What’s The Excuse For Making Excuses?


I probably shouldn’t post a blog when I’m livid.  That’s where I am right now.

I can’t get into specifics but the general issue is people who get away with crap and are never called out on it.  Somehow there is a double-standard somewhere for certain people to act however they want to act and they are excused for it.

Seriously, I want to sign up for those benefits.

It happens on our jobs, in our families, in our church and just about anywhere you have a group of dysfunctional people gathered.

And the one excuse that makes me lose my mind is when someone is excused of their bad behavior because “that’s how they are” or “that’s how they were raised”.   Well, I’m sorry about that but the person doesn’t get a free pass for that reason.  If so, does that make it okay for me to just be ugly to someone and then say “oh, it’s because of how I am.  My bad.”?

No, not going to fly with me.

People who work in retail see folks who act however they want but because of that stupid “the customer is always right” motto then they think they can do anything then play that card when they are called out on it.  No, I’m sorry, the customer is NOT always right.

Bad behavior should not be excused.  It should be dealt with and corrected.  Whether it means counseling, medication or a good old fashioned spanking.   (Okay, I’m kidding about the spanking.)  Honestly though, people are getting away with bad behavior and when you honk your horn or say something they cuss YOU out or flip YOU off when THEY were in the wrong.   What’s is wrong with people?   Oh wait…don’t tell them or they will get mad – or worse – they will shoot you for calling them out.

If you work a job, you are responsible for you.  Too many times the good employees with an ounce of integrity are taken advantage of by the slackers who violate all kinds of office policies yet not a darn thing is done to them.  They aren’t reprimanded or written up.  And if they are everyone’s buddy or the party person, they get the free pass for being a slacker.  Yet, if the good employee makes a mistake or snaps one day they are ran up the flag pole for it.  The slacker is usually the one holding the rope on that flag pole.

Truth and integrity are hard to find now.  I know of a business that has gone through a handful of employees in one year because the people they hired stole, were totally obnoxious or tried to take over the business from the first day they walked in the door.  Meanwhile, you can’t hire people and the good ones are having to pick up the slack and are overworked because of it.

It also drives me nutso to deal with people who re-write history in their own minds.  They don’t remember things quite the way it actually happened.  I mean, you can have it on paper and signed by them and they will have the nerve to deny it.   No, that’s not the way it happened.  It made them look bad or that’s not the way that WANT to remember something.

And you wonder why I am not welcomed at church or family reunions?

I have been too quiet for too long because – you know – that’s how I am.



Returning The Shopping Cart

What does integrity have to do with returning a shopping cart?

It’s just a little thing.  Nobody cares right?  

These are relatively small things, but it’s with these simple scenarios that we lay the foundation for how we behave in the bigger things in life. Ever heard, “How we do something is how we do everything”?  Probably not, but what about other things. Do we “fudge” the rules sometimes because of convenience?  Does it matter if it doesn’t hurt anyone?

C.S. Lewis said that “integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” 

People will park in a handicapped space without being handicapped.  Employees will arrive to work late or leave early without putting in their full day’s work or taking the right procedures for accounting of the lost time.  

This are not little things that don’t matter.  

Colossians 3:23 says:   “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”

This means doing the right thing regardless if your boss is watching or not. Be a person with integrity.  If someone caught you be caught doing good, not someone that looks for ways to break the rules. 

Just do what’s right.  

We’re not perfect and we will do the wrong thing or make a mistake but it’s not a mistake when we choose to do the wrong thing.  In a society where honesty and integrity are lacking, being a person of integrity is a goal we should all strive for.