Dude’s Brydge Keyboard Review

I have been through a lot of keyboards and keyboard cases since I upgraded to my new iPad in May. Some were good, some were returned the same day. I am very picky when it comes to keyboards. Some might say I am a little OCD about them. My thing is that I want a functional keyboard which works best for my needs.

After reviewing many, I have finally settled on the best one for me. It is the Brydge Keyboard.

It isn’t perfect but it is pretty darn close.

Here are the things I love about it:

#1 – I can easily detach the iPad when I don’t need the keyboard.

There are times that I want to use my iPad as a tablet. I don’t want to be stuck with a laptop configuration. My situation (and moods) change so I like having this option. The iPad is connected to the Brydge keyboard by two connectors which hold the iPad at multiple angles.

#2 – The keyboard is sturdy.

You can actually use the Brydge keyboard on your lap. That was the one thing I had against my last keyboard case. It was a nifty keyboard case but I could not use my iPad in my lap like I could a laptop.

#3 – Backlit keys

This is a must-have for me. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be so when the lights are low, I need a little help with seeing the keys. Although I am a good typist, I still need to see the keys to make sure I’m in the right place on the keyboard.

#4 – Makes the iPad your alternate laptop

The keyboard turns your iPad into a MacBook Air. It doesn’t add a lot of weight but enough so it feels and functions like a laptop when you need it. This keyboard is what kept me from asking Santa for a new laptop.

#5 – Additional cover completely protects iPad

Although the keyboard easily attaches to the iPad, there isn’t a cover for the back of the iPad unless you order the additional cover from Brydge. I don’t know why they can’t include that in the package but it is worth the extra expense to protect your device.

So what are the things I don’t necessarily like about the Brydge keyboard?

#1 – The keys are a bit stiff

I am a fast typist so I fly around on the keyboard. The keys on the Brydge can be a bit less fluid in the typing experience. I have had to adjust my typing slightly.

#2 – No place for the Apple Pencil

I love using my Apple Pencil sometimes but there is no place to store it with the Brydge keyboard. Not a deal breaker but I would have been nice to have a slot for it. I am currently looking at attachments to add something to keep my pencil.

#3 – Durability of iPad clips

As I said before, I love having the option of easily detaching my iPad from the keyboard when I want a tablet. Although the clips to hold the iPad are good and snug now, I worry that repeated detaching/attaching might degrade the clips over time.

#4 – Price

This keyboard is not cheap. Fortunately I purchased mine for $50 less on eBay instead of Amazon or directly from Brydge. The keyboard was priced at $129.99 but are now on sale for $79.99. I would still say it’s better than any other keyboard or keyboard case available (and I have studied this in-depth).

It is my personal opinion that the Brydge keyboard is the best keyboard accessory for your iPad. It will help you to be productive in using your iPad as an alternate laptop when you need it. As a writer, it is the perfect companion for me when I get inspiration or perform edits on current writing projects.

The Brydge keyboard does a great job of bridging the gap between laptop and tablet.