Going To The Movies Can Be A Pain In The….

moviesWhat is wrong with people?

I ask that question a lot.  Especially when attending public events such as shows or movies.  I like watching movies.  It is the perfect escape from the world for two hours or so.  It’s a lot different than simply watching a movie at home.  It is supposed to be a nice, relaxing experience.

Friday night my wife and I went to the movies.  I was reminded again why I have problems with going to the movies more often.  It isn’t what is being shown on the screen or the cost of going to the movies.  It’s the darn people around you.  It is seriously discouraging to have to tune out the actions of others to just watch a movie.

Here are some of the things I wish people would think of when they go to the movies:

  1. Shhhhhhhh.  For goodness sakes be quiet and stop talking when the movie is showing.  How difficult is it to understand this?
  2. Tone down the perfume/cologne.  You know, just scrubbing real good with soap is plenty enough.  Some folks slosh on their perfume/cologne just to go to a movie.  My eyes and nose burned a couple of times Friday night because of these walking perfume counters.
  3. Stop kicking the seat.  How does one not know that they are kicking the back of someone’s seat?
  4. Put the phone away.  Good grief people can’t you turn off your phone for a couple of hours?
  5. You’re not at home.  Now that some theatres have recliners for seating people seem to think they can lounge around like they are in their living room.
  6. Just because they serve alcoholic drinks doesn’t mean you have to have one (or many).  Dumbest move ever by some movie theatres to offer alcoholic drinks.  What’s the point?  Are you going to brag you got sloshed at the movie theatre watching the Incredibles?
  7. Use your inside crunching.  Okay, popcorn is good but close your mouth when your crunching or put a silencer on it please?  I was seated next to a guy that I swear he was eating his popcorn box.

I just wish people would remember these things when going to a movie.  Believe it or not there are other people there.  It’s discouraging because if you correct someone you risk causing a scene.  Why is it so hard for people just to think of others around them?  It seems people are allowed to do whatever they want but if you do it to them they call you out on it.

It’s not difficult to go to the movies but sometimes it takes more and more work to tune out what people are doing around you.  It shouldn’t be that way.

I also think it makes things difficult that movie goers have to reserve their seats now.  This forces you to have to sit by people who have no regard for anyone.  The reserved seating makes it difficult to move away from these people.  I still don’t know why movie theatres do this.  It was attributed to the rash of theatre shootings and was supposed to provide more security somehow.  I don’t see that but I really wish they would do away with the reserved seating.

While on the subject of reserved seating at the movies – let me add another annoying thing to the list:

Make sure you are sitting in the correct seat.  It’s not hard.  Just look down at your ticket and make sure it matches up.

You would think these things were being just basic common sense.  Sadly to say, people seem to be totally oblivious when the lights go out in the movie theatre.  These things shouldn’t be difficult and I shouldn’t have to write a blog about it if everyone just had a little thought about others around them.

When you got to a movie the focus should be on the screen, not having to deal with someone kicking your seat or choking on the cheap perfume down wind from you.