Who Would God Endorse For President?

As we finally approach Election Day in the United States, most of us are quite weary of the political battle from this year’s presidential race.  Without a doubt our country is sharply divided in their support.  Honestly, I don’t know if we are living up to the definition of being united.

So, who does God support in this election?   Does He want us to vote for Biden or Trump?  Who would He endorse?

While God IS concerned about the outcome, He is not going to tell you who to vote for.  That decision still goes back to the issue of our free will.  Even in the Old Testament, the Israelites complained that they wanted a king like the other nations.  God relented and gave them what they wanted. (1 Samuel 8) They had some good and some bad kings of it because of their own choices.  Yeah, that is quite a lame explanation but God isn’t going to tell you who you should vote for and He hasn’t told anyone – even Pat Robertson – who is going to win.  It is also unacceptable for any preacher to stand behind their pulpit and tell you who you should vote for.  If you attend a church like that then I suggest you leave it.  It’s not up to a religious leader to spiritually manipulate anyone to vote one way or the other.

People will want to say it isn’t about the integrity of the person running for office that’s important, it’s about the agenda of their party.


You could spend hours picking apart the pros and cons of each party to support your case but you won’t find the answer there.

The integrity of a leader IS important.   So, which one is that between Biden and Trump?  I have already cast my vote but regardless who I voted for I do not think they are the perfect leader. 

God wants us to make an informed decision but the problem is that there are so many skewed views that it is almost impossible for some people to make a decision.

The Bible tells us that ultimately God is in control.  Frankly, at this point in time I don’t see any evidence of that.  We are in complete chaos with the pandemic, racial injustice and lawlessness.  Whoever wins the election is going to have their hands full.  I wouldn’t want the job.

The thing that God did tell us to do was to pray for our leaders.  (1 Timothy 2:2) We should do that with whoever is in charge.  We certainly need to do a lot of that.  Just think about it – the job as President of the United States of America is a heavy, heavy burden for anyone.  Regardless of what you do, they won’t make everyone happy.  It amazes me that we are entrusting these duties with men in their 70s.  When many are retired at that age, one of these two men will have a job that will seriously age them even more.

Does it matter to God who our president is?  Of course, it does but how will it work into his plan?  None of us knows.  It is my hope that we will become the UNITED States of America instead of what we have become.

You and I as voters have only one vote.  That’s all we can do.  Whatever happens we still trust God and leave the results up to Him.

It’s in these times that free will sucks.  We could seriously get this wrong.  I would prefer God to tell us “Thou shalt vote for….” But He’s not going to do that. 

Regardless of the outcome, let us be the best that we can be.  Let’s maintain our integrity.  We can’t control what others do; we can only control ourselves and our own actions.  Honestly neither Biden or Trump knows us personally but God does. 

God isn’t going to endorse a candidate.  That’s our choice.  Good or bad we will have to live with that choice.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be messy.  I hope America makes the right choice.

Waiting For Due Season To Come

In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton referred to the passage in Galatians 6:9.

“You know, scripture tells us, let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart,” she said.

Waiting for that “due season” is often very difficult.  Patience and waiting isn’t something any of us like to do.  We want to fix it, change it, make it happen now.  Not later.  Not in due season.

I know many times I have been in one of those times when I was waiting for due season.  For two years, my wife and I lived in Tampa, Florida.  After the first month there we knew it wasn’t the right place for us.  Every day I road the bus to work.  It was depressing to board that bus every day.  At times, I got weary hoping for the due season to come.  I prayed and I did everything I could to encourage myself.  I listened to songs that encouraged me.  I downloaded podcasts that spoke to my situation.  Some days, honestly, I wasn’t in the mood for being strong or the whole situation.  At times, it looked like it was never going to end.  Do you know how hard it is to do good when good isn’t happening to you?  

During those times, you keep do what you can do and leave the rest to God.  There are just some things that will only work on His timetable.  Many days during my lunch break I would walk over to the riverwalk along the Hillsborough River and ask God how much longer was it going to be.  I continued to tell Him I believed and trusted Him.  I knew that there was a purpose for me being there and prayed that I would fulfill that purpose.  Almost a year into the time in Tampa, my supervisor fell terribly ill for several months.  I had to pick up the slack and hold things together until she returned.  It was then that I realized my purpose and felt like my “due season” was approaching.  

When you are waiting for that “due season” you can’t just sit down and do nothing.  You have to keep doing what you know to do and keep moving forward.  Sitting and doing nothing makes it worse.  If you keep the right attitude and do the best you can do, it will teach you things and you will grow.  

Eventually, the due season came when a job came open and we were able to move from Tampa.  The time came for reaping and looking back to see how everything fell into place.  You will not always know the why until you get to the reaping time and look back to see your purpose for going through the due season.  Even today – two years later – I frequently look back at that time in Tampa and see what God did in that time.  

Many people are unhappy right now.  They are upset with the election results and afraid of the next four years.  This is a due season for many people.  It is important to continue doing good even when you feel that good isn’t happening in the White House.  Patience is a valuable virtue to have and keep doing good while you are being patient.  

How to Survive the Next Four Years

electionThe election is over and there are a lot of unhappy and disappointed people in our country.  I have never seen it this bad.  Not even when Bush defeated Gore have I seen it so divided as it is now.   There have been protests all over the country.  At first I was critical of these protests, not because of the candidates but wondering what good it did to have protests.  But protests are a good, healthy way to express our voices.   People need to speak their minds and express themselves.   We do still live in a country where there is a freedom to speak in spite of the people saying to be quiet and accept the results.

So how can people cope with having a president that is not their choice?

First, talk about it.  Share your feelings.  Participate in protests if you want to.   Express yourself.  It is our right to do so.

Second, focus on the things in your life that you can control.  There isn’t much any of us can do about the election now and even if your candidate won, there is still nothing that you can do.  We all still have to function in our own world and make our own decisions.  Live the best life you can in spite of the disappointment or who the president is.

Third, use the emotions you are feeling to get more involved as a citizen of this country.   Keep your local representatives accountable for their actions.  Support those who will become candidates in 2020.   If that doesn’t work then consider getting involved in politics yourself.  You may not become a presidential candidate in four years but you can still affect change.

Don’t lose sight of this:  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Even if your candidate won the election, it is still your duty to hold them accountable.

Throughout my career I have had difficult bosses or co-workers and have learned to remember one thing:  Things change.  The only problem I have with that is many times things do not change fast enough but they do change.