Best Keyboards for iPad/iPhone (for me)

Over the past year I have had a problem. An obsession. I have been on a quest to find the perfect keyboards for my iPad and iPhone.

Yes, I know they each come with their own on-screen keyboards where you can thumb-type or peck on them but sometimes I need a REAL keyboard to type something without having to figure out where my thumbs or fingers are.

After many, many trials with various keyboards and keyboard cases over the past year or so, I have finally settled on the best keyboard solutions for my iPad and iPhone devices. I have had quite a quest in my search for the perfect keyboards. I am very picky about it and I want it to do what I want it to do without too much sacrifice.

Let’s start with my iPhone.

My pick: Logitech keys-to-go keyboard

This keyboard is perhaps the easiest to throw in your backpack or purse. It weighs next to nothing and if it gets dirty or something spills on it, you can simply clean it off. The keyboard is very well designed and although it is small, you won’t feel cramped when typing. It’s also a very quiet keyboard. You won’t drive people crazy with clicking on the keyboard while typing.

The only negatives to it are that there are no backlit keys and bottom can slide around on flat surfaces. This hasn’t been a major issue and the benefits outweigh the negatives.

If you want to go minimalistic, take this keyboard with your iPhone. For more information about this keyboard click here.

Now, for the iPad.

This one took a while for me, I tried several that came really close. Brydge and Zagg had some very good keyboards. They both offer some good options to turn the iPad into an alternative laptop.

The keyboard option that decided it for me was one that I should have tried first. It is the Apple Smart Keyboard. Yep, the one that Apple makes for it. I resisted jumping on yet another Apple product accessory – mostly because they are usually expensive – but after trying others I found the Smart Keyboard at a good price on eBay and decided to try it.

What made my decision on Apple’s Smart Keyboard?

First, it is lightweight. It doesn’t add any weight to the iPad. It also easily attaches/detaches from the iPad or folds so I can use the iPad when I want it to be a tablet. I did buy a back cover for my iPad to compliment it so now it is fully protected. The back cover also has a holder for my Apple Pencil as well. So, now I feel like I have the right combination for me. The one thing that I thought would be a deal breaker was that I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to use the Smart Keyboard on my lap. I was wrong. In fact, I am typing on my lap now. It really checked my boxes of expectations in a keyboard. The only thing it doesn’t have is a backlit keyboard but I have not found that to be a problem. I should know where all the keys are anyway. I never have to look at my keys anyway so the added backlight feature isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I really, really like this combination now. So much that I don’t have to search for any other keyboards or keyboard cases. Another positive about the Smart Keyboard is that it connects via the iPad’s smart connector and does not need to be charged or connected through a Bluetooth connection. Once you are connected, you are ready to type.

One thing to tell you about this keyboard – it is pricey – especially if you get it from Apple. Shop around. That’s what I did and I found one for half the price. The price is largely the reason I didn’t try this keyboard first.

Click here for more information on the Apple Smart Keyboard.

I also told you about the back cover which is made to work with the Smart Keyboard. Click here for information on it.

Take it from someone who is totally into tech gadgets and had thoroughly researched this issue. For me, these keyboards are perfect for me. If you are looking for the right keyboards, try these first.