Taxes And Fees May Apply


I’m fuming at this very moment.

I’m beginning to understand why people hire attorneys for auto accidents.  Dealing with insurance companies, medical, car rentals and everything affected by an accident can be very frustrating.

It’s one thing trying to deal with all this when you are at fault but when you are the victim, you would think things could go a lot easier to accommodate you.

Yes, that’s in a dream world.  Definitely not in the world we live in.

Since an accident in our family, I have had to be the investigator and attorney in dealing with the various issues.  Because someone was distracted and caused an accident, we are dealing with this weeks later.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

At the moment I’m upset with Enterprise.  Yes, the rental car people.  I assumed incorrectly that they had dealt with insurance companies before.

“Yes, Mr. Hooper your rental is covered through your insurance BUT we still have to charge you taxes and fees.”

Say what?  What is this?  Do they go to the same training with Verizon?  (Yes, a burn on Verizon too!)

Our policy states that we have a 30/30 limit which means we are COVERED for 30 days at $30 per day.  Nothing at all about taxes and fees in there.  Covered means covered.  There’s no fine print here folks and nothing to be confused about.

What does rental reimbursement typically cover?  It will help you pay for a rental car but only if you need the rental car because of a cover loss.  For example, if your car is damaged in an accident that’s covered by your insurance policy, your rental reimbursement coverage will typically help pay for the rental car.

Not too difficult to understand right?   Apparently some rental car places make it harder than it needs to be plus they want to sell you insurance coverage on the rental car too.

So even if you are the victim, you could still be victimized by those pesky “taxes and fees”.