Crazy Sh*t People Believe

As many of us continue to scratch our heads here in Nashville and try to figure out why Tony Warner drove his RV packed with explosives and blew up a block of downtown on Christmas morning, Warner’s paranoia about the lizard people is some crazy stuff.

I will try to stay away from religion and the weird stuff people believe about their faith. It would also take way too much time.

So what are the crazy things people believe?

Reptilians “Lizard People” – This crap was started by a British dude named David Icke who wrote a book about it in 1999. He claims that there are some shape shifting reptilians living secretly among us which came from another planet with intent to take over our society through politics and entertainment. What’s even more scary is that 4% of American registered voters believed this in a 2013 poll. I’m pretty sure that number is higher now.

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The cat cult – I unknowingly discovered this bizarre group shortly after rescuing one of their cats back in 2015. (Read my previous blog about this – “We Got Our Cat from a Cat Cult“) Sheryl Ruthven took some end-times beliefs of Pentecostals and rolled them into some ancient Egyptian myths about cats. Ruthven taught her followers that cats were supernatural beings in disguise, carrying the 144,000 souls mentioned in the New Testament book of Revelation. Those beings would come to the rescue of Ruthven’s followers during the Apocalypse. I haven’t seen much about this group.

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Flat earthers – The earth is round right? Nope, not according to this surprisingly large number of believers that want to tell you that they know for a fact that the earth is flat. These folks think that NASA has lied about the Earth being round. They allege that the Earth is actually a disc with the Arctic Circle in the center and Antarctica, a 150-foot wall of ice around the rim. They think NASA guards this ice wall to prevent people from climbing over and falling off the disc. The group has grown over the years thanks to social media and people who believe conspiracy theories.

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QAnon – This group has become more public during the 2020 Presidential election. A user posted to a Internet bulletin board in 2017 as a “Q Clearance Patriot” which was believed to be someone working in the U.S Department of Energy with a “Q Clearance” with top level secrets about the government. This radical group believes that there is a Satan-worshipping and child sex trafficking group of politicians and Hollywood celebrities plotting against President Donald Trump. QAnon alleges that a “deep state” took over the United States years ago and rolls most popular conspiracy theories into their belief about this “deep state” ideology.

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The Zombie Apocalypse – Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has fueled this ridiculous theory by drafting a contingency plan. The belief is that one virus would turn humans into the walking dead that will infect the entire world. The belief is that zombies would eat the ones who are not infected thus causing them to become zombies. Of course, Hollywood has sensationalized this theory with movies and television series which lend people to actually believe this would happen.

Here are some other wild conspiracy theories people believe:

So why do people believe this stuff?

People want to believe in something – even if it doesn’t make sense to the average person. In most of these, people simply can’t handle the truth or that something can’t be explained. There are always conspiracy believers when it comes to anything related to the federal government. When something doesn’t make sense, there is a need for something to explain the unexplained. Something to fill in the gaps – even if it is made up. This goes to show us that people will believe anything. When I first heard about the “lizard people” theory that the suicide bomber in Nashville believed in, I thought that surely people don’t believe this crap. Well, I am wrong. Apparently lots of people believe this stuff.

Humans have a need to believe in something. Just look at all the different religions in the world today. People want to know the answer to their “why” question. Sometimes things just simply can’t be explained. It’s best just to accept it than to make something up. People believe what they believe. You won’t be able to change the mind of people who believe their theories even if presented with the truth.

Keep a level head about things you don’t understand and do NOT believe everything you read on social media. Just because someone believes something doesn’t mean it’s true.