XFL Expansion To Nashville?

After a successful first weekend of the XFL, there is premature speculation on what cities the league might expand to next. Personally, I think it’s way too soon to assume that the XFL will add more cities yet. This version of the league has been operating in a slow and methodical method so I don’t see expansion in the near future. But, if they had a successful season and started looking at other cities, would Nashville be in the running?

The XFL is not afraid of putting teams in cities with National Football League (NFL) franchises. They already put teams in New York, Dallas, Houston, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington D.C. so there is no reason they couldn’t consider Nashville.

Unfortunately, I think there are other cities more suited for the XFL than Nashville. I think San Diego and San Antonio would be at the top of the XFL’s expansion list. The XFL would be remiss if they passed up on San Diego which was abandoned by the Chargers. Along with San Antonio, I also think Columbus (OH), Louisville (KY) and Orlando (FL) could be ahead of any possibility of a Nashville XFL thought.

Nashville would have some things on the con list to consider. First, they would not have a dedicated stadium since Nashville’s Major League Soccer (MLS) would also share Nissan Stadium until their stadium is built (if ever). The next big issue is the weather. The weather is so unpredictable in Middle Tennessee in February and March. It can be in the 70s one day and snow the next few days as well as rainy/stormy times that are frequent during this time of the year.

COULD Nashville support an XFL team? Yes, they absolutely could. This area could support it but there are other cities that would be a better fit for the league.

It’s simply too early to speculate on the future of the XFL after just one week. Past leagues have failed so the emphasis should be for stability and filling a niche during football’s off-season.

Let’s just see how it goes in 2020 and see if the XFL even makes it through the season.