Things I Don’t Like About Being An Adult

adultI always joke about how adulting can be hard. I really wish I knew then what I know now. Being an adult isn’t always fun or easy. I only thought I was an adult when I was 18 or 21 years old but I knew nothing about being an adult then. Yes, that was quite a few years ago for me now.

I was thinking about this adulting thing and decided to make a list of things I don’t like about being an adult:

  1. Making decisions:  It’s easier being the one that doesn’t have to make the hard decisions.  When you are an adult and you have to make them, you can’t be mad at someone else for the decision if you don’t like it.  I think this is one of the hardest things about being an adult.
  2. Getting old:  We can’t fight it.  We are all going to get old.  Our looks are going to change and we’re going to slow down.  Some days I can’t believe my age and how I got here so quickly.
  3. More doctor visits:  The older you get, the more visits you will make to the doctor’s office.  The month I turned 40, I spent more time that month in doctor’s offices than I had in all of my years before I turned 40.  I suppose some kind of warranty expired on me.  It’s a good thing to have health insurance because you are going to need it.  There are some tests the doctors like to do and I am always asking for the written test instead.
  4. Paying bills:  I hate it.  Bills just suck the life out of your finances.  Everybody gets a piece of your paycheck.  Never had to think about this growing up but now if I want heat, water, electric, a home, a car, etc.  You have to pay them.  I know we shouldn’t work to just pay the bills but who else is going to pay them?
  5. Paying taxes:  It’s fun when you get a refund but when you don’t it really stinks.  I hate our tax system.
  6. The world gets faster:  This goes back to #2 in this list about getting older.  You will notice that the world gets faster and you get slower.
  7. Physical abilities aren’t the same:  Although I might THINK I’m still good playing a game of basketball, the reality is that I’m not and my body will certainly let me know if I try it.
  8. Some body parts will always hurt:  The older you get when something breaks in your body it will stay broken.  Some pains and ailments will always stay with you.  I still have numbness in my left index finger from issues with a bulged disc in my neck.  When you ask the doctor and he just shrugs his shoulders, you know it’s always going to be there.
  9. Waiting for car maintenance/repairs:  I blogged about this on Saturday.  The joys of owning a car.  Yes, not so much of a joy when you are an adult.
  10. Working:  If you want a certain quality of life, you will have to get a job.  I can tell you there are some day I’m sure we all groan about getting up and going into work.

When you are an adult you understand a lot more about your parents that you didn’t when you were growing up.  You understand the tremendous responsibilities they were under and the things they took care of that you knew nothing about.  If they made a deicision and we didn’t like, we got mad at them for it.  Back then we had someone to blame, now we don’t.  It’s all on us now.   As we move through the various phases of life, we learn that things aren’t always as they were thought to be.  Growing up means that we are responsible for ourselves and others.  When the dryer breaks we have to figure out a way to get it fixed.

I won’t be totally negative about this.  There are some advantages in being a adult.  You do have your independence and you can make your life whatever you want to make it.  Again, that goes back to making decisions.  Another important trait to have when you are an adult is the ability to adapt to change.   Life will change and you will be better off if you can adjust to those changes.  Change isn’t always bad.  Sometimes change is good for us.

No, adulting is not always fun but you can’t escape it.  You just learn to live it and do it the best you can one day at a time.