2017 regular season of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) wrapped up this weekend and here are the final standings:

East Division

  1. Toronto Rush (13-1)*
  2. DC Breeze (10-4)*
  3. Montreal Royal (9-5)*
  4. New York Empire (6-8)
  5. Philadelphia Phoenix (4-10)
  6. Ottawa Outlaws (2-12)

Midwest Division

  1. Madison Radicals (12-2)*
  2. Minnesota Wind Chill (11-3)*
  3. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (9-5)*
  4. Indianapolis Alley Cats (5-9)
  5. Chicago Wildfire (3-11)
  6. Detroit Mechanix (1-13)

Southern Division

  1. Raleigh Flyers (13-1)*
  2. Dallas Roughnecks (11-3)*
  3. Jacksonville Cannons (10-4)*
  4. Atlanta Hustle (5-9)
  5. Austin Sol (4-10)
  6. Nashville Nightwatch (0-14)

West Division

  1. San Francisco Flamethrowers (10-4)*
  2. Los Angeles Aviators (9-5)*
  3. San Jose Spiders (8-6)*
  4. Seattle Cascades (7-7)
  5. San Diego Growlers (7-7)
  6. Vancouver Riptide (1-13)

This weekend’s divisional playoffs will be Montreal at DC, Pittsburgh at Minnesota, Jacksonville at Dallas and San Jose at Los Angeles.

Pittsburgh edged Minnesota in the divisional round last year with a thrilling 20-18 win.  The Thunderbirds have won in this round the past two seasons but have failed to advance past the divisional final.

Toronto and Madison have qualified for their fifth straight postseason.

Montreal will host the AUDL championship weekend August 26-27.




Nightwatch Finishes Season Winless

nightwatchI did NOT think I would be writing that headline.

The Nightwatch closed out their 2017 season with a 33-24 loss to the Jacksonville Cannons on Saturday in Jacksonville.

At the end of last season, the Nashville Nightwatch rallied to win their final two games as well as their best performance in team history when they topped Jacksonville in their regular season finale 30-26 and scored the most goals in team history.  The future looked bright.

Then came the 2017 season.  A new home field.  A slow start.

The Nightwatch finished their third season at 0-14 and had -141 in goal differential which was the worst in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL).  In three seasons, the Nightwatch is 5-37.

I would be surprised to see the Nightwatch return next season.  When a team shows no signs of improvement, it is very difficult to keep a team.  The surprising thing is the Nightwatch gets hundreds of players at their tryouts every year but they never seem to be able to get the right mix of talent to be truly competitive in the AUDL.  There may need to be some coaching changes in order to put a better team on the field.

Speaking of the field…..

Worst decision ever to move home games from Overton High School in Franklin to Hunter Lane High School in North Nashville.  The field is terrible.  For day games, the sun is shining directly into the fans’ eyes and just not a good game experience.   Obviously, the team isn’t going to play in Nissan Stadium but a location closer to more fans would be ideal such as closer to Vanderbilt.  A practice field at Vanderbilt?  Find a better location that’s CLOSER to Nashville.  I have always told my wife that if we were to ever win the lottery that we would buy the team and build them a stadium.

I’m not going to be down on the players.  They played hard this season.  It is frustrating for them as well to play an uphill battle the entire season.  The closest game was a 14-11 loss to Jacksonville on April 23rd.

I didn’t cover much of the Nightwatch this season because, well, there wasn’t much to cover.   When you are going through a winless season, it is difficult to write positive things.   The excitement over the Nashville Predators’ Stanley Cup playoff run was a difficult shadow to play in.  The Nightwatch is already invisible to the media.  No coverage.  No support.  That makes a winless season even more difficult.

Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting game to watch and lots of action.  If you have never been to a game, you need to make the effort to go to one if you have an AUDL team near you.  There are some very talented players.

I really hope the Nightwatch will return but if they don’t improve their quality of play on the field – on a good home field – I don’t know how much longer they can survive.


Nightwatch Drop Home Opener To Atlanta

The Nashville Nightwatch hosted the Atlanta Hustle in their American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) home opener on Saturday night at Hunter Lane High School in front of over 175 fans.  After playing even in the first quarter, 9-9, the Nightwatch had some key turnovers to allow the Hustle to open up an 18-14 lead at halftime which the Nightwatch could never overcome.  The Nightwatch fall to 0-2 on the season.  

The Nightwatch looked promising in the first quarter with some tight play but was unable to sustain it throughout all four quarters in the loss.  The team also looked out-of-synch at times and not the fluid play they had at the end of the 2016 season.

The Nightwatch will host the Jacksonville Cannons next Sunday at noon.

I’m not really a fan of the move to Hunter Lane High School in North Nashville.  The field is awful and the home side must deal with looking directly into the sun until the sun sets.  We ended up moving over to the shade on the visitors side.  It also seems a lot further away from downtown.  Last years’ Overton High School location was better but still too close to the interstate.  Let’s just say that I am glad I didn’t get season tickets.

Also, I was totally not a fan of the announcer and the music.  The music was almost unbearable and a terrible selection to play.  The Mario Brothers and Simpsons sound effects are totally outdated and would do better to calm it down.  Honestly, I almost left before the game even started because of the annoying loudness of the music.  

My observation after the first home game is that much improvement is needed on and off the field.  

Nashville Nightwatch Release 2017 Schedule


The Nashville Nightwatch will be back for the 2017 season in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL).   The Nightwatch will open their third season at Jacksonville then opens at home two weeks later against Atlanta.  The defending AUDL champions, Dallas Roughnecks, will come to Nashville on April 29th.  Here is the complete schedule (home games in bold):

  • April 1 – at Jacksonville
  • April 15 – Atlanta
  • April 23 – Jacksonville
  • April 29 – Dallas
  • May 6 – at Dallas
  • May 7 – at Austin
  • May 13 – at Atlanta
  • June 3 – Austin
  • June 10 – at Raleigh
  • June 18 – Raleigh
  • July 1 – Austin
  • July 8 – Raleigh
  • July 14 – at Atlanta
  • July 15 – at Jacksonville

The Nightwatch finished 3-11 last season to exceed their win total from 2015.  They closed out the season with an impressive 30-26 win over the Jacksonville Cannons.  They scored a franchise-high with 30 goals in the game.

If you have not attended a Nightwatch game and live in the Nashville area, please mark your calendar and at least try one game.  The sport is very exciting to watch and usually lots of scoring.  This could be a break-out year for the team.



Major League Ultimate Is Grounded

The lesser known professional ultimate frisbee league has announced that they were suspending operations indefinitely when its investors pulled their funding.  Major League Ultimate (MLU) was formed in 2012 when the Philadelphia Spinners left the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) after disagreements on how the league was run.  The Spinners created their own league and began play in 2013.  In the first season, the Boston Whitecaps captured the first MLU title over the San Francisco Dogfish.  The Whitecaps also won the title in 2015.   The Spinners took the title last season over the Portland Stags.

The league owned the league’s franchises which were located in Boston, DC, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.

The AUDL has had some franchise changes of their own but plans to play in 2017.   There is no word on whether the former MLU teams will merge or become a part of the AUDL.  The AUDL had 26 teams competing in the 2016 season.  The league has been around since 2012.

The local Nashville Nightwatch recently had hundreds of players at the 2017 tryout this month.