Dude’s Brydge Keyboard Review

I have been through a lot of keyboards and keyboard cases since I upgraded to my new iPad in May. Some were good, some were returned the same day. I am very picky when it comes to keyboards. Some might say I am a little OCD about them. My thing is that I want a functional keyboard which works best for my needs.

After reviewing many, I have finally settled on the best one for me. It is the Brydge Keyboard.

It isn’t perfect but it is pretty darn close.

Here are the things I love about it:

#1 – I can easily detach the iPad when I don’t need the keyboard.

There are times that I want to use my iPad as a tablet. I don’t want to be stuck with a laptop configuration. My situation (and moods) change so I like having this option. The iPad is connected to the Brydge keyboard by two connectors which hold the iPad at multiple angles.

#2 – The keyboard is sturdy.

You can actually use the Brydge keyboard on your lap. That was the one thing I had against my last keyboard case. It was a nifty keyboard case but I could not use my iPad in my lap like I could a laptop.

#3 – Backlit keys

This is a must-have for me. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be so when the lights are low, I need a little help with seeing the keys. Although I am a good typist, I still need to see the keys to make sure I’m in the right place on the keyboard.

#4 – Makes the iPad your alternate laptop

The keyboard turns your iPad into a MacBook Air. It doesn’t add a lot of weight but enough so it feels and functions like a laptop when you need it. This keyboard is what kept me from asking Santa for a new laptop.

#5 – Additional cover completely protects iPad

Although the keyboard easily attaches to the iPad, there isn’t a cover for the back of the iPad unless you order the additional cover from Brydge. I don’t know why they can’t include that in the package but it is worth the extra expense to protect your device.

So what are the things I don’t necessarily like about the Brydge keyboard?

#1 – The keys are a bit stiff

I am a fast typist so I fly around on the keyboard. The keys on the Brydge can be a bit less fluid in the typing experience. I have had to adjust my typing slightly.

#2 – No place for the Apple Pencil

I love using my Apple Pencil sometimes but there is no place to store it with the Brydge keyboard. Not a deal breaker but I would have been nice to have a slot for it. I am currently looking at attachments to add something to keep my pencil.

#3 – Durability of iPad clips

As I said before, I love having the option of easily detaching my iPad from the keyboard when I want a tablet. Although the clips to hold the iPad are good and snug now, I worry that repeated detaching/attaching might degrade the clips over time.

#4 – Price

This keyboard is not cheap. Fortunately I purchased mine for $50 less on eBay instead of Amazon or directly from Brydge. The keyboard was priced at $129.99 but are now on sale for $79.99. I would still say it’s better than any other keyboard or keyboard case available (and I have studied this in-depth).

It is my personal opinion that the Brydge keyboard is the best keyboard accessory for your iPad. It will help you to be productive in using your iPad as an alternate laptop when you need it. As a writer, it is the perfect companion for me when I get inspiration or perform edits on current writing projects.

The Brydge keyboard does a great job of bridging the gap between laptop and tablet.

Dude’s Review of Earto’s Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Today I am trying out a new keyboard case for my IPad. I recently purchased the iPad 7th Generation. Instead of plucking down $150 dollars for Apple’s Smart Keyboard, I decided to shop around and Earto’s keyboard was my first stop. I was not disappointed.

First, let me tell you some of the things that are “must-haves” for a keyboard case:

  1. The iPad needs to easily detach from the keyboard case so I can use it as a tablet when I need it.
  2. The keyboard should have backlit keys so I can type in low light conditions.
  3. It should function like a laptop and used in my lap.

Here’s what I found:

  • Pros:
    • Easily detachable case. I loved it. The case is magnetically attached and slotted to firmly hold the iPad but can be removed quickly. I like having this function so I can still use the iPad as a tablet when I don’t need the laptop configuration.
    • Backlit keys. This case has seven colors with three levels or brightness with over 300 color combinations. You can definitely give your keyboard some personality but honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary to have so many color options but it’s still nice to have..
    • Laptop for your lap. This case actually sits on your lap like a laptop instead of trying to find a tabletop or place to sit your iPad when you need to use it as a laptop.
    • Protective case. It is very sturdy and will fully protect your iPad when the case is closed. I didn’t actually test drop it or anything but the materials used for this case are solid and not some cheap plastic shell.
  • Cons:
    • Apple Pencil holder. It has one but I am not too confident that it will last. For me, this was the biggest negative about the case. The pencil holder is located on the outside of the case which will make it vulnerable to bumps and eventually wearing out. While it has done well keeping my Apple Pencil in place, I find myself constantly checking it to make sure it’s there.
    • Keys. I am a fast typist so it is probably unfair me to list this as a con but they were a little awkward for me. My hands weren’t cramped but the keys seemed somewhat low to the keyboard. I figured it was to cut down on key travel and clicking noises. It is still a good keyboard but, for me, a bit awkward.
    • Weight. There is also a trade off with having a solid keyboard case. It does add some weight to the iPad so you will have to decide if it’s something that will work for you. If you are a minimalist it might not be the thing for you but if you want a case that can sit in your laptop along with backlit keys, you will have to think about that.

The case also gives you the flexibility to adjust to different angles. The shaft bracket design allows the iPad to be tilted up to 135°to provide the most comfortable viewing position for typing, watching videos, playing games or reading.

You also have an auto sleep/wake function with this case which works seamlessly to extend your iPad’s battery life. It automatically wakes when open or goes to sleep when closed.

So will I keep it? Maybe. I’m a tough critic on keyboards but this one is going to be hard to beat. It’s still a better choice – at half the price – of Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try and order one from Amazon by clicking below. If you don’t have an iPAD 7th Generation, no worries, Earto also offers keyboard cases for other models. Go to their website at http://www.earto.net/ and take a look.

Tech Review: Brydge Bluetooth Keyboard


Do you want your iPad to function more like a MacBook? Today, I am reviewing the Brydge Bluetooth keyboard. It is a very solid keyboard that you can pair with your iPad if you want to simulate a good laptop experience.

They are a little pricey ranging from $100-$150 but it is a very good Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.

Setup is pretty easy. The iPad slips into brackets on the keyboard. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the keyboard if your iPad is in a case. There’s only room for the iPad which may be a negative since your iPad will not be protected. The brackets are very sturdy and come with jell-like inserts to make your iPad fit snug as well as protect your iPad from being scratched. I have to wonder how long the inserts will hold up if you insert and remove the iPad a lot. If you use your iPad as a laptop a lot you might want to just consider leaving it connected to the keyboard.  It wasn’t difficult to pair the keyboard as I was typing away in no time.

The keys on the keyboard itself are very well spaced out with the keys in the expected layout for an experienced typist. It really does look like a MacBook keyboard although the keys do feel a bit stiff. For low lighting conditions, you have the option of backlit keys. You can also use the keyboard in your lap like a real laptop. There are also multiple viewing angles for customize your typing experience.

The keyboard does make the iPad a little weighty when attached. It is still very slim and portable so I don’t think it will make a huge difference.

brydge2One of the things that bugs me about using this keyboard is that it doesn’t look smooth when closed. The brackets protrude out a bit which makes it look a bit awkward. I know it is a little picky but it may be a minor thing if you want a good laptop experience with your iPad. I can live with it.

The keyboard works with 9.7-inch iPad (5th & 6th Gen), 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air (1st & 2nd Gen).  The battery life lasts about twelve months (two hrs use per day w/no backlight use) or 20 hrs per charge (when running consistent backlight).  It is recharged with a USB-C cable.

So, the important question you might ask is…are you keeping it?

Maybe. This may be one of those keyboards I will keep for times I am using my iPad as a laptop a lot. It depends on the project I am working on at the time. It is a little pricey so that may be the only thing that leans me toward not keeping it.


  • A real MacBook laptop experience
  • Very sturdy keyboard
  • Backlit keys for low-light conditions


  • IPad has no protection
  • Jell on brackets may wear out over time
  • A bit weighty
  • Doesn’t look smooth

For more information about this product go to brydge.com

Tech Review: Yoozon Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

Yoozon_3Today I am reviewing the Yoozon Bluetooth keyboard and using it with the iPad Air. No, Yoozon isn’t exactly a household name like Logitech or Zagg but they have a pretty good product. I am all about having a Bluetooth keyboard that will easily connect to my iPad Air and not taking away from using my iPad as an iPad.

The Yoozon Bluetooth magnetic detachable keyboard is a pretty good and inexpensive ($31.99 on Amazon) option to most other keyboards out there. I was able to connect it and start typing right away with no issues pairing the keyboard to my iPad Air. The keys are spaced out pretty well on the keyboard so I didn’t feel too cramped typing on it. The keys are placed just as you would expect for a good typing experience. I tend to fly as a typist and this keyboard did not slow me down. The only downside is that the keys are a bit slick and tend to slip off. I am sure that might change over time and wear.

Another feature I like about keyboards is backlit keys. This one has the feature. There are two settings for brightness as well as seven colors to fit your comfort level. It isn’t overpowering but enough to get you through when typing in low-light conditions.

The iPad case can be removed easily from the keyboard. It is connected with magnets so there isn’t much effort in removing the iPad. You can also position the iPad at any angle. I like this feature since I often find myself in different situations when I want to use the keyboard. It is also good for your lap and not flimsy like some other Bluetooth options. I will tell you that the keyboard and case were a little more weighty than I prefer but it can still fit nicely into my backpack without adding too much weight to my load.

Is it a keeper? I’m really picky about keyboards and this one has been in my possession longer than most. I still don’t have a good feel with the keys but I’m going to try it a bit longer.

The keyboard is compatible with iPad 2018 (6th Generation), iPad 2017 (5th Generation) and iPad Air 1

What I liked about it:

  • Magnetic detachable keyboard
  • Backlit keys
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Protects iPad on all sides

What I didn’t like about it:

  • Keys are a bit slick to the touch
  • More weighty that I would prefer

Who would love this keyboard?
The person who wants a laptop but also an iPad without any obstacles removing or attaching the keyboard.