Celebrity Softball, Jesse Duplantis and Lebron James


“Celebrity” Softball Game

This past weekend my wife and I attended the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game here in Nashville. This is an annual thing they do during the CMA Fest where celebrities play for a good cause. This was the first time we have attended this event. First it was hot. Very hot. We roasted in our seats. A small price (actually a big price) to get a close view of celebrities. Okay I use the term celebrities very loosely here as most of these folks were just barely celebrities. I knew of the Property Brothers (Drew and Jonathan Scott) and Charles Esten (Nashville TV Show) as well as Naomi Judd working an inning as MC.  Former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler participated as well and scored the game-winner for his team.  It was difficult to keep track of who was who especially since I am not a huge follower of country music.  One time folks next to us were hollering out a name and I asked who it was and it turned out to be someone who was a finalist on this season’s rebooted version of American Idol.  I would have never known otherwise.  The best part about the game for me is that I escaped without any sunburn.

Jesse Needs A Jet

I’m still rolling my eyes when it comes to Jesse Duplantis and his need for a $54 million dollar private jet to help him to “spread the gospel”.   Now he comes back and tells us that he never asked his followers to pay for the jet but asked them to “believe” that he will get one.  Okay, I get it and I know how this goes.  He didn’t point blank ask for people to give to help him buy one just to believe.  Do you see what’s going on here?  Reminds me of those magicians and their illusions.  There’s definitely a little sight-of-hand talk going on here.  Duplantis claims that Jesus wouldn’t be riding around on a donkey today.  That may be true but I’m sure he wouldn’t be traveling in a private jet.  You know, the thing that keeps coming up to me is how is he exactly needing this jet to “preach the gospel”?  You mean he can’t go first class on a commercial jet?  If you are saying that he needs to go into remote areas of the world then my argument would be that these so-called remote areas wouldn’t have a landing strip that could handle this jet.  There are plenty of others out there who are preaching the gospel and risking their lives doing so.  Duplantis shows no overseas locations on his itinerary on his ministry’s website.  So where is he spreading this gospel?  Yes, I have a real problem with this.  I think about all those preachers out there who are barely making it yet this guy thinks he deserves a jet?

Where is Lebron going?

Now that the Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers to end the National Basketball Association (NBA) season, people are speculating as to where Lebron James will go next.  It looks pretty unlikely that he will stay in Cleveland.  I have read that James could be headed to the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics or even Golden State.  Wherever he ends up, he will improve the team’s chances to win the NBA title next season – except for maybe a team like the Atlanta Hawks.  (Hawks burn there)  James can almost carry the team himself as he has mostly done in Cleveland this season.  Who knows what uniform James will be wearing next season?  I’m going to guess he will end up with the Lakers.  The Lakers have been down for a long time and I think the addition of James could turn things around for that franchise.