Royal Wedding, Air Conditioning and (some) Predators Win A Cup

Picture1I got up early before I normally do on a Saturday morning and watched the Royal Wedding with my wife. Like millions of other people around the world I watched as his royalness Harry marry Meghan Markle. To say there was a lot of hype is an understatement. It is still nice to see something like this happen in this day we live. I do think the “Most Holy Reverend” Michael Curry went somewhat overboard in using the wedding as a platform for himself and his agenda. It was a wedding – not a revival meeting. He totally lost sight about the reason he was there. And what’s up with that title? Most Holy Reverend?

I LOVE air conditioning. I often say it was the greatest invention ever. After doing a few errands this weekend, I was happy to go back inside into the cold air.  I like that “aaaaahhh” feeling when you come inside to air conditioning.  I am also puzzled who thought it was a good idea to change our shopping to outdoor malls. Whose idea was that?

It made my day to see the Vegas Golden Knights defeat the Winnipeg Jets to eliminate the Jets from the National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup playoffs. I am thrilled that the Jets now taste the bitterness of defeat since they did the same thing to the Nashville Predators in the last round.

Speaking of the Predators, I read that three of the players – Filip Forsberg, Viktor Arviddsson and Mattias Ekholm led Sweden to the World Hockey championship. I’m sorry but this just sticks in my crawl a bit. They couldn’t win the Stanley Cup for the Predators with their million dollar contracts but they could win this? Yeah, I’m still bitter. I could really care less if they won Nintendo hockey. I don’t dare share this opinion on the Nashville Predators Facebook page. Those folks like to live in fantasyland and anyone that’s critical is labeled a bandwagon fan. Heck no I’m not congratulating these guys for winning a cup, plate or whatever for Sweden.

I just took a swig of V8’s Eengery Sparkling White Grape Raspberry drink.  Somehow it fell into my cart while I was grocery shopping last night.  It says it contains one canned serving of veggies & fruit.  I don’t know about that but I do know that I was launched into earth’s orbit drinking it.  Could it be because of the 80 grams of caffeine?

Speaking of grocery shopping…..I think it should be classified as a contact sport.  I nearly got taken out in the frozen food aisle.  Silly me for thinking people would drive their carts on the right side of the aisle like they do with their cars on the roads.  Wait….they don’t do that either!

It amazes me how people are okay for you to have an opinion about a subject until it is opposed to their opinion?  Think I’m kidding?  Go on Facebook and post your views about guns, politics, sports and see how much crap you will stir up.

Oh, speaking of crap….when I was at Home Depot yesterday, there is one of those non-denominational churches next door and they have the preacher’s sermon blaring through speakers so people outside shopping for top soil and gardenias can hear his propoganda.  I had tuned it out until I heard him say:  “Have you heard about those prosperity ministries?  They are a bunch of crap Amen?  Yep, you heard me say it.  Crap.  If you’re taking notes it’s spelled c-r-a-p.”   Hmmm, he’s the kettle calling the pot crap?  His speakers are sitting on top of his ministries’ complex and he’s calling what he’s doing crap?  By the way, that stuff is on aisle 7 next to the garden soil.

Ever notice that drivers are doing everything except driving their cars?  I know right.  I had to quit texting to brake for someone talking on their phone.

Do you have that guy in your office that always asks you on Monday what you did over the weekend?  How are you supposed to answer this guy?  What does he want from you?  I’m sure he’s not wanting to hear I went to Home Depot and got some plants and dirt.  It’s too much pressure I’m telling you!  I have no answer for him.  He’s looking for something big and I have no response for that!

I’m ready to move to a city that isn’t a tourist attraction.  I have had my fill of “yeeeeee-his” and cowboy boots.

Today we are celebrating Carol’s 11th birthday.  Carol is our pudu at the zoo.

Unclicking Kroger’s Clicklist


Okay, I’m officially done with Kroger’s Click List service.

In one of my first posts of this blog I applauded and supported Kroger’s Clicklist service when it was first rolled out.  Today, I am retracting my support for it after last night’s experience.  Actually, since my last three experiences with the services.

After the third strike, they are out.

The service starting unclicking for me when the folks picking out my produce on the list just threw in whatever was close to expiring into my basket.  I got some lettuce home and discovered it was already brown.  They clearly don’t pick it out as if they were picking it out for themselves.  In fact, most of the people working the clicklist are too young to care about stuff like that.

milkSo, I decided that except for produce items, I would just get the bulk of our groceries.  Certainly they couldn’t get that wrong.   Assuming was my mistake.  I started getting the review of items that were out-of-stock or substituted on my list.  First, I never approved that anything was to be substituted on the list yet they did it anyway.   Second, one of the things out-of-stock was the milk we usually get.  When I questioned it, I got an attitude from the employee.  So after getting my stuff I went inside and – guess what?

I then went home after buying my milk and produce to find that they put two giant coffee cans that I never ordered and weren’t on my list! 

There is a serious problem with this service and nothing is being done about it.

You might be asking if I have spoken to a manager about this.  I have.  I got promises that they were working on it and improving it but nothing changes.  Nothing.    They are being “retrained” on the service or changed or some other excuse.  Why was it better in the beginning than now?  I personally think they are overwhelmed and not capable of keeping up with the demand. 

So you would think it would be best to go inside and buy the groceries the old fashioned way?  Have you tried to buy groceries with employees working the ClickList and trying to navigate round them in their hummer-like shopping carts?  Yeah, good luck with that and don’t expect them to move out of your way. 


I’m done with the ClickList.  Just hire a personal shopper if you want better service.

Seriously, if I had some suggestions to improve the service I would add an “in-store pickup” so that a customer can go in and pick up the groceries so they could check them before leaving the store.  In addition, add the option to tip the employee if they did a good job picking out the groceries for your cart.

Grocery shopping shouldn’t be this complicated.  Unfortunately, it is a necessity of being an adult.  Kroger is still my favorite store simply because they have the brands I can get in one store and at a better price.  Honestly, I would shop a Publix if they weren’t higher.  I would do Walmart but I just have a problem buying groceries at a store that also sells everything else.

So, over a year later, the idea I thought was the best idea at the time has deteriorated into a service that is not worth using.  Until I see a marked improvement in the service, I will go back to grocery shopping the old-fashioned way and do my best to navigate my cart around the ClickList people.